Weekly News Update 
WASHINGTON, D.C. July 24, 2015


TO: NCSEJ Leadership and Interested Parties
FROM: Stephen M. Greenberg, Chairman;
Alexander Smukler, NCSEJ President;
Mark B. Levin, NCSEJ Executive Director

Dear Friend,

Hundreds of right-wing Right Sector supporters gathered on Tuesday in Kyiv, protesting Ukrainian government policies, calling for President Poroshenko's impeachment and demanding the prosecution of Yanukovych-era government officials.

While support for the Right Sector is limited, the protests underscore the public's discontent with the slow pace of reforms in Ukraine. Please see the Guardian story in this week's update that details the powerful influence that Ukraine's oligarchic class continues to exercise in the country.

I also want to highlight an op-ed by former U.S. Senate Majority Leader Tom Daschle, who writes about the incredible determination he witnessed among Ukrainians to support democratic change. Despite numerous challenges, Ukrainians are not giving up. However, in order to succeed, Ukraine desperately needs more support from the international community.

The update also includes another Guardian story on the latest opinion polls in Russia, which show that public support for President Vladimir Putin is higher than ever. An overwhelming majority approve of the Crimean annexation and of government policy vis-a-vis Ukraine. The article also describes the transformation of the country since Putin became Russia's president in 2000.

On behalf of NCSEJ, I want to express condolences on the passing of extraordinarily gifted actor and musician Theodore Bikel, who was a tireless activist for the cause of freedom for Soviet Jewry. I had a privilege of knowing him in his later years. He graciously performed at an event honoring my longtime tenure at NCSEJ. He will always be remembered for his devotion to the causes of freedom and justice.




Mark B. Levin

Executive Director

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