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December 2016 Newsletter
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Deb Nelson is the administrator of the Vision West ND Consortium, which represents the 19 oil and gas producing counties in western North Dakota. Vision West ND's goal is to implement the Regional Sustainability Plan for western North Dakota.

 In this article, Deb describes the Vision West ND project and what the project strives to do for western North Dakota.

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Many of our users have found great value in the City Profiles on ND Compass for strategic planning, funding allocation, grant writing, etcetera.  
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After nearly two decades of continuous loss, the number of children in North Dakota has grown consistently from 149,871 in 2010 to 173,926 in 2015.
What percentage of the total population did the children ages 0 through 17 comprise in 2015?

a. 9%      b. 15%      c. 23%      d. 34%      e. 43%

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Disability and poverty seem to have an interdependent relationship. Disabilities can create challenges that can lead to economic hardship. People with disabilities are nearly twice as likely to have incomes below the poverty thresholds as people without disabilities in North Dakota (18.5% and 10.1%, respectively in 2015). 
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