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Nadia Fastovtsova
Export Assistant Program Brings Global Talent to North Dakota

The North Dakota Trade Office's (NDTO) Export Assistant Program has been creating success stories since 2006. The program identifies, screens and places talented graduate students within North Dakota businesses looking to expand their global business opportunities. Students typically speak multiple languages and come equipped with relevant business experience. Students past and present, including Vanessa from Zimbabwe, Franco from Chile, and Nadia from Russia have found success with the program as they launch careers in international business. 

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Stone Mill's new facility in Richardton, ND
NDTO Member Profile: Stone Mill

Stone Mill of Richardton is an illustration of North Dakota industriousness and grit. The company has overcome multiple barriers over their nearly four-decade history and has now positioned themselves for their best years yet. Stone Mill is family owned and operated by the Hoffs and Dresslers, and processes organic and conventional flax, garbanzo beans, lentils, quinoa and radish seed. 
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Study Maps Out Drop in Food Security
It's getting harder to get a decent meal around here. Food security worldwide has dropped for the first time in five years according to the Economic Intelligence Unit's annual Global Food Security Index. At play is the growing number of refugees, extreme weather, political instability and a change to the measurement criteria. While Ireland came in first, other countries such as the U.S. and nearly all of Africa experienced a drop in their score.

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