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Attend the October Trade Talk: Export Compliance 101

What's better than reading a book about export compliance? Skipping the book and letting an expert tell you all about it instead!  Your time is valuable and rather than spending hours finding updated information or scouring the internet's endless pages, let an export compliance expert walk you through the process.  Join us at the  Export Compliance 101 Trade Talk on Wednesday, October 4 and learn first-hand from Omari Wooden with the U.S. Census Bureau's International Trade Management division as he shares his expertise with companies in a small-scale setting.

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TPP Talks Continue, U.S. Still Considered

Participants in the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) are moving forward after a stall caused by the U.S.'s withdrawal from the trade agreement in January. Representatives from the 11 participating countries met in Sydney, Australia last week to renew negotiations. While the U.S. is not engaged, its wishes are still being considered.

Sky Taxis to Shark Detection - Drones Around the World
Commercial drones can only go up from here. The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has estimated that over a five-year period, U.S. commercial drone numbers will grow tenfold from 42,000 in 2016 to 442,000 in 2021 as start-ups and corporations recognize myriad uses for commercial drones. While the FAA works to determine drone regulations, their global use has sped ahead. Goldman Sachs Research has estimated a $100 billion market for drones from 2016-2020, spurred by commercial and civil government use. Here are four unique uses for drones happening right now. 

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