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Take the Lead in Rewarding Young Entrepreneurs
Your Support Creates a Pipeline for Future Talent
Founded by Living in Digital Times, the Young Innovators to Watch national scholarship program rewards students under the age of twenty who have made contributions to STEM and STEAM, robotics, mobile apps, web development, or hardware development.
Why an Award for Young Students?
Research indicates that students in junior high and high school often lose interest in science and technology, often due to peer pressure. By rewarding the efforts of budding entrepreneurs during large technology conferences like CES and inviting them to see the dynamic future of technology, Young Innovators to Watch keeps students from abandoning technology. By receiving an award and scholarship, they feel empowered to continue to pursue their goals.
“For the industry,” says Robin Raskin, creator of the awards and co-founder of Living in Digital Times, “it’s an opportunity to recognize students, and at the same time, create a channel for new talent in the technology industry.”
Here are just a few past winners:
Micah Green, age 18 | Developed an industrial strength robotic vacuum cleaner with AI functions. Today it’s being deployed in tests in hotel chains.
Emma Yang, age 12 | Inspired by her grandfather’s struggle with dementia, Emma developed an app to help Alzheimer’s patients train their memories.
Utkarsh Udon, age 16 | Developed a ring to help monitor and diagnose tremors in Parkinson’s patients.
Shemar Dacosta, age 14 | “Voices.” An app for students to anonymously post problems in their school community so that they can be heard by their peers and schools.
Alyssa Kapasi, age 14 | The Brearley-Chapin DoubleX 2015 Robot. A small robot that can lift any object of almost any shape four and a half feet above the ground and stack.
Here’s how you can support Young Innovators through Sponsorship.
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