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October 21, 2016

CanAm 50th Anniversary
Flat Out With North America's Greatest Race Series

by George Levy
Photos by Pete Biro
Foreword by Pete Lyons

Forget the rule book and relive one of the most exciting race series ever with Can-Am 50th Anniversary!

The first rule of Can-Am: There are no rules. Or at least damn few rules. The bodywork had to enclose the wheels and there had to be something that loosely resembled a passenger seat--if your passenger was a badly misshapen human or perhaps a lab monkey. Otherwise, set your racing mind free. No limits to engine options or output, no restrictions on aerodynamic aids or body shape. It was as close to unrestricted road racing as racing had ever gotten or would ever get again. 

And it was fantastic.

From its introduction in 1966 to the end of its classic period in 1974, North America's Can-Am series was the most exciting, technologically advanced, and star-studded racing series of the day. Its essentially rules-free formula attracted everyone from crazed backyard engineers to specialists like McLaren, Chaparral, Shadow, and Lola to manufacturers like Ford, Ferrari, Chevrolet, and Porsche. Top drivers including Mario Andretti, Jackie Stewart, Parnelli Jones, Bruce McLaren, Denis Hulme, Dan Gurney, Phil Hill, Mark Donohue, Peter Revson, Jim Hall, Jody Scheckter, Chris Amon, George Follmer and John Surtees competed on tracks across the US and Canada taking time off from Formula One schedules and other duties to drive in Can-Am because the racing and the cars were so exciting.

Can-Am 50th Anniversary offers a heavily illustrated look back at what is arguably the greatest race series ever to grace the roadracing circuits of North America. Photographer Pete Biro was Goodyear Tire's official photographer and followed the series throughout the entire run from 1966-'74. The vast majority of the book's images are unpublished or long out of circulation. Biro brings his unique perspective and his close relationship with the drivers, team owners, and constructors to bear on the captions while former 
AutoWeek   editor George Levy provides an exciting text reflecting the thrill of Can-Am racing. 

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Trans-Am Era: 
The Golden Years in Photographs

BY Daniel Lipetz 
Foreword by Parnelli Jones 

At its peak in 1970, the Trans-Am series featured teams backed by Ford, General Motors, Chrysler, and American Motors. With money, marketing, and prestige on the line, the competition was intense, both on the track and behind the scenes. Sheet metal and paint were shredded, while rules were stretched to the limits as teams dug into an ever-growing bag of technical tricks to produce find power and performance. 

Along with its vivid images, Trans-Am Era offers detailed captions and year-by- year season summaries that chronicle the Trans-Am's gradual rise and sudden fall. Author Daniel Lipetz conducted years of research that sheds new light on the series and uncovers previously unknown facts about individual cars, races, and drivers.

All of the great Trans-Am cars are here: the Camaro Z28s that won two titles for Mark Donohue and Roger Penske; the Boss 302 Mustangs that Parnelli Jones drove to victory in 1970; and the AMC Javelins that Donohue and Penske would take from also-rans to champions in 1971. And all the drivers who made the series famous are profiled. Along with champions Donohue, Jones, and George Follmer, there are greats like Dan Gurney, Sam Posey, Peter Revson, Jim Hall, Swede Savage, and Jerry Titus and even cameo players like Indy 500 legend A. J. Foyt and endurance-racing hero Vic Elford.

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