November 2016 
Issue 25  
Crash Data Recorder (CDR) Training for Law Enforcement  

Historically, Connecticut Law Enforcement has had very limited access to the training and use of the Event Data Recorder (EDR) evidence in collision investigations. While there are other methods to obtain a portion of the crash data, the EDR allows for timely, comprehensive and accurate analysis of a crash. Implementation of an EDR data collection program has the potential to capture a large number of objective crash-related data elements including Driver Behavior and Roadway factors.  
The Connecticut Department of Transportation has awarded the University of Connecticut a grant to enhance Law Enforcement collision investigation techniques. UConn will purchase two complete sets of Bosch EDR tools, including all applicable cables to be available for use by Law Enforcement. The University will also facilitate the training of sixty officers as Certified CDR Technicians at no cost to Law Enforcement. This equipment and training will allow for the collection of more complete and comprehensive crash data, providing for enhanced investigations.
The training is anticipated to be conducted in the Spring of 2017. Any agency wishing to have an investigator trained is asked to email Ms. Tara Simler at Agencies will be notified of final selection once classes are scheduled. Seating for these classes are limited.
Location for Non-Intersection Crashes

If a crash occurs on a roadway and is not located at an intersection with another roadway, it should be noted as follows;
Distance (measured unit) Direction (compass direction) of the next intersecting street.
Example , 100 feet South of Main Street
It should not be listed as a certain street address for the intersection road such as, Main Street at 125 Main Street.
Private driveways and commercial entrances should not be included as an intersection unless they considered a public street. 
Particular locations and descriptions of driveways may be used in the diagram and the narrative to provide a better understanding of the crash.
Final Call

An Angel In the Sky Must Leave His Place of Rest, 
Gently Tucking His Wings Beneath His Armored Vest. 
For Duty Has Called, There Is Much Work To Do, 
Little Did He Know, This One Is Dressed In Blue. 
Arriving On the Scene, He Knows Just What to Say, 
Follow Me,
Always Be Safe
Fallen Brother, I'll Show You the Way. 
Your Duty Has Ended, Your Work Is Now Through. 
Come Hang Your Hat Beside Mine. I'm a Cop, Too. 
- Author Unknown.
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