September 2016 
Issue 23  
Slow Your Roll For Non-Motorists 
New Drivers Behaving Badly Blog Post

Since 2014, at least 140  pedestrians and bicyclists in Connecticut have been killed in collisions with motor vehicles* (CTCDR, 2016). This equates to at least one death a week during this time period.
Pedestrians and bicyclists, also known as non-motorists, are a unique and particularly vulnerable population. Non-motorists, for all intents and purposes, are a minority group in transportation. Some argue the reason crashes between these two groups occur are because non-motorists are not as cautious as they should be while on the road and others may feel that motorists are to blame because they are not more aware of pedestrians and bicyclists. Nevertheless, motorists and non-motorists do share the roadway and it is important to figure out how these two populations can coexist safely in the transportation environment.
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CAUTION: Regarding Latitude & Longitude
Some e-crash vendor software may automatically generate a latitude and longitude based upon the location that dispatch entered for the crash location. This can be overridden. It is critically important that the latitude and longitude data is updated by the investigating officer to the exact location of the first harmful event as determined through the crash investigation.
Crash Severity
Reflects the most severely injured person involved in the crash.

PDO (property damage only) should only be selected if there are no injuries or fatalities.
INJURY should be selected if no fatalities resulted and at least one injury  occurred.

FATAL should be selected if there was any crash-related fatality within 72 hours after the initial collision.  

PR-1 & PR-2 Update!
  Please note that all fatal crashes must have a "preliminary" PR-1 and PR-2 submitted within 45 days after the collision. Preliminary data is very rudimentary and should include: Who, What, When and Where. These forms are vital to the federal reporting requirements that the CT Department of Transportation (CTDOT) and Municipalities must meet to ensure compliance with the National Highway Safety Administration.

Please contact either Chuck Grasso or Kevin Slater if you have any outstanding fatal, PR-1, or PR-2 reports.


There is a new electronic version of the PR-2 that allows you to complete the form and automatically email it to the CTDOT. Please email Chuck Grasso for a copy.  

The CT Transportation Safety Research Center will be conducting additional training on the MMUCC PR-1 and Commercial Vehicle Collisions over the next several months.
To request information on the sessions, or if your department wishes to host a training session, please email Chuck Grasso or Kevin Slater.
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Q: If more than one hazardous material is found on a CMV involved in a qualifying crash, how should the materials be recorded?
What if the two hazardous materials are from the same table?
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