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96.5% Natural
200ml - $  8.90   (U.P. $ 11.90) SAVE $3
495ml - $ 18.90   (U.P. $ 22.90)  SAVE $4

99.56% Natural
200ml - $  8.90  (U.P. $ 11.90)  SAVE $3
500ml - $ 18.90 (U.P. $ 22.90)  SAVE $4

Color it. Straighten it. Curl it. Revel in your beautiful hair without worrying about damage and dirt with our Professional Salon Care Shampoo and Conditioner.

Powered with HydraNutritiv™ Technology, this sulfate-free hair hero duo:
- Keeps your hair color vibrant
- Strengthens it against heat
- Improves hair elasticity (yes to less breakage!)
- Gently cleanses and makes your hair soft and shiny

Why go sulfate-free? 
Most synthetic shampoos and conditioners use sulfates to clean hair. Sulfate is a strong detergent that can strip protective oils and pigments like hair dye from strands. We chose not to use sulfates on our Salon Care line - so that your hair style and color will last longer to save you maintenance trips to the stylist. Now that's a salon-smart move!

Its sulfate-free formulation gently cleanses your mane while the lush combination of avocado oil, sunflower oil, and sugar beet extract makes your hair soft and shiny.

Give chemically-treated hair the care it deserves with its HydraNutritiv™ Technology that keeps your hair color vibrant, strengthens it against heat, and improves its elasticity.


As every gal who loves to play with her hair would know, taking care of treated tresses takes a lot of dedication. To get you started, here are a few simple tips to keep that mane naturally salon-gorgeous!

1. Say YES to sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner

2. Deep condition once a week

3. Go for air dry

4. Trim hair regularly

100% Natural - Powder Fresh Scent
34g - $ 5.90  Introductory Price! 
(U.P. $ 8.90)  SAVE $3!

Flagging down a cab, getting the bill or tying your hair up - have you ever found yourself keeping your arms pinned to your sides when doing even the simplest tasks? Well, your worries are finally over with the first Human Nature 100% Natural Deodorant Stick!

A breakthrough in green innovation, it's powered with bacteria-fighting tea tree oil, giving better odor protection in a flash with jus t a few dry-feel swipes. PLUS, it has skin-nourishing sunflower oil, which helps lighten and smoothen underarms darkened by plucking and shaving. 

So ditch those chemical-laden deo sticks and get sleeveless confidence with this new all-good, all-natural deo protection!

Experience 12 deo benefits in 1 deo brand:

- Tea tree oil fights odor-causing bacteria
- Instant-dry formula
- Non-sticky after-feel
- Sunflower oil helps lighten underarms
- Smoothens underarms
- Easy to rinse with no flaky buildup
- No stains or streaks on clothes
- No harsh alcohol that can darken   
- No aluminum salts
- No phthalates (synthetic fragrances)
- No triclosan
- No parabens

Synthetic deodorants, especially the scented ones, contain alcohol which can lead to discoloration and darkening of the armpit. The number one must-do in keeping your underarms sleeveless confident? Use an alcohol-free deodorant just like Human Nature's Premium Deodorant Stick and Premium Deodorant Roll-On. 

More tips on how to keep your underarms from darkening:

- Exfoliate your arm pits every other day to remove dead skin cells. Exfoliating also scrubs away leftover deodorant, sweat and other impurities that accumulate.

- After washing at night, apply a few drops of Sunflower Beauty Oil to help nourish and lighten underarms. 
100% Natural
120g - $ 3.90  Introductory Price! 
(U.P. $ 4.90) SAVE $1

Step out of the shower feeling light as a feather with our new Cleansing Bar in Clean Cotton scent. It is enriched with natural glycerin from coconut oil to keep your skin soft, and it gently cleanses your skin leaving it feeling fresh. 

Also available in Lemon Zest, Lavender Mint, and Aloe Fresh* scents

100% Natural
215g - $ 10.90  Introductory Price! 
(U.P. $ 14.90) SAVE $4!

Be the family that brushes together and smiles together with our Natural Toothpaste Family Size. Now you can wear bigger smiles as the natural toothpaste that you love comes in a bigger tube.

Powered with GREENMINERAL PLUS formula that helps fight plaque, tartar, and cavities
Freshens breath and gives a yummy minty aftertaste.

100% Natural - With Cooling Peppermint
120g - $ 3.90  Introductory Price! 
(U.P. $ 4.90) SAVE $1!

Your hero's dependable dose of goodness gets a fresh new look! 

Each cleansing bar is charged with peppermint and a fusion of premium natural ingredients including bamboo carbon, known for its powerful cleansing and numerous health benefits. It washes away dirt, oil and the impurities without drying your skin and without harming your health or the environment.