December 2015
Issue 16
In recent years, the focus within the traffic safety community has expanded to now incorporate the examination and analysis of driver behavior. One major reason for this shift is because of the ever growing problem of distracted driving. We here at the at Connecticut Transportation Safety Research Center wanted to take the time to explain not only the necessity of this shift in focus but also how the formation of this new partnership between the existing traffic safety community and behavioral analysts will go a long way in aiding the fight to save lives.  To hear our full podcast please 

Vehicle Damage
  This section describes damage to a  vehicle  that was involved in a collision. If the vehicle is damaged in a collision the investigator must use the clock diagram to select the area of the vehicle that was damaged.  If a vehicle is towed due to damage, the investigator cannot select "00: None" for d amaged areas.
Sequence of Events
This section requires the investigator to describe the events leading up to the collision.   Enter the events of the crash specific to this vehicle as they occurred in chronological order.  Select which one of these events was the most harmful.   You may enter up to four events per vehicle. If there are more than four events, record the four most  significant events.  All boxes must be coded, i.e., if less than four events are selected the other event  boxes should be coded as "88: Not Applicable".
Most Harmful Event
This section requires the investigator to describe the event causing an injury, and in a non-injury collision, the most damaging event.   The section labeled "Most Harmful Event" can never be left blank or completed with "88: Not Applicable".
Supervisory Review
A reminder to approving supervisors to check the officers' PR-1 reports to ensure accuracy and completeness. While the edit and validation check works well, it cannot be relied upon to ensure a 100% accurate report.

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