Two NEW Books by Dr. Lina:

A small booklet on Holistic Nutrition on Ayurvedic Principles and recipes from  Dr. Lina's Kitchen.  The second book is a multi-author book on the holistic approach to health care.

Book launch on June 2nd, 2017 
Ch√Ęteau des Fleurs in Eagle ID

Is now available  for pre-order  at a discounted rate.

'Discovering Excellent Health' NOW available for ordering. 
Just log on to  
to purchase Dr. Lina's book at a discounted price of $15.97, which includes the Kindle version.

* Please note - None of Dr. Lina's books are on Ayurveda, please do not misunderstand. There are plenty of books available on Ayurveda. Dr. Lina's writings are on advanced practice of Ayurveda Integrative Healing in it's fullest form for a results-oriented program for the west and US community mainly. Her first book 'Integrative Wellness Healing' includes case studies, while her new books explain the need and scope of Ayurveda healing for the US community. The small booklet has been created for our clients as additional support for meal plans that are often recommended by Dr. Lina Thakar in her clinical wellness healing program, AIWI.

We look forward to assisting in your well-being.

Summer Special PURE COCONUT OIL Abhyanga Massage 
Summer special Coconut oil Abhyanga Massage - 80 min
( Our Popular Annual Summer Special)

Includes head, feet and full body Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage.


Cooling, soothing coconut oil abhyanga massage is beneficial in the summer season. It helps pacify Pitta aggravation, may reduce inflammation, and improve skin health.

Summer special - $ 89.00 (Org. price - $110)
(80 min Pure Coconut Oil Abhyanga Massage)

***Great for teens, children, seniors, and for all during summer season.
***Steam is not included as it is a cooling and soothing session.

A dd on Shirodhara: $50 is available with this package.

Please call: (412) 809-0999 for Summer Special session.

Summer Specials - Ghee and CCF Tea
$ 2 off each
(*May need to place order in advance for our fresh batch; quantity is limited)
*Ghee - Great over any foods, may pacify acidity and inflammation
 *CCF tea is a soothing tea for summer heat.
(Cumin, Coriander and Fennel whole seeds) 
Call to book your summer special or to place an order for healing wellness products.

Please note - Oil is generously applied during Abhyanga session and all other ayurveda therapies. Please do not plan social events or outdoor events after your Ayurveda session. Try to rest, staying indoors. It is also recommended to leave oil on for a minimum of 2 hours (ideally 24 hours) on the body as it continues to heal cells after the therapy.




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