IFS achieves Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs), check out our festive colors, learn about our heat resistant products and discover low cure powders  that can help you save!
This is the fourth and final issue of The Coater for 2016 and we would like to wish you a fabulous festive season and a happy, healthy and successful 2017! Thank you for your continued support and we look forward to serving you next year!
IFS Coatings achieves Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs)
And how they can help you...
What is an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)?
An EPD is an objective report based on a life cycle assessment (LCA). It is used to communicate
information about the potential environmental and human health impacts of a product. Similar to a nutritional label, an EPD states what a product is made of and its impact across the entire life cycle, from raw material extraction to disposal. IFS Coatings has invested heavily in our architectural program to achieve EPDs for each of our architectural products: IFS 300SP our interior grade standard polyester which meets and exceeds the performance requirements of AAMA 2603; IFS 400SD, our high performance Super Durable Polyester which meets and exceeds the performance requirements of AAMA 2604; and IFS 500FP, our high performance Feve based Fluoropolymer which meets and exceeds the performance requirements of AAMA 2605, all have an EPD.
Environmental Product Declarations, or EPDs are now required for projects looking to get LEED accreditation. LEED, or Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design, is changing the way we think about how buildings and communities are planned, constructed, maintained and operated. LEED works for all buildings-from homes to corporate headquarters-at all phases of development. The latest version of LEED, LEED v4, requires that vendors to LEED projects have an EPD. The materials section of LEED v4 focuses on materials to get a better understanding of what is in them, and the effect those components have on human health and the environment.
How do the IFS Coatings EPDs help me?
Having access to these EPDs costs you nothing, but they do add value to your product. When you use IFS Coatings architectural powder on your products, and your products are used in a building, those products can contribute towards a LEED point. Therefore promoting the fact that you have the environmentally responsible coatings choice, with an EPD, to your customers is a no brainer. Make sure your sales and marketing people know that your products are coated with powders that have an EPD. It's a real selling point! You never know when that might make a difference. For example, we sent a "sneak preview" email to some of our architect partners regarding our EPDs and instantly picked up a project because we have EPDs. If you're bidding against liquid paint or are going up against a competing product, this EPD provides scientific proof that you are offering the environmentally responsible choice without compromising on performance.
These EPDs also show you understand the trend towards environmentally responsible coatings and enable you to meet market expectations for material transparency. The IFS EPDs allow you to communicate the environmental advantages of the coatings you use and the advantages our powders bring to your products.
IFS Coatings -  the environmentally responsible choice.
IFS Coatings has provided the environmentally responsible choice for a long time. It's part of our
mission statement and we choose not to make high performance liquid coatings because of their environmental impact.
IFS Coatings' architectural range boasts an abundance of environmental advantages including no or low VOCs, no toxic compounds, no toxic landfill created in manufacture or application and the ability to reclaim, recycle and reuse the powder, to name but a few. It also significantly outperforms equivalent liquid PVDF coatings in every reporting category that LEED requires.
To get a copy of the IFS Coatings architectural range EPDs contact Flevin@ifscoatings.com or visit the IFS Coatings website at www.ifscoatings.com
Are you using low cure powders?

Did you know that IFS Coatings has an extensive range of low cure powder formulations?
Low cure IFS powders cure at a lower temperature than traditional powder formulations which cure at around 400F, allowing you to either reduce your oven temperature (which will lead to savings) or increase your line speed, and therefore your throughput!
We have thousands of low cure powders available so check if the powder you use is available in low cure formulation today.
For more information on IFS low cure powders, talk to your IFS representative or call 940.668.1062.

Heat resistant powders from IFS
For certain applications, it's important to ensure that the coating can withstand elevated temperatures without losing gloss, discoloring, cracking, or losing adhesion. IFS Heat Resistant powder coatings are designed to do all of that and more.
The IFS range of Heat Resistant powder coatings was created using hard-working, extremely heat
resistant silicone resins. These clever resins ensure that when exposed to elevated temperatures, the powder will continue to adhere, will not crack or delaminate, and will maintain color and gloss at the highest levels in the industry.
At elevated temperatures, IFS Heat Resistant coatings display:
  • Excellent adhesion
  • Excellent resistance to cracking
  • Excellent resistance to delamination
  • Color retention, especially of black, metallics, and dark colors.
  • Long-term gloss retention from ambient temperature to 800°F exposure.
  • Corrosion protection
  • Excellent weathering protection
Easy to apply and of course including the first class service and support that IFS is proud of, the IFS range of heat resistant coatings is available to you today.

For more information, talk to your IFS representative or call 940.668.1062
Do you use the most popular festive shades? 
The holiday season is upon us and there's nothing like a little silver and gold (with a little red and green thrown in for good measure) to make us feel festive!
Check out these extremely popular, bestselling, festive fancies from IFS!

Sparkling silvers and gold
Premium silver vein - HLRS 92915
Speedboat aluminum PRSS 91020
Gold - OB Gold - URSS 90072

Gracious greens
RAL 6020 PLSF 30217
RAL 6005 PLSF 30009

Robust reds
RAL 3002 SLSF 62192
Exterior Copper Vein PLRS 90242

Don't forget it, no two screens are the same, so color representations aren't reliable. Plus you don't see the fabulous sparkle in these silvers and golds. Order your free sample panels now to check these colors out properly!
And finally...
Even holiday ornaments get the benefit of some IFS powder coatings!
Check out this festive reindeer!

Happy holidays!
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