Please review the enclosed details of the 2016 PIM Candy Rebate Program update.
All CBG Members:


This is a program update to the previously announced Promotion in Motion 2016 Candy Rebate Program. Based on some member feedback we are happy to announce a second program option for member consideration. Members may choose the option that best suits their specific goals in a candy rebate program. Both program options are retroactive to Jan. 1, 2016 and available now.

Program 1 Summary:
 - Two (2) qualifying candies required: Tuxedos Chocolate Almonds & Welch's Mixed Fruit Snacks
 - One (1) additional candy of choice within highlighted options in chewy/sour category
 - Minimum three (3) SKUs to receive top-tier rebate amounts
 - Top-tier rebates available on any additional SKUs stocked (no limit)

Program  2 Summary:
 - No qualifying SKUs required for participation
 - Tiered rebate amounts on a graduated scale
- Tier One Rebates: 1-3 SKUs
- Tier Two Rebates: 4-6 SKUs
- Tier Three Rebates: Level Two plus Welch's Mixed Fruit Snacks
 - Pay-outs beginning at ONLY one (1) SKU
 - Top-tier rebates begin at the five (5) SKU count
           Program 1 Details/Forms                     Program 2 Details/Forms

We look forward to your participation in this program.

Best Regards,

Brad Wardlow                                              Jeff Scudillo
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