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JUNE 25, 2014

We're preparing for the arrival of this year's largest (so far) shipment of 1/18 scale models from Spark and TSM, due to land by Monday. It will include:

There are a few extra pieces of each item available at this writing and a fleet of 1/43 scale models from TSM in the same shipment. Click HERE for the complete list!

Response to last week's Email Update (where we reminded you of all the great bargains available in our 1/43 Clearance Sale) was so strong that we had to put in a rush order for a few dozen more examples of our latest TMC Coffee Mug, which we're including as a free gift with any purchase of two or more items from the 1/43 Clearance Sale. The Free Mug offer does not expire until 3pm this Saturday, so there's plenty of time to peruse the 170+ different models from Spark, Bizarre, TSM and Minichamps being offered. You can also buy one for ten bucks if you click on the link above.

In the mean time, the US Distributor for Spark and Bizarre is requesting pre-orders for a selection of new 1/18 and 1/43 models the company intends to produce over the next 3-6 months. Highlights include a 1/43 scale resin replica of AJ Foyt's 1967 Indianapolis 500 winning Coyote Ford and the latest Land Speed Record offering from Bizarre: the Wingfoot Express, also in 1/43 (photos NOT to scale).
Other highlights include the 1968 Sebring winning #49 Porsche 907 of Hans Herrmann and Jo Siffert and the #29 Matra MS5 Formula 2 car driven by Jacky Ickx in the 1967 German Grand Prix. Ickx qualified 3rd fastest overall in the combined F1 / F2 field and despite having to start behind all 16 F1 entries, worked his way up to 4th overall before dropping out with suspension problems. 
You can find the new Spark and Bizarre offerings HERE

In addition to the normal range of sports cars, road cars and historic open wheel racers offered to collectors around the world, Spark also offers Limited Edition 'National Series' models aimed at specific markets. US availability is usually fairly restricted. Here is a list of future 'National Series' releases that will be produced over the next few months.  Advance orders are strongly suggested.
Spark is expanding their Formula One selections this year to include 1/18 scale resin replicas of the Red Bull, Mercedes and Williams teams. We are accepting orders on these as well. Click HERE.

I know I sound like a broken record asking for advance orders with no firm delivery dates, but most serious collectors of Spark and other popular brands of 1/43 scale models are aware of current market conditions. At these price levels, and with some of the supply difficulties collectors have experienced over the years, it is extremely important for dealers to have accurate quantities of models on reserve with our distributors. With the sometimes overwhelming selection of new items from companies like Spark, advance orders are more important than ever for you and for us. The days of us having a dozen extra pieces of an F1 model (at $29.95 each - retail) on the shelf are over. At $80.00 for a new Spark 1/43, each piece has become a serious purchase. Although sometimes it's out of our hands, we do our best to get you the models you want. The more you can help us with advance orders, the better we can serve you.

 - Paul

PS - We're hearing the 1/43 Spark Jim Clark 1965 Indy Winning Lotus 38 was due to arrive in the US this week. Sold out in the rest of the world, this is one you want to have reserved!

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