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Potted 2 Year Muscadine Vines

2 Year and 2 Year Plus Bare-Root Muscadine Vines

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Muscadine Vines
We're bringing back 2 varieties by request. Limited supply.

African Queen – 22% sugar, large fruit. Very vigorous and productive. Ripens uniformly

Creek – Sweet dark purple grapes. Higher in acidity than most muscadines. Moderate to high vigor and yields. Ripens late season.
Blueberry Plants

Ochlocknee – Late season. Sweet dark blue fruit. Heavy bearer that blooms late. Ripnes June-July

Vernon – Early seaon. Large, sweet firm fruit with great color. Blooms late but ripens early. Vigorous and productive. Ripens late May to early June just before Climax.

Raspberry Plants

Nantahala – New release from NC State. Upright thorny variety with dark red berries. Longer and wider than Heriatge. Small seeds. Ripens very late.

Reveille – Upright with large red berries that ripen early season. Bear heavy crops with elongated fruit that will not crumble when picked. Supurb flavor.

Blackberry Plants
New this season and only available online. Limited supply

Osage - The thirteenth release from the University of Arkansas. Berries are medium size and very firm with excellent flavor, good yielding. Excellent storage potential.

Apple Trees

Snow Sweet™ - New Release. Medium to large apple that is sweet with a slight tart balance with rich overtones. Has a frim white flesh. Very cold hardy. Ripens mid-September through October.


Asian Pear Trees

Shenseiki – Large fruit that is sweet, crisp and juicy. Bears at a young age. Tree is vigorous and spreading. Ripens in August.

Peach Trees

Dixieland - A favorite very large, sweet, juicy,yellow freestone. Ripens 3 days before Elberta

Florida Crest - Very flavorful medium size fruit. Low chill hour requirement, Ripens 47 days before

Harvester - Excellent peach with beautiful pink and white blossoms. Extremely high yields throughout summer. Peaches are very juicy.

Rushton Red – Large, sweet, yellow freestone with a light red blush. Produces large red blooms in the spring. Cold hardy and ripens in July.

Texas Royal – Large freestone. Yellow firm fruit that is sweet and juicy. Ripens early June. 34 days before Elberta.
Nectarine Trees

Karla Rose – White flesh freestone. Sweet and juicy. Cold hardy and can tolerate late frosts.

Pocahontas – Large bright red skinned fruit with sweet yellow flesh. High quality fruit and very productive. Resistant to brown rot. Large showy pink blossoms in the spring. Ripens early June.

Sunglo – Large smooth skinned high quality fruit that had bright red skin and a yellow blush. Fruit is sweet, firm and very juicy. Has a long shelf life. Ripens in early August.


Fig Trees

Green Ischia – Light green outside, strawberry red inside. So sweet it tastes like jam. Medium size. Since they ripen with their outside green they fool the birds.

Russian Pomegranate Trees

Afganski - Produces bright orange fruit which is considered to be among the sweetest. Fruit is larger than a grapefruit and easy to grow.

Salavatski - Beautiful blooms and an outstanding flavor. Large fruit with above average juice content. A great addition to your home orchard and landscape.

Japanese Persimmon Trees

Eureka – Semi-dwarf tree. Astringent. Medium size bright orange fruit with very high quality. Heavy yields and great for commercial growers.

Tamopan – Large, flat bright red-orange skin. Astringent until fully ripe. Flesh is firm and juicy.
Pecan Trees

Caddo – Great paper shell that matures early. Excellent kernel quality. A vigorous and dependable producer. Very disease resistant. 57 nuts per pound.

Cape Fear – Great paper shell that bears early and is long lived. Vigorous, with an upright and open growth habit. Excellent taste and quality. Highly resistant to scab.. 55 nuts per pound.

Gloria Grande – An excellent pecan that is smaller than Stuart but of higher quality. Produces 47 nuts per pound. One of the most disease resistant pecans available.

Pest Control Solutions

Natural Enemy Sol-R Action Owl – Solar powered to make the head move every few minutes. Life like to help repel birds and best while adding charm.

Natural Enemy Owl – Realistic head bobs and turns in gentle breezed to help repel birds.
Skincare from the Vine
Yes that’s right! Experience plant derived skin care made with grape seed oil.
Antioxidant rich, full of vitamins E,C, A and Resveratrol. Grape seeds help fight free radical damage,
the signs of aging and helps to heal skin exposed to natural elements.

100% Grape Seed Oil –Unscented. Rich in antioxidants, vitamins E, C, A and resveratrol. Rich in polyphenols. Apply topically –ideal choice for all skin types. May be used in facial care, body or massage oil, use for scars and scrapes. An excellent make-up remover. A remarkable product from the vine!

Grapeseed Body Lotion – A deliciously rich vino-therapy ltion formulated with natural ingredients to soothe and protect you. Aloe, grape seed, coconut oils deliver a mega dose of vitamins and antioxidants to thirsty skin.

Harvest Crush Wine Bar Organic Soap – Lather up with swirls of scrumptious almond aromas, delicately layered with lavender, berries and crushed grapes. Cleanse and infuse the skin with 100% pure natural grape seed goodness.

Pink Champagne Wine Bar Organic Soap – Lather up with natural pink bubbly. Our most luxe wine bar feeds your skin a vino therapy trifecta of grape seed extract, oil and butter delivering age fighting polyphenols and resveratrol to the ski, Gentle enough to use on face and body while gently exfoliating the skin with crushed grape seeds.
Vino Lux Bath Salts – Just like a day at the spa in wine country. Pour a few tablespoons in running water, soak and unwind as the purifying salts and antioxidant rich grape seeds deliver vino-therapy to your body as you relax.

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