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Golisano Center for Community Health Opens at Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center

I nnovative facility pioneers integrated care for people with special needs

June 9, 2016--Niagara Falls, NY - For care providers, it was the realization of a vision. For the patients it will serve, it was a dream come true.  For everybody who attended, it was a wonderful party.
Officials from Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center and the Golisano Foundation today celebrated the dedication and blessing of the Golisano Center for Community Health, the only outpatient center of its type in Western New York and one of the very few in the United States.
The $7 million, two-story, 23,000-square-foot building is supported by a $3.5 million gift from businessman and philanthropist Tom Golisano. It is the largest gift in Memorial's history.
The Center will provide comprehensive integrated health care services to adults with special needs and their families, breaking down barriers to care and supporting the Golisano Foundation's vision of inclusive healthcare for all -- ensuring that people with intellectual or developmental disabilities are in no way excluded from healthcare systems within their communities.
Open since mid-May, the Center houses a variety of services and programs including primary care, Health Home care management and care coordination services, health insurance enrollment, community outreach, housing assistance, social service supports and more.
It also houses Rivershore Inc. -  an affiliate of People Inc   - the Child Advocacy Center of Niagara and a learning hub that will offer internships and other workforce development opportunities in emerging healthcare fields such as care coordination, navigation and care management. 
"Niagara Falls Memorial and Western New York are blessed to have benefactors such as Tom Golisano, Ann Costello and the Golisano Foundation.  Their generosity and their commitment to our community are nothing short of inspirational," said Memorial Medical Center President and CEO Joseph A. Ruffolo. "The faith they have shown in us will immeasurably improve the health status of many people who have special needs and who will never again have to worry about falling through the cracks."
Tom Golisano, founder of the Golisano Foundation said, "Through our work increasing inclusive access to health care around the world, we know first hand how people with intellectual disabilities remain largely invisible to health clinicians, health systems and the larger global health community. I am pleased to be able to help Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center carry out its vision to make it easier for area residents with disabilities to access comprehensive high quality health care in one convenient location. The Center and the collaborative partnerships that you have established have not only made your vision a reality but have made it a model for other communities."
Golisano Foundation Director Ann Costello said, "This new center moves us from limited impact on health disparities for people with intellectual disabilities to impact of transformative scale.  In addition to the care it will provide to people, the clinic also represents a community-wide strategy with a core objective to solve the problem or root cause not simply implement another program.  Through its plans to strengthen and grow the field of providers by collaborating with existing service organizations, the Golisano Center will also improve the health delivery system by demonstrating a better way."

Judi Nolan Powell, Memorial's vice president for Foundation & Community Relations, noted that the Golisano Foundation's support was also important in enlisting major gifts in support of the center from the John R. Oishei Foundation and Independent Health.
"It really speaks to our commitment to providing the best in patient care to all who come through our doors," said Nolan Powell. "The opening of Golisano Center will give us opportunities to live out our mission as a community center for health and wellness in new and exciting ways."
The Golisano Center is located next door to Memorial's ER1 Emergency Department and Heart Center of Niagara. A pedestrian walkway connects Memorial's ER1/Heart Center building directly to the Golisano Center.
"Twenty-one months ago we stood shoulder to shoulder on this spot with Ann Costello of the Golisano Foundation and outlined a vision for a center unlike any other, anywhere," Ruffolo said.  "A center that would provide integrated health care services including specialized dental and behavioral health care to adults with special needs and their families; one that would break down barriers to care and help people - all people - live with dignity. A center that also would be an economic engine, a research site, a learning hub and a center for workforce development ... creating new jobs and teaching care providers specialized skills."
"At the Golisano Center for Community Health we are living into that vision."

Niagara Falls Memorial Medical Center is a 171-bed regional hospital system serving patients from Western New York, Southern Ontario and beyond. Its inpatient services include cardiac, stroke, medical-surgical and behavioral health care.  Satellite sites, including six primary care physician offices and the new Golisano Center for Community Health, provide a full range of medical, diagnostic and mental health services. Memorial's experienced surgeons specialize in minimally invasive and robotic bariatric, gynecological, gastrointestinal, orthopedic and neurosurgical procedures.  
The Golisano Foundation is one of the largest private foundations in the United States devoted exclusively to supporting programs for people with intellectual disabilities.
Founded in 1985 with an initial gift of $90,000 from B. Thomas Golisano, the founder and Chairman of Paychex, the Foundation now has more than $32 million in gross assets and has awarded more than $19.5 million in grants, about $1.5 million annually, to non-profit organizations in a multi-county region surrounding Rochester, New York that serve people with developmental disabilities. We are committed to opening doors, changing perceptions, and forging unprecedented partnerships to provide individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities with pathways to self-sufficiency, personal dignity, and the best possible expression of their abilities and talents throughout their lifetimes. 
About Tom Golisano
Tom Golisano - entrepreneur, philanthropist, and civic leader - is the founder and chairman of the board of Paychex, Inc., headquartered in Rochester. With more than 12,000 employees and 100 office locations nationwide, Paychex is a leading national provider of payroll, human resource, and benefit outsourcing solutions for more than a half-million small and medium-sized businesses.
Tom's vision, perseverance and action have left an indelible mark on a broad spectrum of issues that touch our lives - in business, healthcare, education, voter policies, politics, and tax reform.  A fierce advocate for dignity and inclusion, Tom Golisano applied his pioneering spirit to establish the Golisano Foundation to help make the world a better place for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD).
His personal philanthropic contributions to hospitals, educational institutions and other organizations have totaled more than $250 million.
About Ann Costello
Ann Costello has served as Director of the Golisano Foundation since 1999.  She has worked for more than 25 years in the non-profit sector, primarily in the areas of human service administration, strategic planning, fund distribution and organizational policy development. She has redefined the Foundation's role in the disability service arena as a proactive partner and catalyst for transformation, especially when it comes to the way communities support individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.