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Viva La France!!  The entire country of France has banned the advertising of ANY AND ALL wireless products to children 14 and under and have banned WIFI in all nurseries and childcare facilities just passed the French assembly!  I can't tell by these articles, but either that means it is now the law or it is extremely close to becoming law.  It may not seem like much, but this is HUGE!!!  This is now going to spread around the world!!  The new law according to the article, also puts decision making about cell towers back into local authorities hands, such as the mayor of their provinces or cities.  And finally, regarding people with EHS to electromagnetic fields , the government will submit to Parliament a report on, "the opportunity to create areas electromagnetic radiation limited  especially in urban areas" as well as "conditions of inclusion  of their difficulties in the workplace."  "One small step for France, one giant step for mankind."

Articles in French on this...
Here is an article          Here is Another Article          And here is Google Translate

Other news this past week...

Smart Meter Send Off
CPUC Corruption Special
Cell Towers Losing Power
EMFs Some Recent Science
Other EMF Nightmares
Local EMF Actions
If You Live In Texas...
Radiation Nation
Corpornment - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government
Big Brother - Always Looking Out For US!...Or At US!!!
Other Outrageous Stories
Health and Healing
Animal Actions
Some Worthwhile Online Films
A Long TIme Comin'
Food Glorious Food!
Water Woes
Toxic Tails
Just for Fun

Multiple Utility Boxes Catch On Fire in Palm Springs, Burning Through Roof of Home

Lakeland, FL Electric Meters Catch Fire and Melt

Curtis Bennett Letter to City of Worchester, Massachusetts Regarding Electrocution Via Smart Grid and Inadequate Safety

Smart Meters, An IT Disaster Waiting to Happen?

Mayoral Candidate Continues Battle Against Smart Meters

Smart Meters WASTE Power!!  Video of Smart Meter Still Recording and Using Power When Power Is Shut Off On House

City of Port Angeles Notifies Smart Meter Vendor "Out of Compliance"

Smart Meters Under Scrutiny in NY State

Smart Meter Issues Heating Up In Massachusetts

They are measuring to make sure the radiation is well within the international guidelines that cause cancer...makes sense right?
United Arab Emirates to Measure Radiation Emissions In Smart Classrooms

Health Impacts of RF Radiation - Media Blackout on Smart Meters

CPUC Corruption Special

This "delay" in the CA decision is highly suspect since all utilities involved are currently being sued and could affect this decision...
CPUC Delays Smart Meter Opt Out Proceedings Again 

PG&Es "Unholy Alliance" with the CPUC

The "husband" in question is Michael Peevey, Chairman of the CPUC who apparently also sits on some non profits that directly benefit PG@E...a blatant conflict of interest and the "wife" is a CA senator...
CA Lawmaker Lobbies Against "Jab at my Husband!"

Cell Towers Losing Power

Controversy Surrounds Planned Cell Phone Tower at Lafayette School
Parents Express Concern Over Proposed Cell Tower

While French citizens make headway with their government, the industry fights back dirty...
The Last Mobile Free Zone and Safe Haven in France for Electrosensitives Under Threat of Cell tower

EMFs - Some Recent Science

Prof. Olle Johansson Recent Video Interview on Electrosensitivity

Newly published paper by Deborah Kopald...
Conference on Corporate Interference with Science: Frakcing, Food and Wireless: Genesis, Rationale and Results

Scientists Response to FCC

ELF Alternating Magnetic Field Decreases Reproduction by DNA Damage Induction

Cell Phone Use and Prenatal Exposure to Cell Phones Radiation May Cause Headaches in Children

Spiders Have Naturally Occurring Electrically Conductive Glue in Their Webs to Help Them Catch Their Prey

Effect of Rosemarinic Acid on Certoli Cells Apoptosis and Serum Antioxidant Levels In Rats After Exposure to Electromagnetic Fields

Geronimo - Press Release - A New European Project on Health Effects of Electromagnetic Fields

Health Canada Library Leaves Scientists Scrambling

This question could be applied to the wireless industry too...
Should Journals Stop Publishing Research Funded by the Drug Industry?

This study is almost 2 years old but I had never seen it and related to it on a personal level...Study Looks at Impact of Cell Phone Base Station On Body's Adrenergic System

Other EMF Nightmares

Wireless Charging from 30 Feet Away, Through Walls

Radio Frequency RF Fields: Possibly Probably or Definitely Carcinogenic - The Evidence Mounts Towards the Latter

Secret Minority Report" Tracking and Surveillance Technology in All iPhones Since 2010

"Could be implanted on constantly moving organs such as heart, lungs or diaphragm"
Will Your Next Phone Be Powered By Your Heartbeat?  Scientists Reveal Implantable Battery That Can Be Powered by the Movement of Your Organs

Forget Fingerprints!  $2.50 App Lets You Unlock Phone With Your Ear

Health Risks of Cell Phones and Wearable Devices

Congress Looks to Re-Vamp Telecom Law

What better way to lose weight that by being too sick with chemo to keep anything down?  Plus you an get a brand new set of boobs after the cancer, the perfect opportunity to up your cup size!
Smart Bras Control Emotional Eating

EMF Clothing That Detects Your Mood

Computer Chips In Food Packaging Could Text People to Let Them Know When Food is "Going Off"

This report is old but spot on...
NBC Predicts All Americans Microchipped by 2017

Is 2014 the Year YOUR Job Will Be Taken By A Robot?  Jobocalypse Set to Strike as Droids are Trained to Flip Burgers, Pour Drinks and Even Look After Our Children
Toxic Tainted Community Takes Industrial Giant to Court

Local EMF Actions

Getting Smart About the Smart Grid - Jan 28th, Jim Turner, Esq. SF Commonwealth Club Presentation

Tennessee Smart Meter Opt Out Petition

If You Live In Texas...

What Is A Capacity Market?
How A Capacity Market Works and Why it Matters
Texas Regulators Tepidly Endorse Potential Capacity Market
IndustryGroup Proposes Alternative to Capacity Market
If it Aint Broke, Don't Fix It
Oil and Gas to PUC - Don't Overhaul Energy Market
Smart Gird in Texas - An Investigation for Dutch Business Opportunities


Radiation Nation

Protests Grow in Japan "We Want to Send Our Message to the World to Stop Nuclear Power Plants

300 tons of radioactive water still flow daily into the Pacific.
The Mounting Toll, The Irradiated Sailors of Fukushima  

1/3 of Japanese Localities Call for End to Nuclear Power

US Buried Military Waste Discovered in Japan Near School Sparks Fear with Residents

Senior Scientist  - "2nd Radiation Plume Headed to CA - Effects of Fukushima Will Be Increasing As Front Edge of Large Water Plume Arrives - Levels to Rise for Years - Its A Health and Safety Issue Here, Yet No One is Testing the Ocean"

Texas Company Cashes in on Nuclear Waste

"Corpornment" - The Scientific Splicing of Corporations and Government

Much like the military uses private companies like Black Water...
"...looking at Davos' corporate sponsors this year-which include Nestle, Shell, Wal-Mart, Syngenta, and Goldman Sachs-is like looking at a 'Who's Who' list of corporate criminals."
"Beyond its glossy "veneer," Jensen says, the Davos summit acts as a stage "for multinational corporations, among them human rights abusers, political racketeers, property thieves and international environmental criminals."
Davos Elite Message Deserves fierce Resistance, Not Applause

This video is older but really EXCELLENT video interview as an ex-FCC head gives us some sobering straight talk about Tom Wheeler...
Obama Nominates Telecom Industry Lobbyist and Campaign Bundler

Info Wars, Elites Call for "Extraordinary Crisis" to Preserve New World Order

32 Privacy Destroying Technologies That Are Systematically Destroying America Into a Giant Prison

Incredible that Eisenhower spoke of this problem even back then. There is an Excellent bit of archival footage in this brief news report...
The Danger of Ignoring Eisenhower's Warning About the Military Industrial Complex

Big Brother - Always Looking Out For US!...Or At US!!!

Unbelievable Intrusive Surveillance of Children from kindergarten through senior high school including spying on them in their own home via webcam from school issued computers and other outrageous behavior...
an agreement between a group that develops the Common Core tests and the DOE requires the consortium to give the DOE "complete access to any and all data collected at the state level."
Getting To Know "Common Core", New US Federal School Program

100 Million Citizens May Join NSA Slayers Fight

Ukraine's Big Brother Text "Dear Subscriber, You are Registered as a Participant in a  Mass Riot"

"President Obama's proposed reforms barely scratch the surface of the the dizzying array of NSA programs. Contrary to the President's claim, the proposed reforms fall far short of ending the bulk telephony metadata collection program, and don't begin to address issues such as tapping the internet's backbone and undermining encryption standards,"
Free Press and Thought Works vowed to continue organizing "The Day We Fight Back" a day of international activism on February 11, 2014 to demonstrate widespread opposition to the spying regime.
Advocates and Digital Rights Defenders REJECT Obama's White Washing of NSA Intrusive Spying Regime

"End it!" Govt. Panel Calls NSA Spying Illegal

Info Wars, Former DARPA Director Wants You to Swallow ID Microchips

LADWP Wear Cameras to Reduce Lawsuits. Police found 80% Less Abusive When Cameras Are Worn

Other Outrageous Stories

Recorded Call From Manager at TSA Telling Man to Remove His You Tube Vid About TSA or Face DISCRIMINATION from TSA Staff When Traveling by Air!!

This is came out in Dec. 2013 but was updated this month...
DC Businessman Endures SWAT Raid Over Unregistered Ammunition, Faces Jury Trial

Evidently, the narrator is quoting General Aquino throughout this video...
Mind War Paper by NSA General Michael Aquino

This is a follow up article to the raid that happened last year.
"We have been targeted by the system because we are showing people how to live without it. We are growing more than just tomatoes here, we are growing the consciousness that will allow people to live freely and sustainably, and the system doesn't want that to be known." 
SWAT Team Raids Sustainable Community - Finds Nothing

Health and Healing

Living Outside Changes You - When Environmental Illness Left Me Too Sick to Live in My High Rise, I Turned to Nature to Heal

Things That Will Make You Live Longer

Diet, An Over Looked Treatment for Cancer

Dr. Talmor, The Key To Holistic Healing is Getting Out of the Box

Animals Actions

Petition - Urge the UN to Put Animals on the Global Agenda

Take Horse Meat Out of the Food Supply!!

"...the eight whales that died earlier this week "looked emaciated" and when examined had empty stomachs."
20 Whales Found Dead on Florida Shore - Starvation Possible Cause

Only 81 Orcas Left in Unprotected Area

13 minute film on activists who tried to stop the destruction of the Red Woods of Northern, CA b Moving Into Them.  At around 11:26 there are some very sad pictures of the carcases of tress that have been cut and lined up - like dead animals.
Among Giants

A Long Time Comin'

Phillip Morris Introduces Marlboro Marijuana Cigarettes

The New Hampshire Rebellion

I found this slightly interesting...
Doctors Choose A Different Way to Die Then the Rest of Us

Food Glorious Food!

Fish Oil GM Crops Could be Grown in the UK Within 3 Months

"The herbicide itself is toxic to the liver in small doses, is associated with higher risk of Lou Gehrig's disease, malformed sperm, and possibly non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. It's currently not approved for use on lawns and gardens in Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Kuwait and the Canadian provinces of Qu�bec and Ontario."
USDA Approves Agent Orange Corn and Soy for Human (American since most other countries have banned it) Consumption

The Elders of Organic Farming

Water Woes

Billions of gallons of raw sewage dumped into the Hudson and New York Harbor...
Clammers Sue City for Post-Hurricane Sandy Sewage Pollution that Tainted Shellfish

Flagstaff, AZ "...a collective of environmental groups and Native American tribes who say the wastewater snow will harm the delicate alpine ecoystem and potentially human health, if skiers ingest it."
Lawsuit Against Waste Water Snow Moves Forward

Toxic Tails
One of the attorneys on this case just moved here to Topanga and has been helping us with our cell tower fight...
Wildomar, CA - Whoever Said CA Was an Environmental Leader Hasn't Seen This

"Humans face the very real risk of a future without antibiotics, a world of plummeting life expectancy where people die from diseases easily treatable today, scientists say."
A World Without Antibiotics - The Risk is Real

China's Industry Exporting Air Pollution to the US Study Says

In China, An Area the Size of Belgium, Too Contaminated to Grow Crops

Greenland to be Mined as Melting Ice Cap Unlocks Mineral Riches

Have a HARD WIRED week!

Special thanks for articles from: Environmental Health News, Access Now, Honey Colony, Common Dreams, Prof. Olle Johansson, Iris Atzmon, Deborah Taveris, Laddie Lawdings, Tobie and Ellen Cecil, Thea Artemis, Robert Reidlinger, Sharon Nielson, Marilynne Martin, Amy O'Hair, Dave Hubert,


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