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U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish Industry Names 2017 Catfish Farmers of the Year 

March 13, 20 17 -- The Catfish Institute congratulates the Catfish Farmers of America's 2017 Catfish Farmers of the Year, who were named at CFA's annual convention held recently in Orange Beach, Ala. 

Alabama's 2017 Catfish Farmer of the Year is Mary Quitman Holmes of Hale County, Ala. The industry's first female farmer of the year award recipient, she and her family farm 350 water acres and are founding members of Harvest Select Catfish and the Alabama Catfish Feed Mill.

Arkansas's 2017 Catfish Farmer of the Year is Glen Fleming of Gillett, Ark. Glen and his family operate their own catfish farm in Dumas, Ark., while also managing the fish farming operations of nearby Dunklin Farm. 

Mississippi's 2017 Catfish Farmers of the Year are Chris and Missy McGlawn of Swiftown, Miss. The industry's first couple to receive the annual award, their family farm consists of 160 water acres of catfish ponds alongside their row cropping and land forming businesses. 

"Each of these individuals has worked hard to ensure the viability of the U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish Industry," said Roger Barlow, CFA Executive Vice President and President of The Catfish Institute. "They are the face of the industry and will be used in many promotions throughout the year. In fact, later this week, they will travel with us to Boston, Mass., to represent the industry at the nation's largest seafood trade show, Seafood Expo North America. We applaud them and thank them for their continued efforts."

Pictured from left-to-right are Mary Quitman Holmes, 
Chris and Missy McGlawn, and Glen Fleming. 

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