WINTER 2016    

As a result of the rapidly aging workforce, government organizations are experiencing a brain drain that is placing their organizations at a critical juncture: the need for experienced and seasoned employees has never been greater, while those are the very workers who are most likely to be departing in the very near future. It's clear that governments need to get serious about succession planning.

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Bainbridge Island, Brookings and Sunnyvale

Over the last few months, our team has consulted with different organizations of various sizes.
In the heart of the Silicon Valley, Patrick presented his "Your Leadership Playbook" workshop to executives and senior managers for the City of Sunnyvale.

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You asked, we delivered.  A new website is coming your way this spring, designed to provide you with the information you've been asking for, easily accessible and right at your fingertips. We know you depend on us for information to help you and your organization 'get better all the time' and this new website will do just that.  Being your source for succession planning, strategic planning, leadership development and learning/training information is important to us ... and intends to deliver.

Essential Building Block for the Public Workforce

Career management is not simply about employees accumulating years of service or improving their technical proficiency. The dimension receiving increasing attention is the development of non-technical skills such as communication, delegation, motivation and critical thinking. These are often referred to as "soft" skills, when in fact they are the hardest to acquire. Moreover, the whole concept of a career in government is transitioning from the traditional ladder of upward mobility to more of a lattice in which employees move in different dimensions.  Today's employees might move up, sideways or in both dimensions.

Upcoming Speaking Engagements

On March 4, in Madison, Patrick will be presenting a session at the  Wisconsin City/County Management Association Winter Conference.
On March 9, in Albuquerque, Patrick will be speaking at the New Mexico Chapter of Society for Human Resource Management conference.
On April 27, Patrick will be speaking in Newport Beach at the City Clerks Association of California Annual Conference.

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