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 Protect Forage Fish;Vital Food for Wild Salmon & Steelhead

Forage Fish
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Forage Fish Background 

(Courtesy Pew Environment Group) 


Thanks in large measure to a strong demonstration of public support, West Coast fishery managers in 2012 recognized the need to protect tiny but vitally important fish in order to maintain a healthy and balanced ocean ecosystem here along the Pacific coast. 


Commonly known as "forage fish," small schooling species such as sardines and anchovies eat plankton and in turn become a critical food source for everything above them on the food web, including seabirds, whales, and bigger fish like salmon and tuna. Now, by releasing its first-ever Fishery Ecosystem Plan for public comment, the Pacific Fishery Management Council has a chance to move ecosystem protection from theory into practice.


Last June, the Council adopted a policy objective to prohibit new fisheries targeting currently unmanaged forage fish because of their role in sustaining a healthy ocean food web. Likewise, the California Fish and Game Commission adopted a similar policy for state waters within three miles of California's picturesque beaches. However, the best of intentions mean very little without action to back them up.


The council's public comment period closes soon. Please take a moment to tell the council that it's time to enact firm measures to sustain the Pacific marine ecosystem, starting by protecting the ocean food web. 


Comments will be accepted until March 31, 2013 so act now! 

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Thank you for your support of wild fish!