Events for Feb. 28-Mar. 12
Women's History Month

During the month of March, the NHCC will be celebrating Women's History Month with programming that honors the contributions of women to dance, music, theatre, art, poetry, films, novels and much more. See the full list of programming on our website.
Casa Flamenca and the NHCC present Jesús Muñoz Flamenco in Red Note--original music and works by a cast of international dancers and musicians that explores dynamic, visionary movements in dance, music, and visual art inspired by cante flamenco. March 3-4 at 8 pm.
Hembras de Pluma Address Navigating the World as Women in Rise: An Offering

Directed by Mónica Sánchez, Rise: An Offering weaves movement, personal stories, song, and imagery to address generations of resilience, triumph, pain, and navigating the world as women. Performances will run March 9-19, Thursday through Sunday.

Join us for the opening reception for the exhibition ¡Aquí Estamos: The Heart of Arte!, March 5 from 2-4 pm, as we celebrate the NHCC Art Museum's growing permanent collection with a revitalized vibe and a brand new selection of works.

On March 2, from 5:30-7:30 pm, adults are invited to Happy Arte Hour where Rachel will guide a project inspired by her work in the NHCC Art Museum exhibition, Fantasía Fantástica: Imaginative Spaces and Other-Worldly Collage. On March 4 at 10 am, Rachel will lead a tour of the exhibition and an art project for families during ¡Vamos al Museo!

Join author and artist Anita Rodriguez in the NHCC Library on March 4 at 2-4 pm, for a reading from her book Coyota in the Kitchen, which introduces you to two eccentric families and talks about the complications of navigating a safe path among contradictory cultural perspectives and how food reflects the complicated family histories that shape our lives.

Five upcoming free Thursday night films honor women and the March 9 bilingual story hour will inspire little girls with readings of ¡Toca, Chavi, toca! and The Woman Who Outshone the Sun/La mujer que brillaba aún más que el sol. As always, every Tuesday is Cuban Salsa.
Get Your Tickets For These Upcoming Events
Revolutions International Theatre Festival: Ndere Troupe, Obuntu Pearls
March 17 - March 19
Tickets: $26 ($6 discount for students & seniors; group rates available)

Presented by Uganda's Ndere Troupe, Obuntu Pearls is the celebration of "the beauty in humanity," where cultural variation is celebrated as wealth and not a reason for conflict, and where respect is for all.
Revolutions International Theatre Festival: TRI-CICLO
March 23
Tickets: $26 ($6 discount for students & seniors; group rates available)

After a direct, personal conversation between the performers and the audience outside the theatre, this performance will take you on an engrossing journey full of unforgettable characters and situations, improvised in the moment.
Revolutions International Theatre Festival: Engine, Un día más sobre la tierra
March 31
Tickets: $26 ($6 discount for students & seniors; group rates available)

In this performance, Engine, from Argentina and France, will present a concert featuring violent and sophisticated guitars, overlapped by the raw voices of two actor-musicians.