December  2017

As we approach 2018, we would like to let you know about a change that may affect your Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota members and their health club credits, which is due to some new taxation mandates.

ยท  Credits earned during November and December 2017 will both be paid in January 2018, provided their employer has completed an agreement with BCBSND to maintain the Health Club Credit program.
-If a member questions if their group has continued with the program, please refer them to call their employer or call customer service on the back of their insurance ID card.
-If you, the club, have any questions, please call us (320) 722-0084.
As always, beginning of January 1, 2018, members will be required to complete the annual authorization for release of information. Due to the new process requirements, it is even more important they complete this as soon as possible. Please don't hesitate to refer your members to contact BCBSND with any questions.


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Did you miss the last webinar on the NIHCArewards 101?  Guess what - we recorded it just for you.  PLEASE take the time to watch the webinar.  It gives lots of helpful hints of how to truly utilize the NIHCArewards system.  Pass this along to your staff or insurance submission person as well.  Here is the recording:  CLICK HERE to listen and view the webinar recording

Please call NIHCA with any questions you may have.

There are still many facilities that have members with Missing Information.
It is URGENT that you make this a priority otherwise the system will not allow you to submit for these members with missing banking going forward.  The Missing Information status means the member(s) is missing all their banking information, including both their routing and account number.  To see if you have member(s) with missing banking information, their Member Status will show MISSING INFORMATION.  Click on MEMBERS - select MEMBER STATUS filter and choose Missing Information - then click SEARCH.  This will bring up a list of your members that still does NOT have any banking information entered at all.     Some of these members have perhaps cancelled, or maybe they are on a freeze or delinquent in payment.  If any of these reasons apply, then go into each member record, and change their Member Status to Cancelled, On Hold, Terminated, Inactive, etc.  

NIHCA is kindly asking that you clean up your lists.  Please collect member banking information for your active and OK members. If you don't clean this up, the money will go back to the insurance companies.

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