February  2018

Customer Service Quote of the month:  

"While you may feel like your customer is demanding, your competition won't."

- J. DiJulius

BCBSMN Error code 232

BCBSMN identified an error that happened on some members for the usage months of October and November.  If you have BCBSMN members that did NOT get reimbursed for Oct and Nov '17 workouts yet, check your Reimbursement Activity Report first.  If you see BCBSMN members on your Reimbursement Report with Error Code 232, please know these resubmissions will happen automatically for these folks.  Meaning, Oct and Nov workouts under Error Code 232 will be resubmitted for you - no resubmitting is necessary for this error code alone. 


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by Sara Kooperman

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Part 1: Taxation Reminders/Error Codes

How the new wellness taxation affects your BCBSND members:
BCBS of North Dakota plans to provide reporting to participating employer groups on rewards earned by their members through Health Club Credit by mid-December 2017. In order for us to comply with these reporting requirements, we have made the following changes to the Health Club Credit Program process:
  • Payment to members for credit earned during the activity month of December 2017 was paid in January 2018. Payment for credit earned during the activity month of November 2017 was delayed, but will be paid early in February 2018.
  •  If a member questions whether or not their Employer group has continued with the program, please refer them to contact their employer or call BCBSND using the number on the back of their insurance ID card. Employer groups that have not opt'd into a new BCBSND agreement will receive the following error code beginning in January 2018: 300 - BCBSND Group does not have the HCC or Group is not eligible for the HCC program.        
  •  BCBSND will no longer be able to offer an unlimited look-back period for activity submission. Credits will only be applied to activity that has occurred within the current calendar year, and November and December of the previous calendar year. The following error code will now be applied to activity submitted outside of this timeline: 900 - HCC payout timeframe for submitted activity Month and Year has expired.

Part 2: Automatic Resubmits

BCBS of North Dakota will do an automatic resubmit of Nov & Dec '17 workouts on the Feb file.  If you had BCBSND members that error-ed out because they hadn't completed their 2018 Authorization, then these will now be captured.  On the March file, we will automatically resubmit Nov, Dec and Jan workouts.  So the next TWO months will automatically resubmit for those clubs who specifically have BCBSND members that error-ed out. 

Hint of the Month:  
On your reports in NIHCArewards, the "Amount Credited Date" means the date that funds were released.  Instruct your members that they will see funds in 1-3 business days from the  Amount Credited Date.

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