January 2018

If you have members that change insurance plans and their member ID# as of January 1, 2018 - Be sure to let your members know to NOT change their insurance information until the very end of Jan 2018 or right away the 1st of February. If the member changes their information online or you assist them in changing the new insurance information in NIHCArewards too soon, those members will not receive their Dec 2017 reimbursement.

This is also a good reminder going forward as well - anytime you have member(s) that have a change in their insurance plan, do not change that insurance information in NICHArewards until the beginning of the next month.

Help your members.  Yes, the online member site is great, however help your members update their profile information when they need help.  Not everyone can maneuver online, so let's all do our best to help the members that have questions.  And if you, the club, can't answer their questions, then please call NIHCA.  We are here for our NIHCA clubs.

BCBSMN Error code 232
BCBSMN identified an error that happened on some members for the usage months of October and November.  If you have BCBSMN members that did NOT get reimbursed for Oct and Nov '17 workouts yet, check your Reimbursement Activity Report first.  If you see BCBSMN members on your Reimb. Report with Error Code 232, please know these resubmissions will happen automatically for these folks.  Meaning, Oct and Nov workouts under Error Code 232 will be resubmitted for you - no resubmitting necessary for this error code alone.  

Being it's now 2018, we would like to let you know about a change that may affect your Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota members and their health club credits, which is due to some new taxation mandates.
  • Credits earned during November and December 2017 will both be paid in January 2018, provided their employer has completed an agreement with BCBSND to maintain the Health Club Credit program.
- As always, beginning January 1, 2018, members will be required to complete the annual authorization for release of information. Due to the new process requirements, it is even more important they complete this as soon as possible. Please don't hesitate to refer your members to contact BCBSND with any questions.

- If a member questions if their group has continued with the program, please refer them to call their employer or call customer service on the back of their insurance ID card.

Welcome KEVIN NELSON and BETH BLUMBERG to the NIHCA Executive Board of Directors!

by Sara Kooperman

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