For Immediate Release: April 10, 2017
Contact: Ben Gann - (202) 367-2346 

Take Action:
Meet with Your Lawmakers over Spring Break
Take action over the two-week congressional spring break by meeting with your members of Congress in the communities they represent. Congress is taking its traditional break around Easter and will be back home until April 24.

Now is a great time to contact your local House and Senate offices and invite them to tour your lumberyard. NLBMDA staff and your regional association executive are happy to help in providing you with the tools you need to engage your elected officials during the extended break.

When you do make your appointments make sure to let us know, and after the meeting please send your pictures to

We encourage NLBMDA members to focus their outreach on the following areas:

Regulatory Reform: Changes are needed to bring greater transparency to the rule-making process and take into account their impact on the regulated community, especially small businesses.

Renewal of U.S. - Canada Softwood Lumber Agreement: Renewal of a Softwood Lumber Agreement (SLA) between the United States and Canada is needed to allow for the continued stable product supply of framing lumber for retailers, home builders and consumers.

Innocent Sellers Fairness Act: Protect building material dealers, distributors, and other retailers from unwarranted product liability lawsuits.

Estate Tax Repeal: NLBMDA encourages members of Congress to cosponsor and pass the Death Tax Repeal Act (H.R. 631, S. 205), eliminating the estate tax and its impact on family-owned businesses.

Timber Innovation Act: Introduced in the House and Senate (H.R. 1380, S. 538), the legislation promotes construction of taller wood buildings.

Ways to Take Action During the Spring Break:
  1. Invite your Representative and Senators to your lumberyard. Show them what your business entails, how your company operates and what your employees do on a daily basis. Yard tours are a great way for lawmakers to meet you and your employees, hear about your company's success and see first-hand how their votes impact your business. If you are willing to host a plant tour, please reference our guide to hosting a successful lumber yard tour
  2. Meet with your elected officials and their staff at a local office so that you can discuss the legislative priorities with them face to face. 
  3. Attend a town hall or other local event hosted by a member of Congress. These meetings are typically not heavily attended and is another way for you to speak with your elected officials and continue to build the relationship. 
  4. If you attended NLBMDA's Spring Meeting and Legislative Conference in Late-March, follow-up with staff back in the state or district is extremely valuable.
NLBMDA Resources:
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