ProDealer Industry Summit
October 17-19, 2017
Phoenix, Arizona 

Ivy Zelman, CEO of Zelman & Associates to be featured speaker

NLBMDA is excited to announce that Ivy Zelman, Chief Executive Officer of Zelman & Associates will be a featured speaker at the ProDealer Industry Summit in Phoenix. Ivy, who has been recognized for decades as a preeminent figure within the housing industry, will be sharing her insights on the housing market. She  has a proven record of accurate housing market prediction and analysis of industry trends. In her keynote address, Ivy will touch on the key drivers for the housing market and its related sectors for housing beyond 2018. Ivy will also share her insights on "Millennials," the million-dollar word these days, sorting through facts and fiction in single-family versus multi-family debate. She will also tackle topics such as the mortgage credit availability, entry-level buyer's ability to purchase, market price points, home improvement cycles and much more. 

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The ProDealer Industry Summit is a national LBM event like no other. It is the only top-to-top annual event and unlike other "trade shows" it is a chance for you to represent your company at the highest level, with the very best LBM dealers in the country.

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