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The St. Petersburg Road Runners Newsletter          April 2015 - Vol. 6, Issue 4

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The  Board of Directors are listed below:
President - Frank Adornato
Vice President - Donnamarie Hehn
Treasurer - Vicki Linkovich
Secretary - Karen Mathews
Volunteer Coordinator- Don Rasdall
Guest Speaker Coordinator - Board Members
Website Editor - Michelle Schultz
Membership Director - Kelly Shotts
RRCA Coordinator - Vicki Linkovich
Publicity/Community Affairs -
Newsletter Editor - Ginger Herring
Uniforms/Equipment - Open
Race Coordinator - Doug Schiller and Meghan Brunelli
Member-at-large - Brian McManus

Club Ambassador - Ben Fudge 



The Board of Directors will hold its April meeting at 5:30pm at Empath Health, 3050 1st Ave So, St. Petersburg, FL

The Board welcomes your comments.  Feel free to contact anyone on the Board to offer your thoughts.




SPRR extends an open invitation to runners and walkers of all abilities to join us for one of our group runs.

Upham Beach: M-F 6:30 a.m.
Fit for Life: Track/reg run Tu 6pm
Downtown St. Pete: Wed 6:00 p.m.
Fit2Run/ Fri 6:00 p.m. Coffee Pot Park
Fit for Life: Sat 6:30 a.m.
Sunday Runs-varies: Sun 6:00am

Clearwater bridge Runs

varies-check website:  

Please check out our website for more details.  Feel free to join us on one or more of our group runs.  I'm sure you'll find someone to run or walk with that's just your speed.


We appreciate the partnerships with our sponsors.  Please support them.

Beach Brit Fit
Cleaning Police
Fit For Life/
John Payne,  Physical Therapist, Massage Therapist
Florida Road Races
Meilus Muscular Therapy
Motion Sports Management
Sweet Things
USA Tampa Bay Fit

Dear  ,
Letter from the Editor


Spectators are underrated and, I think, underappreciated. Everyone focuses on the hard work and sacrifices the runner does to prepare for a marathon.   Hardly anyone thinks about the hard work and sacrifices the spectator does to prepare for a marathon.

Runners sometimes have to get up in the wee hours of the morning to get in their run. They run every day, no matter what. Like the mail man/woman, neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night will keep the runner from getting in their miles. That runner usually has someone who might not get up at that awful hour of the morning, or go out in all kinds of weather, but who is always there to give support and encouragement during their training. That spectacular spectator usually sacrifices right along with the runner. No late date tonight as their runner has to go to bed early. No cheesecake for dessert as their runner has to eat right to fuel their run. The spectacular spectator tries to understand and be patient when their runner gets grumpy. Whatever the runner does to train for their big race usually impacts the one who supports them. It's not easy supporting that runner through the training process.

Runners have to prepare for all kinds of weather. Their race might be unseasonably hot, or if they have a northern race in the spring, their big day might be run in a blizzard. They worry about what to wear and how to run in inclement weather. The spectacular spectator also has to prepare for all kinds of weather. They, too, worry about what to wear. The spectators cheering at the side of the road likely has been waiting there for a very long time, and if they haven't dressed correctly, they suffer more than their runner. It's not easy being a spectator.

Runners plan out strategies for their race. They think of running slower in the beginning, saving energy for hills, and then running their hardest at the end. The spectacular spectator also plans strategies for the race. They project their runner's pace per mile ahead of time to help them figure out where and when they should reach certain points on the course. That way they can be at the perfect spots to cheer. And, they know how to cheer saying positive things like, "You're flying." "You're running strong." They never say, "You're looking good." Or, "You're almost there."   They realize their runner knows how they look, and it usually isn't good. They also realize their runner knows exactly how far they still have to run, and they usually are not almost there. It's not easy for spectators to plan their strategies, especially in a strange city.

So, all you spectacular spectators, even though we may have just run past you like you were statues, please know we really do appreciate you. We really do know how much sacrifice you have given to be there to cheer and support not only your runner, but all the runners. If you have a spectacular spectator, make sure you let them know how much you appreciate them. They've trained too, and they don't even get a medal.

Enjoy your journey,




If you're a reader of Runners' World magazine, you're probably familiar with their monthly Rave Run.  Each issue features an iconic running location with beautiful scenery, climate, locate, etc. - a road or a trail that's ideal for running.  This past issue of Runners' World magazine featured a location that's right in our own backyard - Weedon Island State Preserve.  With its 5 miles of trails, it's a get-away venue where you can run with nature instead of cars and trucks.  It has lots to offer to the serious runner as well as the casual jogger, including a challenging tower of stairs to really get your heart rate up in its anaerobic zone.


We're lucky to live in the St. Pete/Tampa area where there are so many great places to run.  In addition to Weedon Island, we have, just to name a few, Fort Desoto Park on the south end of Tierra Verde, Downtown St. Pete with miles of running choices along Tampa Bay, The Pinellas Trail and other running paths throughout the county, and my personal favorite, miles and miles of beautiful beaches.


Regardless of your preference there's a running venue for you.  But the nice thing about running, is that you can run virtually everywhere.  If you're at home, traveling on vacation or on a business trip, you can get out and run.  And if you are traveling, there's no better way to feel the vibes of a new city or town than by running its streets.  All you need is a good pair of running shoes.


When you're home here in St. Pete, if you want to run with others, St. Pete Road Runners offers a variety of training runs seven days a week at different locations around St. Pete.  We have long runs, speed work, hill repeats (on some of our local bridges), and easy morning beach runs.  And all of these runs offer a choice of distances and speeds.  Don't be shy.  Come on out and run with us.  No one is too slow nor too fast for our group runs.  You name it, and we probably run it.  Check out our website at for details about start times and locations.  Lace up your running shoes and come join us.


Train smart.  Race Fast.


Frank Adornato 

SPRR President 



rrcaThe St. Pete Road Runners is a member of the Road Runners Club of America.  Club membership is open to all walkers, joggers, non-competitive runners, biathletes, triathletes and competitive runners.  Your membership gives you monthly meetings with guest speakers, coaching, group runs, newsletters, Grand Prix Series, and the absolutely best social events.
Your Board has been working hard with strategic planning in order to improve benefits for our members and to continue to make SPRR one of the best running clubs in the area.  We invite you to be part of the fun and excitement SPRR has to offer.

DON'T FORGET that you can become a member, or renew your membership online using PayPal!   I hope you will take advantage of this easy way to join SPRR or to renew your membership.

Welcome to our newest members.  Thank you for choosing to join SPRR.  We are happy to have you be part of a great running club.
             Daniel Dollar                  Wendy Mastripolito
             Patrick Perkins               Henri(etta) Stewart

Our next meeting is a very important meeting.  We will be awarding our scholarships to two very deserving students.  It was such a hard choice.  I think you will be amazed at what our high school seniors achieve.  We hope you will come to give your congratulations and support to the recipients of this year's SPRR Scholarship awards.   We will be at the Empath/Suncoast Hospice, 3050 1st Ave So, St. Petersburg, FL 33712.  The awards ceremony will begin at 6:30pm.


Also, we are pleased to have Dr. Eric Schweitzer as our guest speaker.  His presentation will be of great interest to all of us who have ever had plantar fasciitis or other running injuries.   


Eric Schweitzer, DPT, OCS, MTC

Dr. Schweitzer has been a Doctor of Physical Therapy for 14 years and is board certified in orthopaedic physical therapy. He is one of the few clinicians in the country that specializes specifically in running medicine including running injury prevention, running injury rehabilitation & running performance. He has published several book chapters on lower extremity injuries in sports and has been an adjunct professor in sports medicine at the University of South Florida. He most recent book chapter is on athletic foot sprains published in Orthopaedic Rehabiliation of the Athlete. He has lectured extensively on sports medicine topics including running injuries.

Eric is one of the few physical therapists in Tampa Bay that is certified in Active Release technique, the official healing technique of Ironman. He enjoys running all distances and participating in triathlons in his free time and is currently training for the Sugarloaf Mountain marathon in may 2015.


Eric owns Premier Physical Therapy & Yoga in Clearwater. This is the only yoga studio in Tampa Bay where the yoga is guided by a Doctor of Physical Therapy. He also plans to open a St. Pete running treatment center in St. Pete in May/June


SPRR Meeting

Empath Health/Suncoast Hospice

3050 1st Ave. So.

St. Petersburg, FL 33712

April 9, 2015

6:30 p.m.







We wish all of you with April birthdays the best ever and many more happy miles: 


Larry Ahern               Steven Grande            Maggie Miller               Jane Siebels

Michael Aiello            Kevin Grzelka             Joshua Moushon          Debra Sikorski

Leo Anderson            Jason Henderson       Morgan Newsome        Pamela Smith

Jeff Barfoot                Travis Irwin                 Jennifer Olvedy            Melody Tabman

Ashley Benedick        Heather Joie               Scott Pilcher                 Stephanie Walston

William Boyd              Annie Joslin                Theresa Raulerson       Stephanie Walter

Mike Castelman         Kate Juba                   Kathleen Robinson        Jamie Wasserman

Donna Condon           David Kopsco             Brian Rothenberger      Jim Weot

Will Condon                Andrea Lee                Carolyn Schafer             Andrew Winter

Elizabeth Coughlin     Valerie Leggett           Peter Sector                   Nancy Zoufaly

Jennifer Duda             Kathryn Martin           Janet Shields








We have a new great opportunity to earn funds for SPRR.  We can work the May 1 First Friday event downtown St. Petersburg.  This is a really fun event, but we need volunteers.  Please contact Karen Mathews at for further information and to sign up.  Thanks in advance for all you do to help SPRR be the great running club it is.


Don't forget, your volunteer time will give you 10 miles toward your Frequent Miler total.







Just so you know, SPRR is finishing up the upgrading and improving our website.  We anticipate minimal downtime.  I think you will be  happy with the end results.  We send you notice when we are able to make the transition.




Congratulations to all our runners who ran the Florida Beaches Half and 5K.  It was a very hot day and there was the delay at the start, but it ended up being a great day.  SPRR had many runners bring home the bling.  Thank you Chris for working so hard to bring us great races throughout the year. 






Good luck to everyone running in the Boston Marathon this year.  It is a great accomplishment to qualify for Boston.  You did it, now enjoy your journey.



Have you been checking our Facebook Page?  Not only are there motivational posts, there are funny posts and now we have great training tips.  Check us out and be sure to like, comment and share.       

P.S.  We are also on Twitter and have an Instagram account.                           


For more pictures and up-to-date news and gossip, check out our Facebook Page.




April 3         Guppy's Gulfside Gallop 5K         County Beach Park       Indian Rocks Beach

April 4         Fools 50 mile/50K & 16 Mile         Croom Hiking Trail        Brooksville

                   Trevor Miller MOB 5K                   Paradise Island             Treasure Island

                   Journey to a Cure 5K                    Al Lopez Park               Tampa

April 11       Ft. Desoto Escape Triathlon         N Beach                        Ft. Desoto

                   Seminole Stampede 5K                Walsingham Park          Largo

                   Hunger Run 5K                             Al Lopez Park                Tampa

April 12       Iron Girl Half and 5K                     Coachman Park             Clearwater

April 18       Blue Ribbon 5K                             Walsingham Park          Largo

April 19       Dare to go Bare 5K                       Lake Como                   Lutz

                   Hooters Summer Series Bch 5K   Pier 60                           Clearwater Beach

April 20       Boston Marathon                           Hopkinton to Boston      Massachusetts

April 25       Meek & Mighty Triathlon                North Shore Park           St. Petersburg

                   Race for Sight 5K                           Millenium Park               Ybor City

                   Airport Runway 5K                         Hillsborough & Hoover   Tampa

April 26       St. Anthony's Triathlon                   North Shore Park           St. Petersburg

                   Please volunteer at our aid station



Good luck runners.  Please don't be shy - let me know your results.    We also welcome your race story.  Runners LOVE to read about other runners' experiences.  Feel free to share yours.  You can email your story to  Thank you.                           



  We are happy to announce that Up To Speed is accepting advertising.  Here are the current rates. 




                                                              Business Card   $  20

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                                                              Full Page           $100


Prices are good for 1 year

We also offer a yearly advertising rate with a link to your website along with your ad on our SPRR website for $150.


We are especially grateful to the following companies and organizations for their support and contributions they have made to SPRR:











Call Al at 727-547-1233 for a FREE Demonstration.  He will treat one side of your body to illustrate the difference pre and post treatment.  You may not realize your current condition is less than optimal until after treatment -- you will see and feel the benefits.  You will be amazed by the difference!  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so take measures to prevent injury and call for your free demonstration.
   Cleaning Police Ad
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   gingerbread man


                     Motion Sports Management   Al Johnson       
                   Florida Road Races    Chris Lauber, Director
If you are interested in being an SPRR sponsor and advertise in our newsletter, please contact Ginger Herring.  Thank you.




BREAKING NEWS:  Hal Higdon reported on his facebook page that the New York Road Runners will add a second marathon in the spring to serve the many runners unable to gain access to its popular fall race, admitted a person connected with NYRR, who spoke on condition of anonymity because she was not authorized to discuss the news publicly.


To separate the spring race from the fall race, NYRR plans several changes. One change will be reversing the course: starting in Central Park and finishing in the middle of the Verrazano-...Narrows Bridge, allowing runners more time to enjoy the view. To permit the mid-bridge finish, Spring NYC will be shortened to 26 miles from its traditional 26-mile 385-yard distance. "Nobody will miss the distance," suggested NYRR. The entry fee for Spring NYC increases to $1,000. No cap on the number of runners being accepted.


Date for Spring NYC is April 1, 2016. Hotel rooms are going fast. For more information, see: 



Enjoy your Journey,