"Del Shores is a brilliant teacher and director. He knows how to bring out the best in every actor and understands the importance of navigating this crazy business. He is open and generous with his experience and knowledge.
Every workshop I've taken leaves me excited and enthusiastic
about acting and my career. "

- Kristen McCullough


Greetings Actors of the Southeast!

I am honored to be hosting Del Shores and his extremely well received classes in New Orleans, LA. I strongly encourage any actor who wants to work more in Film & TV to take these classes.

There will be three different workshops for you to choose from for Del Shores weekend intensives the weekend of September 28th - 29th. Each class has been designed by Del and have shown great results for students throughout the country. Space is limited, so reserve your space today by purchasing a seat/ticket. Please see the details below for each session.

Ryan Glorioso, CSA


I'm excited to be working again with Ryan Glorioso!  We had an amazing time on Sordid Lives: The Series. 

ALL ACTORS - You are welcome to come to NOLA for this fun weekend!  Could be a great time to visit the city, meet Ryan and explore getting repped in Louisiana!

Del Shores


Workshop #1

September 28th - 9am - 1pm
Cost: $155.00

I want hard-working actors who want to hit the next level with their auditioning. I want actors who want the call back AND the job! What is holding you back? Are you taking risks? Are you preparing correctly? Are you believing in yourself? Are you nerves crippling you? Do you love to audition? Are you being the fool?

Each actor will work 3 times!

1) Prepare an audition piece for camera, no more than 5 minutes. It can even be sides from a role you have auditioned for, but didn't get. Make sure you are right for the role. We will use the camera for a learning tool only (no uploads) and watching your fellow actors will be key to your growth this day. This will be my "mock casting session" so act as if you are coming to a callback. After you "audition" I will work with you one-on-one to strengthen your skills.

2) Prepare an under 5. If you don't have one, ask me and I'll send you one. I'm good at this! I will teach you to stand out from the pack when you have to audition for Customer #1 and Agent #2. I'll show you how to book these jobs by making strong choices and preparing!

3) I will bring cold reading monologue. You will be handed the material, then have to make three strong choices on the spot - TRUSTING YOUR GUT. You will then have only 10 minutes to prepare (and I don't worry about being letter perfect, it's about the choices and risks you make). One by one, each participate will deliver the monologue to finish the workshop.

The day will start with a 30 minute lecture. This is important. The workshops will be free form all day, no time slots. And, I promise you will learn much by watching your fellow actors.

"Del's workshops are equal parts learning the craft AND learning the business."
- Brina Palencia

"I took my very first acting workshop with Del in May, and I loved it and plan to take more. I felt very comfortable in the class and relaxed enough to be myself and allow the creative juices to flow." - Sharon Simmons

"Del welcomed everyone with open arms! I was affirmed, challenged and inspired all in one workshop. Will definitely be back." Katie Boettcher


Workshop #2


Saturday September 28th - 2:30pm - 6:30pm
Cost: $155.00

Having just gone through yet another round of auditions, I see many actors make the same mistake over and over. THEY DO NOT TRUST THEIR GUT. Many great actors second guess the choices that their instrument, their instincts dictate. Many strong actors then get in their heads -- and make safer choices and their work suffers as a result.

Why? One word.


You start dissecting, start questioning -- "Is this choice too risky?", "Am I even right for this role?", "Maybe they want (fill in blank)", "Maybe they want more.", "Maybe they want less.", "Maybe they don't want me!". The monkeys start chattering in your head and the work is diluted as a result!

If you are second guessing your choices, your gut... if you change those organic "gut" choices, it is my strong opinion that your work is suffering as a result and you are costing yourself jobs, roles and great performances.

So -- I want to spend a day with a few actors who need me to help them get out of their heads and back to trusting their gut!

This workshop is very simple. You show up with NOTHING prepared. I will supply you with two roles during the day, one will be a short monologue and one will be an "under 5" scene with a reader. I will guide you through making fast, from-the-gut, risk-taking, STRONG choices. You will then have 20 minutes to go out, work on the material, then return with one rule -- YOU CANNOT CHANGE THE CHOICES that you've made FROM YOUR GUT in our rapid-fire decision making process.

I will start the day with a 30-minute lecture/discussion, but yes, you may come and go as you need during the day and certainly will benefit by coming to just part of the day and working your scenes when you are available.

All ages and all levels are welcome.

The Trust Your Gut Workshop was the best workshop I have ever taken-anywhere; allowed us to be completely free to experiment! I can't wait for more workshops."
- Tracie Foster

"Working with Del is always a "Trust Your Gut-Get Out Of Your Head" experience."
- Kathy Jordan

"Del: Any workshop you have in Dallas, just go ahead and sign me up. Your class, "Trust Your Gut" has helped tremendously! I've only been acting for about 3 months now, and your class helped establish good audition habits right out of the gate. I've already landed one documentary for the History Channel, and am currently acting in my first play. Thanks again!" - Eric Hanson


Workshop #3


Sunday September 29th - 9am - 6pm
Cost: $155.00

I love this workshop because I get to do what I love most - direct great actors! This is where you push yourself, choosing the scenes that challenge you!

This workshop is not for beginners. It's for those who are already working or feel that they are ready to work. If you feel that is you and you are ready to take your acting to yet another level, this is your workshop. Advanced youth are very welcome. Parents, just know language and scene content will not be censored.

As soon as the workshop is full, I will send you a list of your fellow actors. You will then email me up to six people on that list that you would like to work with. Or, you can simply ask me to choose your partner. I will team you up with a scene partner. The goal -- get outside your comfort zone. (If you and your scene partner want to do a multi-character scene with more than the two of you, then you choose that/those actor(s) from the workshop list and that's a bonus scene for that actor. If you don't have a preference or don't know the other actors, I'll choose for you. AND, very important - if there is someone you don't want to work with, you may tell me that in confidence, no questions asked. AND, if you want to sign up as scene partners, choosing that great actor you want to work with, that is fine too.

You will choose the scene together. It should be no longer than 10 minutes and IT SHOULD CHALLENGE YOU. I will then direct you. The goal? To make that next break-through in your acting. Stronger choices, taking risks, being a fool, getting rid of those nerves, claiming your star power. And of course, career advice and inspiration. And you will work your craft!

Although there are never rules about being in class except for your scenes, I would advise you to be there as much as possible. You will learn as much or more by watching your fellow actors -- and I promise, there is going to be some amazing work in this one!

IMPORTANT NOTE: I've had flakes sign up for scene study in the past, dropping out right before, putting their scene partners and me in a horrible scramble. DO NOT sign up if you are not 100% committed to this. If you can't rehearse, if you are lazy, if you are flake -- DO NOT SIGN UP!

"Del reminded me of an important rule in acting: F**k it! Del Shores' classes are a must!"
- Hannah Morris

"I don't know even how to put into words how much I love going to any Del Shores workshops! I always leave feeling re-inspired and motivated. The breakthroughs I've had are priceless." - Jennifer Pilarcik

"Del has a way of making each and every actor in the group feel as though he is coaching directly to you! His coaching style is relaxed,extremely encouraging, and lots of fun! I did not want the day to end!" - Sheril Rodgers

"Del, your workshops are fun and insightful. I have to say that you really know how to push your students. Thank you, so much, for letting us play!" - Cassie Shea Watson

"Del's workshops are the best. He's not only supportive, warm and funny, but he makes you examine your process thoughtfully and encourages you to find an effective and fun process that suits you, rather than making you conform to one method." - Zoe Kerr

CANCELLATIONS: There are no refunds for actors cancellations for these workshops. You may sell your ticket to another actor, however you will need to notify us immediatatley so we can get materials to your replacement.

Del Shores is the writer/director/producer of the films Sordid Lives, Blues for Willadean and upcoming Southern Baptist Sissies. He wrote and executive produced the MGM feature Daddy's Dyin'...Who's Got The Will?.  All of his films are based on his award-winning plays. In television, he wrote, directed, executive produced and created the LOGO series, Sordid Lives: The Series. He also wrote and executive produced Showtime's groundbreaking Queer As Folk for the last three seasons, wrote and produced for Dharma & Greg, Ned & Stacey and Touched By An Angel. He has directed Academy award winner Octavia Spencer; Grammy award winner Olivia Newton-John; Emmy award winners/nominees Beau Bridges, Delta Burke, Leslie Jordan, Bonnie Bedelia, Bobbie Eakes, Patrika Darbo and Rue McClanahan; Spirit award winner Dale Dickey; Screen Actor's Guild award winner Beth Grant; as well as Caroline Rhea, Debby Holiday and David Steen. As a performer, Shores has performed over 150 times in his three national standup tours and stars in the upcoming film Cry.