August 1, 2017:  Year 7; Edition 15
NOVA Open 2017 CONVENTION DATES: August 31 - September 3
Games Workshop to Host Studio Preview

80/250 Tickets Remain
 Must Reserve Free Ticket Now
Pre-Con Sellout Expected!

Games Workshop's Andy Smillie, Pete Foley and members of the Warhammer Community team will host the second Games Workshop preview of 2017 and the first since the new edition of Warhammer 40,000.
  Find out about what's next - from new miniatures and rules to an exciting community announcement. You'll also have the chance to be among the first in the world to play a demo of another brand-new game. If you only attend one seminar this at this NOVA Open, it should be this one.

The seminar will take place, Wednesda y, 30 Aug 2017 from 7:30-10:30 pm, at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City on the Third Floor.  Must have a Convention Access Pass (Day pass, CAP or SuperNOVA Pass) to attend the seminar. Lock in your ticket by pre-registering.

Register Today for this Free Seminar at:

Registration/Check-In desk will open no later than 6:00pm for attendees to pick up their access pass and seminar ticket.
In This Issue:
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Update for Warhammer 40,000
GT & Codex Legalization

The Warhammer 40,000 Grand Tournament is seeing record sales with the release of 8th Edition. Pay careful note to the 40K GT/Invitational Primer for finalization of rules, missions, and tweaks for the event. Codex: Space Marines will be used for the event. 

NOVA Open will alert all registered 40K attendees of any such breaking news and/or changes to formalized rulings. Review newsletters / Watch for emails.
NEW: X-Wing US National Championship 
Important Waitlist Information ~ Please Read
If you are on the waitlist for either (or both) Heats of the X-Wing US National Championship Tournament at NOVA Open 2017, please review the following carefully.

At events the size of the X-Wing US National Championship, there tend to be a few players who don't show up to play. With that in mind, we will be filling any seats left vacant (by people who don't show up) with those on the waitlist. 

If you are on a waitlist for the X-Wing National Championship Tournament at NOVA Open 2017, and might be interested in claiming the spot of a "no-show" on the morning of either Heat 1 or Heat 2, this is the information you will need:
  1. You must already have a account and be in possession of your Convention Access Pass (CAP).
  2. You must be inside the Regency Ballroom and near the judges' table at least 30 minutes before the scheduled start time of the tournament.
  3. Once event check-in ends, and a determination of no-shows is made, we will be calling the names on the waitlist (in waitlist order) to begin filling slots vacated by no shows.
  4. If your name is called, you must respond immediately or the judges will move on to the next person on the waitlist.
  5. If your name is called, you should be prepared to pay for the event ($35) and to start play immediately.
Please note:  You may only play in one, not both heats.  Also, should any vacancies occur before August 29, our Registrar (Marti Seraphin) will fill them by reaching out to those on the waitlist - in order - before the convention.

If you are currently on a waitlist, and know that you are no longer interested, please take a quick moment to let us know. This will give Marti the chance to remove you from the wait ist, allowing others to move up and limiting the number of names being called in that short 30 minutes before play begins. 

Your cooperation is appreciated.  Please contact  with questions about this process.
NEW: Ten (10) Days Only!
NOVA Heresy T-Shirt for Charity

Marc Raley, NOVA Open's 30K Lead, has designed a  special t-shirt which is being PRE-SOLD now!  This sale will only last for the (10) more days, so don't hesitate!

Order yours today and pick it up at registration when you arrive.  The cost of the shirt is $20. Proceeds from each sale will be donated to the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF), an organization dedicated to demonstrating the generosity and social commitment of tabletop wargamers around the world.  Order your shirt today HERE!

A few additional shirts may be available for purchase at the NOVA Open, but sizes cannot be guaranteed.  Don't miss out on the NOVA Heresy T-shirt!
Details Regarding Purchases of Forge World
Products at NOVA Open 2017

Forge World 
pre sales  are going well, and you don't want to miss your opportunity to ensure you get all the models you want when you show up at NOVA Open 2017. When checking out at the Forge World web store, you can list NOVA Open as your shipping destination, enabling you to pick the models up at the con with no shipping charges. Keep in mind this opportunity closes down in two weeks on August 15th, so don't delay!

Forge World will be at NOVA Open 2017. They will be bringing a wide selection of resin kits, Horus Heresy tomes, modeling products, books, event-only items, and a few potential new releases.  Located in the vendor hall in the corridor next to the Regency Hall, they will open for general sales starting Thursday, August 31st, at 10:00 am. NOTE: NOVA Open a ttendees will be limited to just one (1) "event-exclusive" item on Thursday.

Forge World will accept pre-orders for free delivery to NOVA Open 2017 (see comments above). Pre-orders are the best way to guarantee your products, plus you save shipping costs from the UK.  Watch upcoming NOVA Open newsletters for advance sales dates and instructions on how to place those orders in the near future.
Check out Forge World's complete catalog by visiting their website.
NEW: Lord of the Rings Sold Out
Working on Expansion - Join Waitlist
The Lord of the Rings GT sold out this week, and if you haven't seen the epic trophy being given away by Games Workshop for the event, check it out HERE. Based upon demand, the NOVA Open Team is hard at work to add a few more spots to the LotR GT, so make sure you add yourselves to the Waitlist if you're interested - waitlisters are first in priority for open spots when they happen.   

Please contact with questions or concerns.
NEW: Two Games Workshop Seminars Added
AoS GH2 & Shadespire, the Game

Late breaking news! Are you a fan of Age of Sigmar or  Games Workshop in general?! Get them while you can - two late seminar adds, and our last add for NOVA Open 2017. Both on Saturday, Sept. 5th, first learn all about the General's Handbook Two, with instructors including head of the GW design studio Pete Foley. Plus, hear some sneak peaks perhaps into the future of the Age of Sigmar. Then, check out all there is to know and learn about Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire with Andy Smillie and Shadespire head designer David Sanders. Course descriptions below, tickets available at
Warhammer Age of Sigmar: General's Handbook 2 and Beyond - In 2016, the first General's handbook revolutionized gaming in the Mortal Realms. With the 2nd annual installment now available, join the Warhammer Community and Games Workshop Studio Teams to talk about what the new book means for your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar. And the implications for the top tables of competitively matched play tournaments. They might even give you some hints about what else is on the immediate horizon for Warhammer Age of Sigmar ...

Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire - Hear first hand from the Games Workshop studio team behind Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire. In this sem
inar, Pete Foley - head of the Warhammer Studio - and Dave Sanders - Warhammer Underworlds: Shadespire's lead designer - will talk about their vision for this original new game and answer your questions.

Update for Age of Sigmar
Moving Forward
Everyone is excited about the General's Handbook 2017 coming out in August. Considering that most attendees have already spent considerable time planning, testing, painting, and preparing for the AoS events at NOVA Open, and since the new General's Handbook will not be released the very first weekend of August, we don't want to shift to the new hotness so soon before the convention, so we will be sticking to the original General's Handbook for the GT and doubles events.

There are other events running throughout the four (4) days at NOVA Open 2017, including six (6) separate but linked events in our grand narrative.  There will also be tables available for open gaming throughout the weekend where players are welcome to try out the new additions and changes to the game.  We also still have space in the KidsHammer event on Saturday-Sunday which will be a great opportunity for parents to be involved with their children ages 10-15 to dive into the hobby with build & painting lessons, gaming instruction, and a chance to play in a casual tournament format.

Don't forget about the NOCF charity lounge where players can relax after the games and discuss the new possibilities of the General's Handbook 2017, and if you're playing in the doubles event on Friday you might find yourself across the tabletop from Andy Smillie and Pete Foley playing on a team together. We hope you enjoy the last big event using the framework of the original General's Handbook with good company and a great time of gaming and socializing.
Update for Blood Bowl
Um, a Little Eating of the Crow
New fields needing fresh meat and bones! Avoid the steaming divots.

But first a correction! In our previous posting there was mention that  Extraordinary and Mutation skills could not be taken at all.  A little bit of crow is to be nibbled since we've come to learn that if  a team/player may normally take Mutations as they MAY STILL DO SO(Chaos  Pact, Nurgle,  Underworld, Skaven, Chaos) as noted under the rules for  Team Building in the Primer.  Please forgive us for the confusion.

On to the good news!  Every year it seems like we get more players than the last and every  year we wonder if we'll run out of pitches to play on!  This year GW has a whole new line of fancy new pitches to play on  featuring a 34mm square for players with the new extra large bases to  fit into.

We're pleased to announce an all new set of game boards added to the  pile this year.
These new pitches come with deluxe integrated Dugouts for both teams with  all the expected luxuries.  There are clear and easily reached Turn counters and yes even a single  set of templates for both coaches to use.  No more of that "but it's pointed THAT way on my dugout" chatter.  ...but wait! There's more!  Each newly anointed pitch is also fully loaded with passing  range-finder charts in easy-to-see areas.

All this awaits every lucky coach that stands up and joins the lists  this year in either Bloodbowl tournament Don't be the last one on your block! Act now! Time is limited!
Dark Age Narrative Scenario
Ready, Set & Go

Following Amabilia's assault on the city of New Ashkelon by utilizing CORE technology, the Prevailer Council decided that it was best to strike the CORE while it was weakened. With the Dragyri wrapped up in their political issues after determining a new Grand Arbiter, the immediate threat had been quelled. The Council decided that striking at a recently discovered CORE fuel depot would deal the most critical blow and buy them time for a more coordinated assault. Upon arriving, the attackers realized they hadn't been the only ones with this idea. Rather than fight amongst themselves, the varied factions decided to forego their mutual malice and destroy the threat threat they had all come to face.

The enemy, however, had seen them coming and had fortified themselves against the onslaught. Protecting the CORE's vital fuel resources was top priority, and they would use everything at their disposal to stop the coalition forming at their gates.

  • During Battlefield Set-Up, divide the board into 4 equal 2'x4' sections vertically. This scenario is played on a 4'x8' board (but can be adapted to smaller forces). Each section will have a Dividing Line which extends the length of the board. This line is invisible, but is used for Deployment Zones and Battlefield Set-Up.
  • Each Player's Deployment Zone extends 12" from the board edge, and stops at the dividing line created during Battlefield Set-Up. The Attackers are not so friendly as to intermingle before the battle starts, and the Defenders are trying to provide equal protection to the fuel depot.
  • Place 1 Fuel Tank terrain piece (a BL3 marker will do if no suitable terrain piece is available) within each section 4" from the long board edge, and 12" from the Dividing Line. These Terrain Pieces have the Impassible, Heavy Cover, and Blocks Line of Sight keywords.
  • Terrain should be fairly dense, with fortifications of some variety on the Defender's side of the table.
  • Attacker Models with the Infiltrate ability may not deploy with that ability, but rather have a special effect on the scenario.
  • Victory Points are not awarded in this scenario. Instead, if the Attackers manage to destroy 3 of the Fuel Tanks, and are not subsequently wiped out, it is potentially a Minor Victory. The game is played until all 4 Fuel Tanks are destroyed, or until time runs out.
  • The Defender's goal is simply to protect the Fuel Tanks by wiping out the opposition. If they manage to destroy all enemy Characters before time is called, they have broken the moral of the coalition and they are forced to fall back. If there are no enemy Characters present, they must destroy all of the Highest Point Cost Models in the Attacker's Roster.
  • If 3 of the Fuel Tanks have been destroyed and the Attackers are wiped out, the the scenario is a Minor Victory for the Attackers. If all 4 Fuel Tanks are Destroyed, then the scenario is a Major Victory for the Attackers. If Less than 3 Fuel Tanks are Destroyed when time is up, or if all Enemy Characters have been destroyed, the Defenders Score a Major Victory.
  • After Deployment, each Player nominates a Non-Character model to carry a Bomb Token. A model with a Bomb Token may spend 1AP while in contact with a Fuel Tank to arm the Bomb. A model in contact with a Fuel Tank that has a Bomb attached to it may spend 1 AP to set the timer. During the Preparation Phase of the following Round, any Bomb with a set timer explodes. Any model within 3" of the Fuel Tank is immediately removed from play. The Fuel Tank is considered Destroyed.
  • The Bomb Token may be carried by any model on the Attacker's force, even across different players, but is assigned to a Non-Character model during Deployment. If a model carrying a Bomb Token is killed or removed from play, before removing the model from play, place a 30mm Token in contact with the mode's base. Any model may move over the Bomb Token and pick it up for free. Dying models are treated as killed for the purposes of placing the Bomb Token.
The CORE AI mustered several available forces to combat the Defenders, but has sent additional reinforcements to ensure victory. However, these are programmed only with the most basic protocols, and thus are not controlled directly by the Defenders. It's possible that the Attackers have even thwarted the attempt with advance scouts.
  • At the beginning of the Preparation phase at the start of Round 2, the Defenders (or the Event Organizer) chooses 3 pieces of terrain within No Man's Land and places 2 Menial Bots in contact with each of these terrain pieces.
  • At the beginning of the Preparation phase at the start of Round 3, the Defenders (or the Event Organizer) chooses 3 pieces of terrain within No Man's Land and places 1 Pathfinder MK1 in contact with each of these terrain pieces.
  • These models activate during the Preparation Phase, and will follow the following procedure, looping the steps as necessary until all AP are spent.
1. Spend AP Moving towards the nearest Enemy Model.
2. Spend AP to make a Charge against the nearest Enemy Model.
3. Spend AP making melee attacks against the nearest Enemy Model.
  • If multiple enemy models are equidistant, then one of the Defending Players chooses which model to move towards or attack.
  • Defender Infiltrators may deploy as normal.
  • Attacker Infiltrators deploy with the rest of the force, but each Infiltrator in the Attacker's combined force makes a PS check. For each success, the CORE Reinforcements are delayed by a Round. (Menials show up on Round 3 with one success, etc...) The Attackers have managed to disable security systems, booby trap pathways, or the like to keep the CORE bogged down long enough.
Find the Dark Age Narrative as well as links for the primer on NOVA Open's website:
NOCF 2017 Summer Army Raffles
Gamers Supporting Great Charities
Help Make it the Best Fundraiser Yet!

1. Speartip of the Warmaster - CLICK HERE

2. Hammer of the Omnissiah - CLICK HERE

3. The Golden Dynasty - CLICK HERE

4. Organa's Angel - CLICK HERE

5. Stryker's Irregulars - CLICK HERE

6. Orcs vs Humans - CLICK HERE

7. The Farmer's Guild - CLICK HERE

8. Monty's Desert Rats - CLICK HERE

9. Rommel's Afrika Korp - CLICK HERE

10. 2017 Model's/Collectibles - PICK & CLICK

Food Trucks at NOVA Open 2017
Favs Return; Spaces for New Trucks Remain!

Check out our returning trucks below. Spaces remain for more trucks. Share our email with your favorites in the DC Metro Area:  

Ada's Kitchen - Ada's Kitchen On Wheels is a mobile soul food truck based in Washington, DC, serving hearty fried chicken, Jambalaya, fried fish, and classic pulled pork and coleslaw sandwiches filled with the best down south inspired ingredients, traditional homemade sides and signature lemonade iced tea drinks.   Our home-styled menu offers something for everyone! 

DC SlicesDC Slices is a mobile pizza kitchen bringing great pizza to Washingtonians, tourists, and anyone that loves a fresh, hot slice. We use fresh rolled dough, homemade sauce, hand grated cheeses, flavorful toppings: our pizza is baked right inside the truck and served to you as it comes out of the oven.

Halal KitchenWe are not your ordinary HALAL truck. Our food is made fresh daily with devotion and passion. Our best seller is our MEAT LOVERS Combo Platter with special white sauce and a little hot sauce. Stop by our truck and enjoy lunch the right way!

Healthy FoolHealthy Fool is all about eating good healthy food..we can't change the world .. however we can help each individual to start eating Healthy.

Pure Pasty  -  Pure Pasty serves organic, cornish pasties in Arlington, VA.  They opened a store at 128C Church Street NW, Vienna, VA and only seem to bring out the cart for festivals and events.
Terrain Build July 23, 2017
The Last of the Season

Saturday, July 23, 2017, was an amazing day for building terrain! In advance, we want to thank everyone who showed up and helped - as well as all the unseen heroes that make the terrain builds and the NOVA Open so successful.  

We had tall orders going into the weekend: 341 pieces of terrain to paint and 600 small wall sections from Tectonic Craft Studios (
Link Here) to assemble and paint. We managed to get all 341 terrain pieces painted to a tabletop standard, and we actually were able to assemble all of the TCS walls - and even got most of those painted before the weather dictated that we were done painting for the year.

A summer storm rolled in around 3 o'clock, blowing terrain off of tables and almost sending our sun shade to Oz! We quickly stopped all production and scrambled to get all outside activities cleaned and packed up. We were not defeated . . . instead, we simply moved activities inside where we concentrated on getting the TCS terrain finished.  Less than half of the TCS walls are unpainted, but since they look pretty good au natural, we felt confident we could get away with using them "as is" this year and hit them early in 2018.

Lunch was served around noon: delicious sandwiches, fruit and Cesar Salad. Cookies and cake for dessert. The Sandwiches were awesome, and a little cake never hurt no one, right?!

Dan Cotrupe, from Tectonic Craft Studios, drove down from New York to be in attendance. He personally delivered 500+ wall sections, brought extra workers, and stood shoulder-to-shoulder with NOVA Open volunteers to complete the task.  He also brought prize giveaways! We paused almost hourly to hold raffles; if you were in attendance, your name went into the box. The longer you stayed, the better chance you had of winning. This was inspiring, and we are considering making Dan and other vendors/sponsors a regular part of terrain builds next year.
At the end of the day, we worked just shy of 5:00pm on the nose. It was a long day, but a Prodigious amount of work was completed.  Hats off to all who attended ~ and thank you for being part of the NOVA Open.  We couldn't do it without all of us.
Below are a few pictures of our winners. Sorry, in advance, if I missed your photo op. Maybe next year?  See you at NOVA Open soon!

NOVA Open Tabletop Olympics:
Show Your Team Spirit

The Tabletop Olympics is a NOVA Open program which provides attendees with an opportunity to join forces with their local buddies and convention-traveling companions to compete for honor and fame. Together, teams can accumulate achievements while individual players can amass points. Either way, achievements accumulate at each NOVA Open and over successive conventions to keep the competition alive and well.
As long as you are registered, you can join a named team at no charge. NOVA Open's convention system will automatically calculate and accrue your individual and team points, plus add bonuses for certain accomplishments like winning tournaments. Everything you do at a NOVA Open earns you points: seminars, hobby events, organized casual or narrative play, and tournament play. Most points are based on participation and time (e.g., a 2-day event will generally award a proportionally larger number of points than a 1-day event). The names of the highest achievers each year are inscribed upon NOVA's Tabletop Olympics Golden Cup to immortalize their achievements for all time.
The Tabletop Olympics also provides the first in a planned future of opportunities for team players whether they share interests or not. Every team member can connect their accomplishments and competitions across different event genres and types. Friends and club mates join together as a team, earning points and accolades for their experiences at the NOVA Open as a whole, connecting and normalizing earnings and experiences - regardless of event type or game system.
If you have any questions about the program, please email We look forward to seeing everyone's team spirit at NOVA Open 2017!
Go Back to Your Cart & Fill Your Schedule!

The NOVA Open team has worked with many parent companies and individuals to bring you new and exciting seminars and tournaments; make sure you pick up your tickets today.  Looks like sell-outs across the con!
  •  Guild Ball Tournaments to include:
    • Championship Qualifier
    • Welcome to the Pitch
    • Doubles
    • Homeland Cup
  • Bolt Action Tournament
  • Konflict '47 Tournament
  • Beyond the Gates of Antares Tournament
  • Dark Age Doubles Tournament (first of its kind event)
  • 40K Narrative Apocalypse  
  • Lighting Seminars from Poweredplay Gaming to Include:
  • Seminars from James Wappel to include
  • Games Workshop Painting Seminars with Duncan Rhodes
  • Shapeway seminar: Design Requirements & Painting Options for Miniatures Wargaming
  • X-wing Seminars from Lightcraft Miniature Studio
  • FFG Sponsored Destiny Seminars
  • Steamforged Seminars
  • Seminars from Matt DiPietro
  • Lord of the Rings Tactics Seminar
If you have not registered for these seminars, tournaments, and events, visit the  NOVA Open store  to take a look at them and register today. 
NOVA Open Vendor Hall
New & Returning Vendors - AWESOME!
Many of the best companies in the miniature industry will be at NOVA Open 2017 giving you a chance to purchase their products, peruse new releases and meet representatives from some of your favorite hobby manufacturers and suppliers. Some will also be offering pre-sales for pick up at NOVA Open; watch for details on July 1 in our next newsletter. In the meantime, get ready to shop:
Hobby, Display, and Lecture Seminars
NOVA Open 2017 Has Them All

As long-time NOVA Open attendees know, we host an extensive range of seminars with award-winning instructors who will help take your hobby skills to the next level. Whether you're a new hobbyist wanting to improve your painting or a veteran wanting to create MDF terrain or add lighting to your models, we have a full line-up of seminars to choose from.

  • Roman Lappat is teaching a daily introduction to display painting seminar, color theory, blending, painting a bust in atmosphere, building a display base, and painting OSL.
  • James Wappel is teaching the shaded basecoat technique, painting with Reaper Miniatures clear paints, building a solid base, and painting historical vehicles.
  • CK Studios is teaching a full range of airbrushing classes to include a basic class on getting started, finishing techniques, large models provided by Warlord Games), painting black/white, blending, and painting non-metallic metals.
  • Shapeways is providing a discussion on design requirements and printing options for miniature wargaming.
  • Steamforged Games is starting with a free seminar on the company's future and offering a seminar on painting a model in two hours.
  • Matt DiPietro is teaching painting artistic flesh tones, sketch style painting for gaming, and two-brush blending.
  • Stiff Neck Studios is teaching speed painting where students will learn this technique to provide high standard paint jobs for their miniatures.
  • LightCraft Miniature Studios is teaching intro to painting Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Miniatures and advanced oil wash techniques for X-Wing Miniatures.
  • Dan Cotrupe is teaching advanced MDF scenery, filling a table, and painting on wood.
  • Joe Kopena is teaching an intro to 3D modeling and printing for miniature wargaming.
  • PoweredPlay Gaming is teaching introduction to lighting, advanced lighting techniques, artistic implementation of lighting, lighting a model or display board, and the basics of DC circuitry theory.
  • Sam Jeffery and Daniel Entwisle are discussing Lord of the Rings tactics and list building.
Many seminars have sold out, make sure you get on the wait list in case spots open up this summer. You can see more information on the seminars at

Introducing NOVA Open Hobby Haven
Brought to You by The Army Painter!

For years, hobbyist and painters have gathered in various places throughout the NOVA Open to paint their models, socialize with fellow hobbyists, and exchange techniques. In 2017, the NOVA Open will introduce Hobby Haven, a large, general-use painting area with painting supplies, on the second floor of the Hyatt Regency. The area is intended to form a central, social hub, which provides opportunity for casual interaction and impromptu teaching of painting and artistic techniques.  

The NOVA Open is proud to announce that Hobby Haven is being brought to life through the sponsorship of THE ARMY PAINTER!  The Army Painter will be supplying Hobby Haven with all the art supplies we could have imagined - primers, paints, brushes, tools, basing materials and more.  

Visit The Army Painter website today and help us thank Bo for sponsoring this new project at NOVA Open!  Email questions to .
Volunteer: You, Your Family & Friends!
Watch for an Email This Week

We'll be sending our staff schedule to volunteers for sign up in the next couple of weeks. Look for it if you're on the list; let us know if you'd like to be added.  

The NOVA Open is a full 4-day convention with a move-in day on Wednesday, August 30th, and a move-out day on Monday, September 4th.  Strongman support staff is needed for move-in and move-out: seriously, the NOVA Open moves out of seven storage units in two massive trucks into 68,000 square feet of convention space; every bit of help given allows NOVA Open to grow as the greatest East Coast TTWG event in the US!

Non-player staff (aka significant others, parents, family, children) needed to cover three daily shifts at registration, store, raffle desks, gate receipts, SuperNOVA desk, halls, Hobby Haven, seminar rooms and more.  Anyone willing to join the Photography stable is also a hot sought-after commodity!  

Make Friends for Life:  We'll keep you busy while you're having the Best Time of Your Life (feel free to insert music/lyrics into your head here)!

If you have questions or want to sign up, email: .
Can You be a $500 Sponsor?

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF) Lounge occupies a large suite at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City hotel during the annual NOVA Open Convention. It is staffed by volunteers for the NOCF and proceeds support the continued work of the Foundation, as well as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The NOCF could not have predicted the Foundation Lounge would become so integral to the NOVA Open Convention experience. Help underwrite the costs of stocking the bar, providing food and renting space for this event by becoming a $500 donor. Enjoy the thanks and tax deductible nature of helping out! 

Don't hesitate!  Contact the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation today:
Hotel Options
Hyatt, Renaissance, Residence Inn, Hilton




2017 NOVA Open Games/Events
Check Regularly for Updates

Primers can change up until and after registration, and leads are highly responsive to commentary and input.

E-Mail  with your thoughts or questions.   Click any event title to see their specific event page on .


BLOOD BOWL                                    BOLT ACTION
CAPITAL PALETTE                             DARK AGE 
FIRESTORM ARMADA                        GUILD BALL 
INFINITY                                           KONFLICT 47

LORD OF THE RINGS                         MALIFAUX     

STAR WARS: ARMADA                       STAR WARS: DESTINY  

WARHAMMER 30K                            WARHAMMER 40K      

WRATH OF KINGS                              X-WING

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