February 15, 2017:  Year 7; Edition 04
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NOVA Open 2017 CONVENTION DATES: August 31 - September 3
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2017 Registration News

In the first days of registration last year,   300 people signed up for the NOVA Open, kicking us toward our biggest year to that point. In the first days of 2017 registration, that number more than doubled . . .  and we couldn't be more excited!

What this means for you as a prospective attendee, however, is that you'll want to take a hard look at the events you're planning on attending and sign up for them sooner than you might have historically. Space is much more limited than it's been in the past as a result of this unprecedented increase in attendance.

As part of helping you prepare, we wanted to share some insight on a few events and items that are either sold out or nearly sold out after just a few days of registration...

We doubled the seats available from last year so that we could host the 2017 FFG X-Wing U.S. National Championship. We have 256 seats for this event, but those spaces are already nearly gone. Over 200 players have already signed up.
The same can be said for Star Wars: Destiny. Despite being a brand-new game, over 80% of our 128 spots have   already been   sold. Don't miss out on snagging one of the last 20 or so seats remaining.

In terms of Warhammer 40,000 and 30,000, our registrations are quite literally double what they were at this point last year in nearly every event, including headliners like the 30K Escalation and 40K GT events, the long-running 40K Trios event, our Narrative event paths, and ... again, pretty much everything. Whether it's excitement over GW's "Gathering Storm" or the incredibly epic job done by our various event leads, the Grim Dark 31st and 41st Millenniums are looking packed already for the 2017 NOVA Open. It may also be the fact that Games Workshop is flying out to join us this year.

Some items are sold out, and we encourage you to hop on the wait lists before they grow too long. Examples of already-sold-out events and items include: SuperNOVA Passes (These sold out in literally seconds, and the wait list exceeds 50 at this point); Roman's Blending School; Painting a Bust in Atmosphere; Painting OSL; The Shaded Basecoat Technique; and the 40k Narrative Nightfight Ala Carte tickets for Nights 2 and 3. The 40K Narrative "All Nights" Nightfighter tickets are down to only one remaining.

Our "First 400" Convention Access Passes to receive Premium Swag Bags all sold out on the first night of registration. Furthermore, if you wait listed for SuperNOVA, please consider picking up a DwarfNOVA upgrade. Historically, very few (if any) people fail to show up for their SuperNOVA passes, so we do not encourage you to miss out on the DwarfNOVA upgrade purely in hopes of getting a SuperNOVA.

This was by a very wide margin our biggest opening yet, and we're well on our way to a NOVA Open of truly epic proportions. This has the staff more excited than ever before to put on an incredibly amazing weekend of fun, gaming, hobbying, partying, and raising funds and awareness for critical causes around the world. Sign up now!

Correction:  2017 NOCF Silent Auction

The Silent Auction ends at 2:00pm Sunday not 3:00pm
As a part of the  NOVA Open Charitable Foundation's commitment to supporting  charitable work through various fundraising opportunities, it organizes a Silent Auction each year which runs Thursday-Sunday at the NOVA Open convention. Attendees have the opportunity to bid on a wide range of unique and beautiful items such as armies, detachments, miniatures, terrain, and art pieces. A number of NOVA Open sponsors and vendors donate to the Silent Auction, as well, providing starter boxes, full paint sets, army transports and more. 

Proceeds from the Silent Auction support the   Breast Cancer Research and  Fisher House Foundations. Bidding starts Thursday and closes at 2:00pm EST on Sunday.  At 4:30pm, the lists of winners will be posted and items will be ready for payment and pick up.  Don't forget to buy tickets in the  NOCF online raffles   - need not be present to win those (will ship anywhere on the planet with a deliverable address!) novaopenfoundation.org

Terrain Season is Upon Us!
Volunteer with the NOVA Open Terrain Team This Year
The NOVA Open Terrain team is excited to announce th e  start of the 2017 terrain season where volunteers work together to build terrain for our game systems. This season is special for the team since it marks the return of Games Workshop to the NOVA Open since 2011. Given that, we want to show Games Workshop the best that our team has to offer, we will use new designs and aesthetics for 40K and Age of Sigmar terrain while giving old terrain facelifts for this year's convention. We will also be focusing on building terrain for other systems as we receive requests from our leads. 

We are looking for volunteers who have a good eye for detail who can help us with painting and building terrain this season. If you are interested, please contact customerservice@novaopen.com.

March 11th
March 25th
April 8th
April 22nd
May 13th
May 27th
June 10th
June 24th
July 15th

2017 NOVA Open Games/Events

Primers can change up until and after registration, and leads are highly responsive to commentary and input.

E-Mail  customerservice@novaopen.com  with your thoughts or questions.  

Click any event title to see their specific event page on  www.novaopen.com.

CAPITAL PALETTE                              DARK AGE  
FIRESTORM ARMADA                         GUILD BALL  
INFINITY                                          LORD OF THE RINGS  
MALIFAUX                                        STAR WARS: ARMADA   
WARHAMMER 40K                             WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR  
Pro-Order Now! 
Across the Multiverse Tour  2017 T-Shirt 
Pre-sale ends at midnight on May 1, 2017.

Pre-Order your NOVA Open Double-Sided Graphic T-Shirt when registration  opens at 7:00 pm TODAY! This is the best way to guarantee you have the size that works for you.  $25.00 at convention; limited quantities and sizes.

Possibly the best shirt design for NOVA Open so far; where will the Multiverse Tour take you?! Mike and Dewey worked with Andres Jimenez, a former NOVA Open intern, on these amazing graphics. Check out this amazing graphic artist/designer at:   https://andresdjimenez.com/ 

DwarfNOVA: Specially designed in maroon, comes in your Upgrade
SuperNOVA: Uniquely designed in blue, comes in your SuperNOVA Bag!
Pre-Order the 2017 Beer Mug

Beer Mug Presale  $18.00
Pre-sale ends at midnight on May 1, 2017.

Pre-Order the 2017 NOVA Open Beer Mug at registration TONIGHT! If you've been to every NOVA Open, this will be the 6th unique mug for your set.

Bring to Foundation Lounge and receive $1.00 off draft beers throughout the NOVA Open convention.  $20.00 at convention; limited quantities.

BloodBowl: Everything Old is New Again
Everyone is aware by now that Games Workshop (GW) has decided to finally re-recognize it  has the best board game on the Planet.  There was a moment or two of nervous anxiety this past November and then  the new GW kit was released with stunning new models, play board and all  the traditional trimmings. The great news is that 99.9% of the rules are  unchanged. Even the Deathzone supplement simply carried over most of the well known and thoroughly vetted rules we've all come to know and love. There are a couple things different to talk about in the new rulebook  though.

Piling-On looks like it's going to cost a Team Re-Roll for players now.  Love it or hate it this does swing the pendulum a tiny bit farther away  from the CLAWPOMB and that's not a bad thing in my book.

"Argue The Call" is once again part of the game. Coaches can freely air  their frustrations and the officials might even listen!  Gutter Runners seem to have found a new armorer with access to the  mysteries of Warpstone and due to an abundance of fresh young talent  inspired by daringly aggressive passing play many young humans have  driven the price of the average Catcher down significantly.

The GW BB2016 release will be used as our Rulebook-of-Record in order to  minimize confusion for those new to the game and learning from it  That doesn't mean Veteran coaches need to suffer since the GW release  schedule hasn't caught up to the game as we know it.  All previously released 24 official NAF approved teams are available and  legal for use in all NOVA Open events as well as the rules for them.

We do want to be very clear about this one thing: No Coach needs the new  rulebook(s)/kit to participate. The LRB6/CRP we've been using is  practically identical and fully functional for use in all NOVA Open  Blood Bowl events. Any differences that would affect Tournament play are  detailed in the Primer.

Next up: Team Generation - It just keeps getting better!

Charles Agel of Steamforged Games  Interview
Guild Ball North American Regional Championship & More at the NOVA Open 2017!

The NOVA Open always attracts exciting companies with compelling game systems, and NOVA Open 2017 is shaping up to be no different.  One of these great companies is Steamforged, whose flagship game Guild Ball is shaping up to be a major player in the sports miniatures world. 
NOVA Open staff recently spoke to Charles Agel from Steamforged about the company's exciting plans for NOVA Open 2017, including Guild Ball's North American Regional Championship, ways for new players to get involved in Guild Ball, and the upcoming Dark Souls board game based on FromSoftware's popular videogame series.
Q:  It seems like we're living in a golden age of sports miniatures games. With so many great options out there now, what makes Guild Ball coaches keep coming back to the pitch?
It's a combination of things. First you have the rules. They are easy to learn but rich, with enough depth and variety to make them a challenge to master. So the more you play, the more you get those "Aha!" moments where things just click, and before you know it, you're discovering ways to combo abilities or position players for these momentous, cinematic plays. On top of that, the game is packed with tons of choices, from the Guilds to your playstyle. Do you want a goal-scoring strategy or a take-out strategy or some hybrid combo? And that kind of variety and power of choice is so important when you want to pull players into your game. So far, we have nine different Guilds, each with their own aesthetic and playstyle for Guild Ball. Yes, many miniatures games do this, but what makes Guild Ball different is you only need six models for a full team. That lets our coaches really experiment with their rosters and frees them up to try different players or even other guilds without a huge cost.
Then, you have our production standards and model quality. We're all gamers at Steamforged, and we're dedicated to making our games the best in the industry. Recently, we created a brand-new board game plastic to make sure our materials could live up to our expectations for our two-player starter set, Kick Off!.
Q: The competitive Guild Ball scene is really heating up, we're excited to be hosting the final North American Regional Championship for the 2017 season at the NOVA Open.  How can coaches secure a spot to play for the title?
They should play in our Regional Qualifiers for the NOVA Open, which will be held between June 3 and August 19. Any coach who wins a Regional Qualifier will not only earn exclusive prizes but he or she will secure a spot in the Regional Championship. You can learn more about the Regionals in our blog , and be sure to follow our Facebook account for updates.
Q: For new players who are interested in fielding a team, what's the best way to get started playing Guild Ball?
Two words: Kick Off! It's literally everything you and a friend need to play a full game of Guild Ball in one box. You get two complete teams of pre-assembled board game plastic models (12 total!), two ball-markers, tokens for both teams as well as the condition tokens, tons of dice, a double-sided fold out pitch (that's not paper!), enough health dials for each player and mascot, two sets of movement widgets and templates, two victory point trackers, two goals, punch out terrain pieces, and a rule book! Then, crack open the box and watch the Guild Ball: How to Play series from Watch It Played. It's the perfect video-walkthrough to get you from unboxing to crushing face on the pitch.
Q:  Are there any exciting new teams or players taking the pitch in 2017?  What plans does Steamforged have for Guild Ball this year?
Steamforged fans have a lot of big, exciting things coming their way in 2017. We're kicking off the new season with two new players in January-Granite for the Masons and Pintpot for the Brewers-perfect additions to Kick Off!. For February, the Morticians get to welcome Brainpan & Memory to their teams, the Fishermen will see Hag's debut, and the bloody Butchers get to enjoy Veteran Ox, chains and all. By March, there will be the always toxic Crucible for the Alchemists, well-oiled Locus for the Engineers, and the mysterious new Union Captain (all will soon be revealed!).
If you've read through the strategy guide included in Kick Off! (or followed our Facebook page), chances are you've heard some rumblings about the Farmer's Guild. It just so happens they'll be releasing sometime in 2017. You'll just need to keep an eye out to find out exactly when that might be.  
Q:  I understand that Guild Ball has its own spinoff game as well.  What is Shadow Games all about?
Lies and backstabbing! (Knives not included.) Behind the scenes of Guild Ball, there's a lot of double crossing and politicking between the Guilds (think House of Cards meets HBO's Spartacus but with soccer) especially when it comes down to player recruitment. Why is it so sinister? Because top-notch talent means your Guild has an edge on the pitch, which means more money and power off the pitch! In Shadow Games, you compete against other guilds to try and be the first to recruit a new star player by stealing, bribing, and straight up lying. Alliances will be formed and broken, friendships will be tested, and you'll find out just how sneaky you can be. Fans of party and bluffing games will really have a blast playing it.
Q:  Is it possible for players to incorporate Shadows Games into league play?
Anything is possible in the Free Cities. We have not incorporated it yet, but the year is still young. If you think of a great way to do it or you have a particular craving for a new format, let us know on our Forums . Guild officials are always lurking.
Q:  Steamforged waded into the Kickstarter world last year with the Dark Souls board game based on FromSoftware's hit Dark Souls videogame.  How did this project come about?
Guild Ball was actually our Kickstarter premiere, and its success was a big part of the groundwork for the Dark Souls campaign. Our co-founder, Mat Hart, was an executive producer in the videogames industry, who worked on titles like Heavenly Sword and Devil May Cry. At one point, he had worked with Bandai Namco. After the success of Guild Ball, he bumped into a former colleague at a convention and everything just fell into place.
Q:  What is the gameplay like in Steamforged's Dark Souls?
Dark Souls™: The Board Game is a dungeon crawl for 1-4 players that is pure Dark Souls. It's brutal and teeming with iconic Dark Souls creatures from the grunts to the Titanite Demon. In the game, players explore tiles, battle enemies, collect loot, and level up their characters to fight increasingly difficult Encounters that culminate in an epic showdown with one of the infamous boss battles from the Dark Souls series. Much like the video game, death is expected. Each time a character falls in combat, the whole party must return to the bonfire, and all enemies reset-but die with purpose! You only have a set number of resets (known as 'Sparks') until you lose the game. These resets can help you improve your strategies and plans, especially if you've learned the enemy's specific attack patterns and weaknesses.
The boss fights are where players can really get their Dark Souls fix. Each boss has their own unique behaviour cards and special ability that capture the experience from the video game and give it new life on the table top. For example, one of our Mega Bosses (not included in the core game) Vordt has quite a few behaviour cards that take him across multiple nodes of the battlefield quickly, making him one of the most difficult bosses to corner in the board game. To make his battle tougher, he has the deadly combo of the frostbite and stagger conditions. Either one on its own will really slow you down, but both at once can truly shut down a character's efforts in battle. Combine these powerful debuffs with Vordt's own innate speed, and players will need to puzzle out how to defeat a foe who can drastically outmaneuver them.
You can read the rulebook online right now here for an early preview.
Q:  Will the game be available for NOVA Open 2017?  If so, do you plan on running any events for it?
We'll have to wait and see just how much table space we can get our hands on! All NOVA attendees can look forward to demoing the game and we hope to be able to expand the Full Game Experience (a 4-player run through that builds to a boss fight) to include Dark Souls. The game will also be available, but we except it will sell quickly, so be sure to visit us early.
Q:  The Miniatures for Dark Souls, and Guild Ball for that matter, are phenomenal.  What is your process from getting this fantastic figures from concept to table?
It all starts with the materials, whether it's resin, plastic, or metal. They're the raw ingredients that have a huge impact on the player's experience, and not all materials are created equal. Each has unique features that can accomplish specific objectives. Metals are great for detail but can be spindly. Plastics are softer but durable. We wanted a high level of detail that could do the Dark Souls art justice, but we also needed a material that could survive the wear and tear of play. To fit the bill, we invested in developing a new type of plastic to make sure they would meet our standards. This new plastic was first used for Kick Off!, and we were so thrilled with the results, we continued to develop it for Dark Souls.
Character-wise, the model begins with concept art. We work closely with an artist to capture the pose, clothing, armor, weapons, finer details, and a pose to bring their role and story to life on the tabletop. This goes through a few iterations, making sure the art and the models rules come together to tell the same story. Then, we put it in the hands of our talented 3D artists, who transform the concept art into a 3D render. During this process, adjustments are made to correct any posing or details that wouldn't work with the molds. Then the 3D printers spit out a prototype, one layer at a time, which we use to double check the work. When it's got the all clear, bam! It's off to the printer to be mass produced and shipped to the tables of eager gamers.
Q:  Does Steamforged have any other projects in the works that NOVA attendees should look forward to?
We absolutely do. We can't reveal much now, but we can say there is ever more work to be done.
Congratulations Henry Pentecost, Winner of "Burning of Prospero"

Henry Pentecost from Tokyo, Japan is the winner of "Burning of Prospero".   The NOCF thanks all of the people and players from around the world who participated in this raffle. Once again, you have joined forces to demonstrate the amazing generosity of the Compassionate Force - the worldwide community of tabletop wargamers!

  • 734 tickets were sold in less than one month
  • Over $3,600 was raised for Doctors Without Borders
  • Tickets were purchased by gamers in 38 states and 20 countries

Special thanks, also, to the amazing miniature artists responsible for the 48 models of Thousand Sons & Space Wolves. Look them up, visit their work on the web, and thank them in person should you ever have a chance to meet:  Damon Drescher,  Rich Erickson,  Jeff Jenkins,  Celso Mendez, Jr.,  David Pauwels,  Brian Sobb,  Dave Taylor,  Chris Borer.

Sincere appreciation also extended to our sponsors; your support in response to their generosity is just one more way to pay it forward!

NOVA Open Tabletop Wargaming Convention -  Dave Taylor Miniatures
NATFKA / FAEIT 212 -  KR Multicase
TNT Laser Works LLCĂ‚ 

2017 Seminar Line-Up

The 2017 seminar line-up is coming together with returning professional instructors and as well as new professional instructors, but the list of classes and list of instructors is still under development.  

We are making changes to our seminar descriptions to ensure attendees better understand the scope of each class.  This includes describing the focus of the seminar as either hobby or display painting.  Hobby painting will help students meet and exceed tabletop appearance judging standards while display painting will help students make that single model stick out and prepare them to enter a competition.  Both types of classes will help improve and refine anyone's painting.  Hands on classes will be another main theme for 2017 seminars.  This allows students to practice in real time.

You can see some of seminars being offered here.

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2017 Hotel Block Open: Book Early - No Risk!
The NOVA Open room rate rate is available for ten (10) nights.  Book your trip to Washington D.C., as early as the Saturday before and stay in town until the next Tuesday after NOVA Open. Turn your trip into a vacation. The room quality/rate being extended to our guests by the Hyatt is the best deal in the Metro DC area at that time of year. We encourage you to extend your stay. Visit the monuments on the Capitol Mall and tour the Smithsonian's museums. Hyatt shuttles and the Metro make it easy. Thanks for your interest in the NOVA Open and we look forward to seeing you this year!


  • Entire Hyatt Event Space in Use
  • Ever Increasing Number of Vendors in Regency Foyer!
  • Room Rates at $95
  • More Double rooms available in the NOVA Open Block
  • Cell Reception Available in All Areas of Hotel
  • 50% off Valet Parking
  • 20% off Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner at the Hotel Restaurant, Cinnabar - Show Your Convention Badge!
  • $4 Hyatt-Selected Beer for NOVA Open Guests THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE EVENT