July 15, 2017:  Year 7; Edition 14
NOVA Open 2017 CONVENTION DATES: August 31 - September 3
Games Workshop to Host Studio Preview

Selling Quickly - Must Reserve Free Ticket!

Games Workshop's Andy Smillie, Pete Foley and members of the Warhammer Community team will host the second Games Workshop preview of 2017 and the first since the new edition of Warhammer 40,000.
  Find out about what's next - from new miniatures and rules to an exciting community announcement. You'll also have the chance to be among the first in the world to play a demo of another brand-new game. If you only attend one seminar this at this NOVA Open, it should be this one.

The seminar will take place, Wednesda y, 30 Aug 2017 from 7:30-10:30 pm at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City (location of the convention). 

Attendees must sign up for the seminar at:

Attendees must have a Convention Access Pass (Day pass, CAP or SuperNOVA Pass) to attend the seminar. Additionally, attendees can pre-register for the seminar by signing up on the NOVA Open Store website The check-in desk will open no later than 6 pm for attendees to pick up their access pass and seminar ticket.
In This Issue:
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Special Terrain Day July 22nd with Dan Cotrupe, Tectonic Craft Studios

Dan Cotrupe, owner of Tectonic Craft Studios, is joining the Terrain Team on Saturday, July 22nd  for an exciting day of building, painting and giveaways!
Will there be One More Terrain Build or Two? 
That depends on you The more volunteers at this build, 
the better chance  it will be our last
Can you help us make that happen?!

There will be a Tectonic Craft Studio raffle drawing every hour, starting at 10am
The earlier you arrive, the more tickets you'll have in the drawings!

Bring Friends, Make Friends, Stay Friends
The best friendships made happen at NOVA Open events
Bring your airbrush and finishing tools - We're THAT close!

FREE FOOD & BEVERAGES (Adult & Otherwise)
Accomplish much and have a great time doing it! 
(Play all 8 Hours - Get Free T-Shirt)

YOUR RSVP IS IMPORTANT TO US EMAIL:  customerservice@novaopen.com

NOVA Open's Age of Sigmar Grand Narrative
Event Featured on Warhammer-Community.com

On Friday, July 7 th, Games Workshop's  warhammer-community.com website featured  an article about this year's NOVA Open Age of Sigmar Grand Narrative Event. The article, which was written by NOVA Open's own Age of Sigmar lead Aaron Bostian, discusses the aftermath of last year's Age of Sigmar Grand Narrative Event's fictional Dawnland that exists in the universe's Realm of Shadows. Aaron also gave readers an overview of the Grand Narrative Event's format and six events that will influence the development of the Dawnland setting for future NOVA Open Age of Sigmar events 
According to Aaron, the piece's publication reflects the game system's growth over the last two years at NOVA Open. Initially, Brian Prue and Aaron organized NOVA Open's first Age of Sigmar events with only six players. Despite the small size, the NOVA Open Age of Sigmar community's hard work to develop these events helped them grow into ones supported by Games Workshop and publicized on its websites. "We have new terrain and more tables and new events," he said, "and now the GW Warhammer-Community team published the article I wrote about the narrative event which we built on the structure of last year's narrative event!"
If you're interested in participating in the Age of Sigmar Grand Narrative Event and bringing the world of Dawnland to life, sign up on the NOVA Open  website. Tickets are still available for all six narrative Age of Sigmar events, including Path to Glory and the Ships of Renown. NOVA Open would like to congratulate Aaron and thank Games Workshop for supporting this year's convention and our work.

Star Wars Panels: Register for Both
Find Under 'Seminars' in Store   
Two (2) Star Wars panels have been added to the seminar line-up for NOVA Open 2017.  

Class size limit: 100
1.5 Hours
Seminar Focus: Special
Class Type: Lecture
Join us for this Star Wars: Destiny panel discussion as we talk about everything from the Dec. 1, 2016 launch of the game to the Sep. 1, 2017 US National Championship Tournament. Zach Bunn will moderate this discussion with panelists including Jeremy Zwirn (FFG Destiny Game Designer), Ruben Sanchez (The Chance Cube Podcast), Knights of Ren Podcast, and the first Destiny U.S. National Champion. 

Class size limit: 100
1.5 Hours
Seminar Focus: Special
Class Type: Lecture
In this panel, we will be discussing the competitive X-wing scene. We'll talk about everything from how competitive lists have evolved since 2012 to the panelists' experiences in the 2017 US National Championship. Aaron Utley will moderate this discussion with panelists including Frank Brooks (FFG X-wing Game Designer), Paul Heaver (3-time X-wing World Champion), Duncan Howard (3-time X-wing Regional Champion), Sean Dorcy (NOVA Open X-wing US National Championship Lead), and a top finisher in the Swiss Rounds of the US National Championship. 

If you want to attend one or both of these panels please register as soon as possible. If you have any questions about the program, please email customerservice@novaopen.com
NOCF 2017 Summer Army Raffles
Gamers Supporting Great Charities!
Tickets for Chances on Sale Now

NOCF has put together an incredible line-up for its 2017 Summer Raffles: Choose from nine (9) army offers and fourteen (14) breath-taking models! Follow links below to purchase tickets:

1. Speartip of the Warmaster - CLICK HERE

2. Hammer of the Omnissiah - CLICK HERE

3. The Golden Dynasty - CLICK HERE

4. Organa's Angel - CLICK HERE

5. Stryker's Irregulars - CLICK HERE
6. Orcs vs Humans - CLICK HERE

7. The Farmer's Guild - CLICK HERE
8. Monty's Desert Rats - CLICK HERE
9. Rommel's Afrika Korp - CLICK HERE
10. 2017 Model's/Collectibles - PICK & CLICK

Enjoy the Review from Bob Likins, NOVA Open Minister of Terrain!

Saturday (July 8th), I was able to attend my first terrain build at NOVA Open LLC's new corporate space. I must admit, I was skeptical about using large storage lockers rather than or traditional locations (volunteered garages), but I was impressed. The layouts is very straightforward and well organized. Unlike other places we have worked, this one actually felt like it belonged to us rather than on loan.

This opinion seems to be the consensus as I was repeatedly told how much folks enjoyed the new "digs." In almost every case, I pointed them to our Exec VP whose brain child this was. So thank you Laurie Brandt for pushing through on this despite our unfounded resistance!

The build itself went very well. We had a strong turn out - and nearly all stayed through to the finish. In total, we built more than 100 new terrain pieces and primed all of these plus everything else we had built so far this year!

We were also able to  get some paint on the new risers for our display cases. Folks who enter the CP this year will be able to see their work displayed better than ever before!

At one point, we had three airbrush stations going and a team working on flocking all the AOS terrain we have built this year.

We even had time to fix up some terrain from last year - including the amazing Ziggurat built for Age of Sigmar that will be making an appearance again in 2017! 

Lunch was prepared by part time chef and CEO of NOVA Open LLC, Mike Brandt.  Traditional July fare of hot dogs and hamburgers felt right. The cool thing was the cheese was already in the hamburgers! I had not had those before, so it was a real treat. The new NOVA Open Fridge was was well stocked with adult beverages and sodas - and of course lots of water!

Overall the day was amazing! Lots of critical projects were completed and we are ready for the final push on July 22nd. Speaking of that: The next terrain build will have a special guest and there will be a few surprises for some lucky volunteers.  I hope to see you there!

We are always looking for volunteers who either have a good eye for detail, or who would like to learn more about this side of the hobby. A lot of work is still required. If you want to be added to the volunteer staff shout out, please contact  customerservice@novaopen.com .

BloodBowl 2017: New Releases and Clarifications
The Games Workshop releases of Death Zone 1 & 2 have made a few tweaks to the  BloodBowl game as we know it.

There have been a couple roster tweaks but not many. The Chaos Pact and the Goblin teams got new positions made available to them.

There's been updates and additions to the Star Player list but no one's 
being left out.

All this has been expertly documented by our friends at The NAF and can  be found here:
...and as a NAF Sanctioned Tournament we'll be following these updates  closely.

The Primer has been updated to reflect this updated document also.

There is one line in the Primer for this year's Tournaments for which  we've received a couple questions.  In the "Slaughterday! Bonus Skill assignment" section there is a 
statement in bold reading:  " ** No Extraordinary skills nor Mutations upgrades can be taken"  This applies to every position on every team regardless of whether that  team/player could normally obtain them(doubles, etc.).  ...a sly coach might also notice this statement is suspiciously absent  from the Darkness Fouls roster building section...

and one final note:  The Inducements listed in the Primer remain the only ones allowed for  the tournaments.   ...but if you're brave enough to talk one of the friendly organizers 
into a side game... well then all bets are off...

Tabletop Olympics:  Show Your Team Spirit at NOVA Open 2017
The Tabletop Olympics is a NOVA Open program which provides attendees with an opportunity to join forces with their local buddies and convention-traveling companions to compete for honor and fame. Together, teams can accumulate achievements while individual players can amass points. Either way, achievements accumulate at each NOVA Open and over successive conventions to keep the competition alive and well.
As long as you are registered, you can join a named team at no charge. NOVA Open's convention system will automatically calculate and accrue your individual and team points, plus add bonuses for certain accomplishments like winning tournaments. Everything you do at a NOVA Open earns you points: seminars, hobby events, organized casual or narrative play, and tournament play. Most points are based on participation and time (e.g., a 2-day event will generally award a proportionally larger number of points than a 1-day event). The names of the highest achievers each year are inscribed upon NOVA's Tabletop Olympics Golden Cup to immortalize their achievements for all time.
The Tabletop Olympics also provides the first in a planned future of opportunities for team players whether they share interests or not. Every team member can connect their accomplishments and competitions across different event genres and types. Friends and club mates join together as a team, earning points and accolades for their experiences at the NOVA Open as a whole, connecting and normalizing earnings and experiences - regardless of event type or game system.
If you have any questions about the program, please email customerservice@novaopen.com. We look forward to seeing everyone's team spirit at NOVA Open 2017!

New Tournaments and Seminars at NOVA Open 2017
The NOVA Open team has worked hard again this year with many parent companies and individuals to bring you new and exciting seminars and tournaments; make sure you pick up your tickets for them now:
New events include:
  •  Guild Ball Tournaments to include:
    • Championship Qualifier
    • Welcome to the Pitch
    • Doubles
    • Homeland Cup
  • Bolt Action Tournament
  • Konflict '47 Tournament
  • Beyond the Gates of Antares Tournament
  • Dark Age Doubles Tournament (first of its kind event)
  • 40K Narrative Apocalypse  
  • Lighting Seminars from Poweredplay Gaming to Include:
  • Seminars from James Wappel to include
  • Games Workshop Painting Seminars with Duncan Rhodes
  • Shapeway seminar: Design Requirements & Painting Options for Miniatures Wargaming
  • X-wing Seminars from Lightcraft Miniature Studio
  • FFG Sponsored Destiny Seminars
  • Steamforged Seminars
  • Seminars from Matt DiPietro
  • Lord of the Rings Tactics Seminar
If you have not registered for these seminars, tournaments, and events, visit the  NOVA Open store  to take a look at them and register today. 

NOVA Open Vendor Hall
Many of the best companies in the miniature industry will be at NOVA Open 2017 giving you a chance to purchase their products, peruse new releases and meet representatives from some of your favorite hobby manufacturers and suppliers. Some will also be offering pre-sales for pick up at NOVA Open; watch for details on July 1 in our next newsletter. In the meantime, get ready to shop:
Hobby, Display, and Lecture Seminars
NOVA Open 2017 Has Them All

As long-time NOVA Open attendees know, we host an extensive range of seminars with award-winning instructors who will help take your hobby skills to the next level. Whether you're a new hobbyist wanting to improve your painting or a veteran wanting to create MDF terrain or add lighting to your models, we have a full line-up of seminars to choose from.

  • Roman Lappat is teaching a daily introduction to display painting seminar, color theory, blending, painting a bust in atmosphere, building a display base, and painting OSL.
  • James Wappel is teaching the shaded basecoat technique, painting with Reaper Miniatures clear paints, building a solid base, and painting historical vehicles.
  • CK Studios is teaching a full range of airbrushing classes to include a basic class on getting started, finishing techniques, large models provided by Warlord Games), painting black/white, blending, and painting non-metallic metals.
  • Shapeways is providing a discussion on design requirements and printing options for miniature wargaming.
  • Steamforged Games is starting with a free seminar on the company's future and offering a seminar on painting a model in two hours.
  • Matt DiPietro is teaching painting artistic flesh tones, sketch style painting for gaming, and two-brush blending.
  • Stiff Neck Studios is teaching speed painting where students will learn this technique to provide high standard paint jobs for their miniatures.
  • LightCraft Miniature Studios is teaching intro to painting Fantasy Flight Games X-Wing Miniatures and advanced oil wash techniques for X-Wing Miniatures.
  • Dan Cotrupe is teaching advanced MDF scenery, filling a table, and painting on wood.
  • Joe Kopena is teaching an intro to 3D modeling and printing for miniature wargaming.
  • PoweredPlay Gaming is teaching introduction to lighting, advanced lighting techniques, artistic implementation of lighting, lighting a model or display board, and the basics of DC circuitry theory.
  • Sam Jeffery and Daniel Entwisle are discussing Lord of the Rings tactics and list building.
Many seminars have sold out, make sure you get on the wait list in case spots open up this summer. You can see more information on the seminars at http://www.novaopen.com/seminars/.

Introducing NOVA Open Hobby Haven

For years, hobbyist and painters have gathered in various places throughout the NOVA Open to paint their models, socialize with fellow hobbyists, and exchange techniques. In 2017, the NOVA Open will introduce Hobby Haven, a large, general-use painting area with painting supplies, on the second floor of the Hyatt Regency. The area is intended to form a central, social hub, which provides opportunity for casual interaction and impromptu teaching of painting and artistic techniques.  

The NOVA Open is proud to announce that Hobby Haven is being brought to life through the sponsorship of THE ARMY PAINTER!  The Army Painter will be supplying Hobby Haven with all the art supplies we could have imagined - primers, paints, brushes, tools, basing materials and more.  

Visit The Army Painter website today https://www.thearmypainter.com/ and help us thank Bo for sponsoring this new project at NOVA Open!  Email questions to  customerservice@novaopen.com .

Volunteer Scheduling to Begin
We NEED You!

We'll be sending our staff schedule to volunteers for sign up in the next couple of weeks. Look for it if you're on the list; let us know if you'd like to be added.  

The NOVA Open is a full 4-day convention with a move-in day on Wednesday, August 30th, and a move-out day on Monday, September 4th.  Strongman support staff is needed for move-in and move-out: seriously, the NOVA Open moves out of seven storage units in two massive trucks into 68,000 square feet of convention space; every bit of help given allows NOVA Open to grow as the greatest East Coast TTWG event in the US!

Non-player staff (aka significant others, parents, family, children) needed to cover three daily shifts at registration, store, raffle desks, gate receipts, SuperNOVA desk, halls, Hobby Haven, seminar rooms and more.  Anyone willing to join the Photography stable is also a hot sought-after commodity!  

Make Friends for Life:  We'll keep you busy while you're having the Best Time of Your Life (feel free to insert music/lyrics into your head here)!

If you have questions or want to sign up, email:  customerservice@novaopen.com .
NOCF Charity Lounge Needs You!

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF) Lounge occupies a large suite at the Hyatt Regency Crystal City hotel during the annual NOVA Open Convention. It is staffed by volunteers for the NOCF and proceeds support the continued work of the Foundation, as well as the Breast Cancer Research Foundation.

The NOCF could not have predicted the Foundation Lounge would become so integral to the NOVA Open Convention experience. Now that it has, we are turning to you, the generous companies and individual donors who support its charitable work. In return for acknowledgement and some of the best ad placement at the NOVA Open, we are seeking five donors per day for the five days of operation. Your generous contributions are tax-deductible, will underwrite the high costs of running the Lounge, and will add significantly to the amount of funds the NOCF is able to contribute to charity in 2017.

Five Levels of Sponsorship

Stock the Bar: $500
Choose Wednesday - Sunday
Wells & Calls: $400
Choose Wednesday - Sunday
Signatures & Bottles: $300
Choose Wednesday - Sunday
Catering Fund: $250
Choose Wednesday - Sunday
Keg + 2 Hours of Raffles: $200
Choose Wednesday - Sunday

Don't hesitate!  Contact the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation today: novacharities@gmail.com
Details Regarding Purchases of Forge World
Products at NOVA Open 2017

Pre-Orders begin July 15 and end August 15, 2017

Forge World will be at NOVA Open 2017. They will be bringing a wide selection of resin kits, Horus Heresy tomes, modeling products, books, event-only items, and a few potential new releases.  Located in the vendor hall in the corridor next to the Regency Hall, they will open for general sales starting Thursday, August 31st, at 10:00 am.  NOTE: NOVA Open a ttendees will be limited to just one (1) "event-exclusive" item on Thursday.

Forge World will accept pre-orders for free delivery to NOVA Open 2017. Pre-orders are the best way to guarantee your products, plus you save shipping costs from the UK.  Watch upcoming NOVA Open newsletters for advance sales dates and instructions on how to place those orders in the near future.

To place your pre-order, visit Forge World, load your cart, and select "Ship to NOVA Open" 

Check out Forge World's complete catalog by visiting their website.
Hotel Options


This is the site hotel for NOVA Open. It sold out in April, but there is always the chance of a cancellation. For this reason, we suggest you CHECK HERE FIRST before moving onto our other amazing hotel partners below!

  • One half-block behind the Hyatt
  • Renaissance (Doubles & Kings) is a 5-Star Property
  • Complimentary breakfast and free wi-fi
  • 50 rooms are being held for attendees, these rooms
  • Renaissance rooms can be booked at $111 per night
  • Parking on site; nearby parking garages
  • Airport shuttle available; local garage parking

  • Side by side with the Renaissance, one long block 
  • Residence Inn (Studios & 1BR Suites) 5-Star Property
  • Complimentary breakfast and free wi-fi
  • 50 rooms are being held for attendees, these rooms 
  • Residence Inn Suites can be booked at $99 per night
  • Parking on site; nearby parking garages
  • Airport shuttle available; local garage parking available

Enjoy these special perks during your conference just for NOVA Open:

Hilton Wants you to Know:
PARKING: 50% off standard daily parking rate of $34.00
20% off in Relish Restaurant or The Lobby Marketplace with just a flash of your NOVA Open badge.

  • 393 newly renovated guest rooms to include 12 suites
  • Hilton Serenity Bed® and features of the Hilton Serenity Collection® along with signature Bath Products by Peter Thomas Roth
  • Personal in room safe, large enough to accommodate a laptop
  • Mini Refrigerator
  • Work Desk with outlets, executive chairs, high speed internet service, and telephones with Dataport and voicemail services
  • Energizing Fitness Center including towels, earphones, and water service (Key access only)
  • State of the Art Wireless Connectivity Center with four high-tech computer stations
  • Self-Parking Garage (24-hour service)
  • Relish Restaurant serves American Cuisine for Breakfast and Lunch
  • The Marketplace is located in the Lobby serving hot items, sandwiches, coffee and soft drinks
  • Oasis Lounge is located in the Lobby serving Happy Hour menu items and Dinner

You Can Now Make an NOCF
 Donation Using your Account at the
The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation thanks the tabletop wargaming community for its support!
2017 NOVA Open Games/Events
Check Regularly for Updates

Primers can change up until and after registration, and leads are highly responsive to commentary and input.

E-Mail  customerservice@novaopen.com  with your thoughts or questions.   Click any event title to see their specific event page on  www.novaopen.com .


BLOOD BOWL                                    BOLT ACTION
CAPITAL PALETTE                             DARK AGE 
FIRESTORM ARMADA                        GUILD BALL 
INFINITY                                           KONFLICT 47

LORD OF THE RINGS                         MALIFAUX     

STAR WARS: ARMADA                       STAR WARS: DESTINY  

WARHAMMER 30K                            WARHAMMER 40K      

WRATH OF KINGS                              X-WING

2017 Internship Opportunities:
Convention Management Interns Wanted

The NOVA Open is seeking a spring and/or summer interns. If you know a college student looking to build career skills and gain experience? NOVA Open works with college for credit!  C ontact:

Internships are a great way to practice existing skills, fill that ALL IMPORTANT
EXPERIENCE SECTION  on a resume, learn time management while building new connections ~ all the while  helping bring the 2017 NOVA Open to life.

Expectations would be20-25 hours per week (9am-2pm five days a week) on site in the Tysons Corner area (own transportation required).  The NOVA Open has had over 20 interns successfully pass through its internship program while at school; we've provided letters of recommendations and served as references for successful hires thereafter.  

If you know of anyone (son, daughter, children of friends) who might benefit, please feel free to share this opportunity. 
Have a Favorite Food Truck?
Let us Know

DMV area locals who want to see their favorite local food trucks can email us at:
customerservice@novaopen.com   with the truck's Twitter handle and/or web page so we can look into inviting them at this year's convention. 
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