March 1, 2017:  Year 7; Edition 05
NOVA Open 2017 CONVENTION DATES: August 31 - September 3
Fewer Than 20 Remain
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The Dwarf NOVA is an UPGRADE for anyone with a Convention Access Pass. This unique swag package was designed for attendees who missed out on the SuperNOVA, but would still enjoy a great bag filled with the valuable NOVA Open branded swag which is found in the SuperNOVAs. The Dwarf is an exclusive high quality messenger bag. Not only is it filled with NOVA items like the 2017 beer mug ($1 off draft in the NOVA Open Lounge), and other limited edition NOVA Open items, but an exclusive Dwarf NOVA T-Shirt has been designed for this upgrade, allowing owners to select their size at checkout.   Only 100 will be sold. 

In This Issue:
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Shop Amazon? Why Not Shop & Donate to NOCF at the Same Time?!
With every purchase you make, you could help the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation (NOCF). AmazonSmile has made it easy for everyone to support the NOCF.  By simply choosing the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation as your preferred charity, a percentage of every purchase made goes straight to the NOCF.
Remember, only purchases at AmazonSmile, (not  or the mobile app) support our charity.  Special thanks to our newest NOCF Board Member, Chris Michaels, for setting this up.
We would also like to thank the NOVA Open attendees who used our "Add Donation" button while purchasing their convention passes. If you would like to make a tax-deductible contribution, you can return to your account and use this feature. Over $500 raised in the month of February. Thank You! 

Terrain Season is Upon Us!
Volunteer with the NOVA Open Terrain Team This Year
The NOVA Open Terrain team is excited to announce th e  start of the 2017 terrain season where volunteers work together to build terrain for our game systems. This season is special for the team since it marks the return of Games Workshop to the NOVA Open since 2011. Given that, we want to show Games Workshop the best that our team has to offer, we will use new designs and aesthetics for 40K and Age of Sigmar terrain while giving old terrain facelifts for this year's convention. We will also be focusing on building terrain for other systems as we receive requests from our leads. 

We are looking for volunteers who have a good eye for detail who can help us with painting and building terrain this season. If you are interested, please contact

March 11th
March 25th
April 8th
April 22nd
May 13th
May 27th
June 10th
June 24th
July 15th
What's NEW at Your Charity Foundation?
Updates, Online Raffles, Directors

The NOVA Open Charitable Foundation, begun  in 2013 to represent the generosity of the Worldwide Tabletop Wargamer, has donated over $75,000 to charities since - including DWB/MSF, BCRF and Fisher House! As a federally designated 501(c)(3) organization, it operates under a Board of Directors which is refreshed and expanded to keep the work growing. Please join NOCF in welcoming Chris Michaels (Director of Marketing) and William Reilly (CFO) to Board service. We know their interest and dedication will have a positive impact on the community.

What's up next?  There are three projects currently in the hands of the NOCF 2017 Artist Consortium,  under the direction of Dave Taylor:
  •  DARK AGE:  Dave Taylor (davetaylorminiaturesand Jason Craze ( ) are working on a faction for this gritty D20-driven, post apocalyptic skirmish miniatures game. These two veteran painters are bringing the forces of St. Isaac and the Ice Caste Dragyri to life in the brand new, 2-player starter set for Dark Age - Path To Glory! Sales will open on April 17, and run just one month until the May 15 drawing at CMON EXPO in Atlanta, GA. 
  • WRATH of KINGS: Two great miniatures artists, Neil Szabo and Greg Zuniga, are tackling models for this tabletop war game where players take command of armies from one of the five kingdoms of Arikania, and vie for the throne of the Ancient King! They are painting up four of the wonderful werewolf specialists from the popular House Goritsi faction, bringing to life Gorbal the Rampager, Pack Master Kozakar, a brutal Shieldbreaker, and the swift Scourge Hound! As above, sales will open on April 17, and run just one month until the May 15 drawing at CMON EXPO in Atlanta, GA.


These two CMON games are played
with  some of the  finest
28-mm scaled models around.
Cool Mini or Not, right? Yes, very cool minis!

Visit to follow the progress of these and other 2017 Artist Consortium projects.  If you'd like to donate to the Foundation's Silent Auction (held at the NOVA Open each year), please contact the Board:
2017 NOVA Open Games/Events

Primers can change up until and after registration, and leads are highly responsive to commentary and input.

E-Mail  with your thoughts or questions.   Click any event title to see their specific event page on .

CAPITAL PALETTE                                DARK AGE  
FIRESTORM ARMADA                          GUILD BALL  
INFINITY                                             LORD OF THE RINGS  
MALIFAUX                                           STAR WARS: ARMADA 

WARHAMMER 40K                              WARHAMMER AGE OF SIGMAR  
NOVA Open 40k Narrative
The NOVA Open 40k Narrative returns for 2017 bigger and better than ever, with many more ways and opportunities to participate!

Last year's campaign, The Virtue of Freedom , began with open rebellion breaking out on the edges of Virtue space following 300 years of dissent and doubt following its troubled assault on Earth. Over the course of the campaign, the new Coalition of the Free spearheaded by Humanity gained a beachhead of sympathetic worlds in an outlying sector. Our 2017 campaign, The Human Condition , continues that battle, with Humanity striving to secure its position while the Virtue works to crush the nascent revolution.

Mechanically, the big update for 2017 is that you no longer need to make a weekend long commitment to participate in the 40k Narrative, which often meant not participating in other great NOVA events. There will be more 40k Narrative than ever, with a whopping 12 games and 18 total activities on the schedule. But this year's Narrative has five distinct but complementary ways to participate, enabling you to join us at any level of commitment you wish, including jumping in for just a few or even one game at any point in the schedule.

Despite the new, vastly more flexible schedule, players will still be grouped into consistent alliances, following their preferences as best as possible while balancing the teams, and battle for one side or the other throughout their participation in the campaign. There are also no gameplay disadvantages from jumping in and out of the campaign. Note that two doubles games are also on the schedule, one dayfight and one nightfight. Players register for these individually and the alliances will choose partners collectively, giving plenty of opportunity to match friends as well as pairing strategically complementary armies.

Each of the twelve 40k Narrative  games will feature the same exciting missions and mechanics debuted last year---shuttles crash, convoys are disrupted, civilians are saved or slaughtered, covert missions are won, a whole host of thematic elements are in play! All results will tie into the overall campaign progression and strategic resources available to the two alliances, as well as earning players points toward standings and the coveted Fame and Infamy titles.

Join us, fight for Humanity or the Virtue, and shape the future of the galaxy!

WARLORDS: Keystones of the 40k Narrative, these are the elite commanders of the two alliances: Virtue and Humanity. This year Warlord is largely a strategic role, choosing missions and making decisions over the course of several War Councils that will shape the entire campaign. Participation in the regular games is separate and not strictly required. However, all of the Warlords will meet on one table in the 40k Narrative Apocalypse showdown finale.

DAYFIGHTERS: Warriors competing in all four daylight games on Friday and Saturday, morning and afternoon. The morning games will be somewhat smaller tactical affairs while the afternoon games will be more typical 40k, albeit still using our popular narrative missions and mechanics.

SKIRMISHERS: Squad leaders competing in all four Recon Squad skirmish games on Friday and Saturday over lunch and dinner. These are fast, brutal games of individual grunts and sergeants desperately fighting to achieve special missions for their alliance. This is very similar to Games Workshop's Kill Team variant, but you do not need to purchase any additional rules.

NIGHTFIGHTERS: Battle never ceases, and someone must stand guard throughout the long dark nights! Nightfighters will compete in all three late night games on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. These are specifically scheduled for competitors in the NOVA 40k GT that just can't get enough 40k and want to participate in the Narrative as well.

A LA CARTE: Can't commit to any of the full tracks? No problem. This year you can also register individually for any of the twelve 40k Narrative games (4 Dayfights, 4 Skirmishes, 3 Nightfights, and 1 Apocalypse). This is a great new option for players who want to enjoy our amazing thematic Narrative missions and help craft the ongoing storyline, but also partake of NOVA's many tournaments, seminars, and other activities.

UPDATE Blood Bowl:
Everything Old is New Again
It was brought to my attention that a bit of Clarification is needed: In   the last NOVA Open Newsletter, we highlighted the differences between the  CRP and the GW BB2016 rulebooks.  Among this list was that the skill  " Piling-On" which has been tweaked in the new BB2016 Rulebook. We should   have gone on to say that the older CRP/LRB6 rule for Piling-On will be   used for all NOVA Open events....and now what you've all been waiting for...

We're entering an exciting new era for Blood Bowl at the NOVA Open. This is the first year we're trying out a Tiered structure of  team generation for the Slaughterday! event. Everyone knows that some teams are inherently more gifted than others.  Use one of those teams in a Resurrection style tournament and they're  all but locks for the top of the ranks.

This new system is a bit more complicated than in previous years, but it also allows a great deal more freedom in how you want your team to look  and play. The other biggest benefit to this new system is that it gives  less fortunate teams more of a fighting chance.

Imagine, if you will, a field full of goblins with Block; a dugout brimming with sidestep enabled halflings. Who needs Trolls! Next time: ...but Darkness Fouls... ?!
Have a Favorite Food Truck?

DMV area locals who want to see their favorite local food trucks can email us at:   with the truck's Twitter handle and/or web page so we can look into inviting them at this year's convention. 
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Pre-sale ends at midnight on May 1, 2017.

Pre-Order your NOVA Open Double-Sided Graphic T-Shirt This is the best way to guarantee you have the size that works for you.  $25.00 at convention; limited quantities and sizes.

Possibly the best shirt design for NOVA Open so far: Where will the Multiverse Tour take you?! Mike and Dewey worked with Andres Jimenez, a former NOVA Open intern, on these amazing graphics. Check out the graphic artist/designer at: 

DwarfNOVA: Specially designed in maroon, comes in your Upgrade
SuperNOVA: Uniquely designed in blue, comes in your SuperNOVA Bag!
Pre-Order the 2017 Beer Mug

Beer Mug Presale  $18.00
Pre-sale ends at midnight on May 1, 2017.

Pre-Order the 2017 NOVA Open Beer Mug! If you've been to every NOVA Open, this will be the 6th unique mug for your set.

Bring to Foundation Lounge and receive $1.00 off draft beers throughout the NOVA Open convention. 
$20.00 at convention; limited quantities.
Have Questions About the NOVA Open?
Contact Us at Our New Customer Service Email

A t the NOVA Open, we always strive to make sure our attendees have a great experience before, during, and after the convention. If you have questions or feedback about the convention's events, passes, primers, terrain builds, or the NOVA Open executive board, contact our customer service team at:

Our goal is to respond within 24 hours.   Thank you again for supporting the NOVA Open!
Volunteers Always Needed
Would you like to be a part of the NOVA Open Volunteer Staff?  If you would like to help run the convention, we would love to have you!  Please consider volunteering your time in any of the following areas:

Administration (needed throughout the year) 

Students looking for internships in Vienna, VA 

Support monthly/bi-monthly terrain builds in McLean, VA

Writers needed for NOVA Open VIP interviews as well as writing articles for the bi-monthly newsletters Contact:

Want to be a judge at the convention? 

Volunteers are always appreciated at the convention.  You can support the following areas; photographers, Lemonade raffle, silent auction, check-in, and night watch. Contact:

The NOVA Open's continued success is because of our amazing volunteers.

2017 Internship Opportunities
Office Admin Needed

The NOVA Open is seeking a spring and/or summer intern. If you're looking for to build career skills in Office Administration,  contact:

Internships are a great way to utilize your skills while helping bring the 2017 NOVA Open to life.

Expectations would be approximately 20-25 hours per week (9-2, five days a week) on site in the Tysons Corner area (own transportation required).  The NOVA Open has had over 20 interns successfully pass through its internship program while at school; we've provided letters of recommendations and served as references for successful hires thereafter.  

If you know of anyone (son, daughter, children of friends) who might benefit, please feel free to share this opportunity. 

Sponsors Welcome!

Are you interested in working with the NOVA Open to advertise a kickstarter or to promote your game?

Contact for information.
Vendor Space is Limited 

If  you are interested in vending at the NOVA Open, contact  us at . There is limited space currently available. 

If there is a vendor you would like to see at the NOVA Open 2017, let them know you support their products and share the email address with them. 

We will respond to all inquiries as quickly as possible.
2017 Seminar Line-Up

The 2017 seminar line-up is coming together with returning professional instructors and as well as new professional instructors, but the list of classes and list of instructors is still under development.  

We are making changes to our seminar descriptions to ensure attendees better understand the scope of each class.  This includes describing the focus of the seminar as either hobby or display painting.  Hobby painting will help students meet and exceed tabletop appearance judging standards while display painting will help students make that single model stick out and prepare them to enter a competition.  Both types of classes will help improve and refine anyone's painting.  Hands on classes will be another main theme for 2017 seminars.  This allows students to practice in real time.

You can see some of seminars being offered here.

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2017 Hotel Block Open: 80% Sold Out
Book Early - No Risk!

Selling out faster than ever before. We're working to expand the block, but recommend you book today!

The NOVA Open room rate rate is available for ten (10) nights.  Book your trip to Washington D.C., as early as the Saturday before and stay in town until the next Tuesday after NOVA Open. Turn your trip into a vacation. The room quality/rate being extended to our guests by the Hyatt is the best deal in the Metro DC area at that time of year. We encourage you to extend your stay. Visit the monuments on the Capitol Mall and tour the Smithsonian's museums. Hyatt shuttles and the Metro make it easy. Thanks for your interest in the NOVA Open and we look forward to seeing you this year!


  • Entire Hyatt Event Space in Use
  • Ever Increasing Number of Vendors in Regency Foyer!
  • Room Rates at $95
  • More Double rooms available in the NOVA Open Block
  • Cell Reception Available in All Areas of Hotel
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