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This year has flown by, hasn't it? Seems like only last week when we were getting ready with showroom redesign and putting out new stuff for January of last year!

At any rate, once again November is the time we give thanks -- thanks to you our customers for all of your support, both in the past and in the years ahead! We pledge to work closely with our vendors in order to assure you that you will always get the best deal available! So check out the specials listed below -- some aren't available anywhere else! 
Larry Campbell             
Showroom Manager
P.S. Did you know that you can place your order online on the Darrah web site? From now until the end of the month, any order placed on our web site enters you in the drawing for one of 12 $25 gift cards to be given away December 1! Enter as many times as you would like!   

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Amanda Blu
Spring Early Buy: Discounts + 4/1 dating! ($150 = 10%;  $1000 = 15%; $3,000 = 20). Ship 1/31; net due 4/1
Fall Handbag Promo:
$250 = 20%
Heartfelt Promo:
Buy either of the new pre-packs with display (98799 or 98801) = 20%
Identity Collection:
Buy any of the pre-packs = 20%
Volume Discounts:
$500 = 10%; $2,000 = 15%; $4,000 = 20%
Early Fall Promo:
$200 min. (apparel + signature handbags at special prices!)
**Volume discounts may not be used in conjunction with the specials noted above!

Order $500, get 3 bangle bracelet gift sets FREE (Code: 11-F17-T1); order $1,000, get 6 sets FREE (Code: 11-F17-T2); order $1,500, get 9 sets FREE (Code: 11-F17-T3)
Catherine Lillywhite's
$1,200 Order = 50% freight discount  
**May combine order dates from August thru next spring to qualify 
FREE Ladder Display w/purchase of 7 styles;  display ships FREE FREIGHT to customer!
**Must request display!
Eleven Point/Scentations
15% Discount on all orders for Eleven Point product over $200
Land & Sea
$750 = 5%
Magnolia Garden
Spring 2018 Pre-Book:  $350 = FREE FREIGHT;  $600 = FREE FREIGHT + N/60;  $1,000 = FREE FREIGHT + N/90

Market Dates

The Atlanta Fall Immediate Delivery Show
A Cash & Carry Event
November 7-9, 2017

Market Wednesday 
December 6,  2017   
Metal Monk   
FREE FREIGHT on all prepacks!
Random House

Holiday Stock Offer: addtl 2% + additional 30 days with $150 net purchase (Code: RHP032; EDR)

November Feature: Random House Pre-packs!  
Just perfect for that add-on stocking stuffer!
Other selections available! Contact your rep!

Q: I'm really good friends with  
25 letters of the alphabet.
A: I don't know Y.
The Vintage Pearl

FREE FREIGHT on all orders! All new customers will receive a FREE display with minimum order
Think Outside  
Purchase gift asst. for $1,281, get 5% freight cap + N/30 terms

$350 = 5%; $750 = 7%; $2,000 = 10%; $4,000 = 15% (Code:  R1017)
Baker's Dozen:  Buy 12 items within the same category, get the 13th FREE!
New Customers:  FREE FREIGHT w/ $300 net order        
 Featured Vendor of the Month
We know that we had already featured
her recently, but her 2018 catalog  is hot off the press, and when we say hot, we mean hot!
Orders are for pre-book and will be processed in the order in which they are received! That means get your orders in now, because just like last year, they will sell out at market! Get in on the first
shipment and watch them fly! 

Q: What's blue and smells like red paint?
A: Blue paint

Certified International

Freight Cap Program: $600 - $999 = 15% Cap; $1,000 - $2,499 = 10% Cap; $2,500 = FREE FREIGHT

20% off all items!
Free Freight w/$500 Order that includes 2 of the following: extendable duster, multi-purpose drying rack, 2 baby care items, window dynamo, & window genie
Purchase video or non-video floor display, get FREE FREIGHT + N/90 w/CC on file
Migrate from counter unit to floor unit, get FREE FREIGHT + N/90 w/CC on file: May balance inventory by breaking case packs!
Fruit Full Kids 
Holiday Plate Bundle: 60 pieces, includes birthday, Thanksgiving, & 3 holiday plates. Cost is $200; reg. cost is $210
Glory Haus  
Collegiate Promo: For every $200 ordered, receive 10 Collegiate Totes of your choice FREE! (Code: FREEBAGS)
Fall Promo: For every $250 ordered, receive 10 tote bags FREE! (Code: FREEBAGS)

Q: Why do you never see elephants
hiding in trees?
A: Because they are really good at it!

Hips Sister  
Thru 11/22, place a 20 pc reorder, get 1 "mystery" Hips Sister FREE!
Color of the month: Dark purple/black left coast reversible, now offered at $11

Hot Sox
Spring Pre-Book: $200 = 10% (must use Code 10)
Last Call Spring/Summer Styles:
20% off any available styles (must be on separate order!)  
Kids Preferred/Bunnies by the Bay  
$300, choose 1 free style FREE; $650 = N/60 + choose 2 styles FREE (Free styles from select list of items!)
$1,000 = N/90 + FREE FREIGHT; $2,500 = 5%, N/90, + FREE FREIGHT
Lula N' Lee       
Purchase a skinny double rotating floor display or a 5 x 16 floor rack, & receive a 10% discount

Q: Did you hear about the two guys
who stole a calendar?
A: They each got six months.

Select styles offered at special pricing!

The Soi Company
$250 = 50% freight discount;  $500 = FREE FREIGHT   
Scentations/Eleven Point

15% Discount on all orders for Eleven Point product over $200   

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