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Hello NPC Family,

WeightsWe are looking forward to the IFBB Felicia Romero pro Figure. We are also having Hi health along with Miles productions presenting the Marc Malek Plastic Surgery NPC Western regionals Bodybuilding, Physique, fitness, figure, and Bikini contest November 15th and 16th. Felicia and Miles Productions have some very exciting news. Muscle and Fitness for Her magazine is choosing a NPC female athlete from the show to be featured in a photo spread. The photo shoot will take place the day after the show. We will have even more national exposure brought to AZ by having top IFBB judges for the pro portion of the show. Most if not all of these judges are NPC national judges as well. This will be a great chance to ask National and pro judges what they thought of your physique after the finals. Our very own head judge Duke Rottweiler is now a certified National NPC judge. I think this is very good for Arizona to have someone on the national scene.We are looking for someone who would like to shoot candid pictures of the athletes, sponsors, and audience. The pictures will be featured on the AZ NPC News and Views portion of the web site., each pic should be accompanied by some form of text. We need someone who knows the sport but is not tied in with a sponsor or a personal training company. The title for this position is Media Director. The Media Director will have complete excess including back stage. You will be part of the Miles Production team. If this is something that is of interest to you please let me know.We are still looking for someone to record the shows and sell the dvd's . This is a great business opportunity. (Yes this would be the only video camera allowed into the auditorium.) Please email me if you are interested.
We have attached the poster for you to have and share with anyone who would be interested in going to the show and possibly sponsor the show. This is a great way to bring exposure to your company.

Upcoming events for 2014: Hi Health and Miles production is presenting.

Natural Outlaw march 15th Tucson AZ

Natural Western USA march 21st 22nd Mesa AZ

Terminator July 12th Tucson AZ

AZ Open July 18th 19th Mesa AZ

Western Regionals November 14th 15th Mesa AZ

IFBB Felicia Romero Figure, Bikini and Men's Physique Championships, November 14th 15th

Stay a winner and stay with the NPC!

P.S. Please go to the web site and jump on the blog. Share your thoughts, suggestions, advice, and success on training, prepping or whatever you want to talk about. This blog is for you!! The AZ NPC

Thank You, Miles & Kim Nuessle. AZ NPC Chairman