Capacity for Change Newsletter
Dear Community Partners,

There's something about this current time and place that seems more unsettling than the community challenges we have historically faced. The intensity, the volume, the forces that catalyze change and healing are redirecting our work in new ways and, as nonprofits at the center of community need, we are tasked with providing not only hope, but real solutions. 

I believe that some of the biggest opportunities are around creating systemic change. From those we serve to those who resource us, we're all sorting through priorities and hoping we are making the impact that is needed. As we seek to transform our communities, it is necessary to transform the systems that support them. 

Collaboration. Quantifiable Outcome. Strategic Growth. Social Entrepreneurship. Social Impact Investing. Online Fundraising. Charity Watchdogs. How do we take the best of what we're doing and grow it in this new environment? It's time to turn our industry buzzwords into true product that leverages all of our capacity. 

We're here to help at NSC.  We provide tools that meet you where you are in your work in this new, demanding landscape. If you are just starting, we'll help get your foot out the door. If you are seeming more like an institution as opposed to an innovator, we'll help you explore your possibilities. 

Because our industry is moving toward holistic approaches to community needs, NSC has become the Network for Strong Communities. We've more than tripled the number of learning opportunities that provide timely training on issues of the day. Our consulting practice offers customized, technical assistance when a nonprofit, funder or community is looking to make impressive leaps forward. We're constantly sharing knowledge through our revamped website and social media.

And finally, our first-ever Momentum Conference, taking place Oct. 17 & 18, will create a space where community stakeholders can come together, learn, and discover new strategies for collaboration.

We're all in this together. And we know great change is coming. Let's make it soon. 

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Industry Experts Share Their Knowldege on NSC Website

Wondering how the new overtime legislation might impact your organization? Curious about what goes into receiving a federal grant? Make sure you visit the Knowledge Center on NSC's website for thoughts and insights from leading industry professionals like Bridget Flood (Incarnate Word Foundation), Deb Dubin (Gateway Center for Giving), Marilyn Nolan (Preferred Family Health), and Kent Hornberger, GPC.
Join Our Friends at the Rome Group for the 2016 Philanthropic Landscape 

We're looking forward to this year's Philanthropic Landscape event with the Rome Group, where they'll explore the changing face of fund development, addressing how nonprofits will have to adapt to these changes to be successful with  tomorrow's  donors.