ACTION ALERT: Support the sit-in and DEMAND A VOTE to protect our communities from gun violence!  Contact your HOUSE MEMBER and SPEAKER RYAN!

#EndGunViolence  #NoBillNoBreak!

The National Task Force to End Sexual and Domestic Violence has been working for gun safety for two decades. After every mass shooting, we are despondent, then inflamed and then determined to make it stop. In almost every case of these "slaughters of the innocents and beloveds," the killer had a history of abusing loved ones and yet had almost unfettered access to dangerous weapons.  We say
ENOUGH. We are determined to urge Congress to pass common-sense gun violence prevention measures and will speak out until it ends.

Dozens of Representatives and Senators are staging a sit-in on the House floor, demanding a vote before the upcoming recess on three bills: H.R.1217 to require background checks for all gun sales; H.R.224, to require research by the Public Health Service about the public health effects of gun violence; and H.R.1076, to prohibit people deemed by the FBI to potentially pose a threat to national security from owning firearms.  These measures will save lives!

Please support these Representatives, many of whom have personal experience with gun violence! Call, email, and tweet your House member and Speaker Ryan and ask them to DEMAND A VOTE!

You can find your House member and his/her contact member at .  You can find your Representative's Twitter handle here .  Speaker Ryan's phone number is (202)225-3031, and his Twitter handle is @SpeakerRyan.

Phone and email script : "My name is ____, and I'm calling/writing to let Representative _____ know I want him/her to support strong and effective background checks, research into the public health effects of gun violence, and sensible restrictions on gun purchases for people who the FBI has determined may pose a threat to national security. 

Feel free to add your own story or your organization's support for these bills.

Sample tweet : @[insert your representative], please demand a vote on gun violence prevention legislation before the recess! #NoBillNoBreak #DisarmHate #SitIn #EnoughIsEnough

This is only the beginning! We will continue our campaign until all abusers and stalkers are prohibited from owning firearms, civilians cannot acquire assault weapons, and all gun sales and transfers require a background check.