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Dear NTRCA Members,


As many of you know, the Texas licensing bill did not pass, despite the best efforts and contributions of so many. We made large strides in getting our message heard....but the current legislators simply did not pass anything that hinted of "big government."

The NTRCA board and support staff has given considerable thought and discussion to what's next for NTRCA, given that licensing did not pass. Where does NTRCA go from here? How can we best support our members?

We wholeheartedly wish that the licensing registration had passed. It's what is best for our members, and it's what is best for consumers in Texas. Without it, however, we need to remember that NTRCA members still have a distinct advantage over non-members. NTRCA has the most stringent requirements/highest standards for membership of any organization in the state of Texas! And we plan to, pardon the pun, shout that from the rooftops and position NTRCA as THE place to go to find a legitimate, reputable, professional roofer who carries liability insurance, is a North Texas-based roofer, adheres to NTRCA's code of ethics, etc.

To do this, we need your help - and input - in several areas:
  1. Licensing. In the absence of Texas state licensing in the near or foreseeable future, the board has discussed the idea of requiring NTRCA members to be licensed by a professional roofing entity, such as MRCA, NRCA or RCAT. NTRCA does not have the funding structure to enact a licensing course or certification of its own at this time, but this has also been discussed.  
  2. Advertising. Within our existing budget, we can (and will) continue building upon our public relations, social media, website and other existing efforts to position and promote NTRCA...and get the word out. To promote NTRCA and its members more heavily, however, we need to ADVERTISE. The cost of advertising (via the radio, for example) is way beyond our current budget and membership fee structure. If we want to do something like radio advertising, we need all members to contribute to an advertising fund. 
  3. Promoting Yourself as an NTRCA Member. To further promote NTRCA and get the word out to North Texas consumers, we need members to actively promote themselves as members and promote the value of selecting a roofing contractor who is an NTRCA member. 

Please help make your voice heard by filling out a short survey we have created.


CLICK HERE to go to the survey.




Thank you for your input,


Dave Custable

NTRCA Board President, 2013  


Karen Vermaire Fox / PO Box 471695 / Fort Worth, Texas 76147 /