Board Meeting Highlights
December 20, 2016

Fifth grade students from Lu Sutton shared with the Board their Project Based Learning project of planning and developing a new Maker Space at Lu Sutton. A ribbon cutting event to commemorate the new Maker Space will take place in January 2017.


Superintendent Hogeboom and the Board thanked both Kate McNear and Susan Mathews for their leadership, tireless support and efforts in leading the Measure G campaign.  

STAFF REPORT: Special Education Update: Liz Smith, Director Special Education gave the Board an update on the department structure, current programs and staffing levels, history of program moves, MCOE partnerships, Early Intervention proposed move, Special Education parent meetings, and the Public Policy of California’s recommendations to Governor Jerry Brown regarding Special Education funding and SELPAs. 

Ready, Set, Grow! Early Learning Program (Early Intervention Program), currently at the Hill Education Center, is exploring a move to a comprehensive elementary school. After exploring all elementary schools, Rancho Elementary has emerged as the best option as there is available space, currently has no preschool program, and the principal is welcoming this program to the school.  Some of the benefits of being on an elementary campus include:

  • Students can be included on a site with non-disabled peers.
  • Teachers can collaborate with General and other Special Education teachers for vertical alignment.
  • General education teachers can participate in IEPs.
  • Teachers and students will become part of a comprehensive school culture, rather than an isolated program.
  • Parents will have access to a full school community and camaraderie with other parents. 

More information can be found in the December 20, 2016, Staff Report Item 13.a. 

DISCUSSION/ACTION: Resolution No. 19-2016/2017 – Commitment to the Education of All Students and Making All Campuses a Safe Zone for Students and Families Threatened by Immigration Enforcement: Superintendent Hogeboom brought this Resolution forward in response to growing fears that governmental actions towards immigrants will have a chilling effect on the educational rights of immigrant students and families.  The Resolution states that the Board of Education's position is that all students have the right to attend school regardless of the immigration status of the child or of the child's family members. The Resolution also provides that students will not be discriminated against because of their actual or perceived immigrant status, information will not be sought about immigration status, and steps will be taken to protect personally identifiable information from being used for immigration enforcement to the extent possible. The District will also ensure that all teachers, school administrators, and school and District office staff be appropriately informed about this Resolution.  Parents/guardians will have access to this Resolution in English and Spanish to fully inform families of their rights in the District. The Board approved the Resolution and it can be found here. 

The Board Report can be found under Discussion/Action Item 14.a. 

DISCUSSION/ACTION: First Interim Budget: The Board approved the First Interim Budget on December 20, 2016.  Yancy Hawkins, Assistant Superintendent Business & Operations, shared that the First Interim Report provides the actual financial activity from July 1, 2016 to October 31, 2016 with financial projections for the year ended June 30, 2017. The Report also includes a Multi-Year Projection (MYP) for the two subsequent years. The Combined General Fund budget as of the First Interim reporting period shows an excess of expenditures over revenues in the amount of ($3,529,059). However, as the 2015-2016 fiscal year ended with $1.2 million in unrestricted school site/department carryover, it is expected that deficit spending would occur in the 2016-2017 year. The Combined Ending Fund Balance is projected to be $12,245,418 or 14% of total expenditures and other uses out as of June 30, 2017. The components of the ending fund balance can be found on Page 4 in the narrative that is attached to the Board Report. 

The District has made significant investments over the last two years in one of its most important goals, to recruit, hire and retain the best staff members possible. The District has increased its ongoing certificated and classified salary schedules by over 11% over the last two years (6%/5%), along with significant one-time payments. This investment of over $6 million annually, along with the projected slowing of LCFF revenue and increase in PERS/STRS rates, will require the District to be careful in making any additional commitments in the short term. As we move into the 2017-2018 budget development process, staff will continue to monitor the revenue projections from the Department of Finance and look for efficiencies to strengthen the long term fiscal health of the District. 

The Board Report can be found under Discussion/Action Item 14.c. 

DISCUSSION/ ACTION: Resolution No. 18-2016/2017 to Form an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee:  The Board approved this Resolution to form an Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee to report to the public on the bond expenditures, advise the public as to the District’s compliance with Prop 39, and ensure that no bond funds are spent on teacher salaries or District operating expenses. 

The Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee consists of a minimum of seven members: business organization, taxpayer group, senior group, parent of a student in the District, and parent involved in parent-teacher organization plus at least two additional at-large members.

The Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee only applies to Prop. 39 facilities bonds and must be appointed 60 days after the District enters election results into its meeting minutes (scheduled for January 17, 2017).  It is covered by the Brown Act and receives and reviews an annual financial audit. The district expects to appoint members of the Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee at the March 7, 2017 Board meeting. The application for appointment to the Independent Citizens’ Oversight Committee can be found on the NUSD website at 

More information can be found in the December 6, 2016, Discussion/Action Item 16.e. 

Future Board Meetings: 

1/17/17      Regular Board Meeting, 7 pm Open Session

1/21/17      Special Board Meeting, 9 am, Bond Workshop

1/24/17      Special Board Meeting, 6 pm, Public Comment on Draft EIR for SMHS Stadium Lights

1/31/17      Regular Board Meeting, 6 pm

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