Oct 20, 2017 · People's History

Candi Churchill was awarded the John A. Penrod Award for Peace and Justice. The award was established to honor local Gainesville, FL activists in memory of John A. Penrod; a people's hero who volunteered and fought with the Abraham Lincoln Brigade against fascism in the late 1930s Spanish Civil War, and went on to co-found the United Faculty of Florida (UFF) union. The award is coordinated jointly by the Alachua County Labor Coalition, Veterans for Peace, and the UFF union.

Candi is a UFF union member and fighter, and she has been a committed organizer for social justice since the mid-1990s. She began organizing as a college student against racist policies that prevented Creole students from speaking their first language, and then later with Graduate Students United. She also has simultaneously organized as a feminist with National Organization for Women, and National Women's Liberation. NWL is thrilled that Candi was recognized for the incredible work she has led and organized.

Image at Right, Candi Churchill and Dr. Paul Ortiz at the Award Ceremony. Oct 20, 2017. Photo by Diana Moreno.