Image above: Logo from 2017 Left Forum
NWL the Left Forum
On June 3, NWL organizer, Jenny Brown spoke on a panel on the fight for health care in as a human right, its role in the broader social justice movement, and the current fight for an improved, expanded Medicare for All. Brown joined health care activists Mark Dudzic, Walter Tsou and Adam Gaffney on a panel moderated by Martha Livingston from PNHP.

Audio here (recording starts after the moderator began the panel).
NWL-WOCC hosts discussion on moving forward as activists and as a woman of color think tank
Women of Color Caucus (WOCC) advisory board member Zoharah Simmons presented on her experience at the Words of Fire Conference: Sex, Power and the Black Feminist Call for Social Justice- and how it can connect us with other feminists of color.

WOCC discussed two reading s   from the Words of Fire Anthology (Guy-Sheftall, 1995): The  Combahee River Collective Statement (1974) , and Audre Lorde's  Age, Race, Class and Sex: Women Redefining Difference  (1980). Part two of this discussion will take place at the next community WOCC meeting on July 31.  Email us  for the meeting time and location.
Image above: Logo of Words of Fire Conference, created by Black Women's BluePrint
Photo above: NWL organizers at protest, April 23 2017. Photo by Andrea Cornejo with The Gainesville Sun.
NWL-Gainesville works with community groups to bring down Confederate statute 
In late April, NWL organizers joined community leaders to protest a confederate statue housed in the center of downtown Gainesville, FL. With continued activist pressure, the City Commission voted to remove the statue on May 23rd.

NWL-New York joins push for state-wide Universal Healthcare
The New York chapter of NWL has prioritized pushing forward the fight for Universal Healthcare. In May, the chapter joined with Healthcare NOW and the feminist working group of the Democratic Socialists of America (NYC chapter) to mobilize people to support a state-wide bill that would provide affordable health care for all New Yorkers, regardless of marital, income, immigration, or job status.

The bill passed in the NY assembly for the the third year, and thirty-one state senators, a historic high and near majority, co-sponsored the bill. Ultimately, the NY senate did not vote on the bill at the close of the legislative session in June. NWL-NY is planning neighborhood consciousness raising (CR) groups on the issue of health care to increase momentum for the NY health bill and the  Medicare for All legislation  at the federal level. See below to volunteer to host a CR group in your neighborhood!
Photo above: NWL organizers join Democratic Socialists of America Feminist Working Group, South Brooklyn Progressive Resistance, and Fight Back Bay Ridge to rally for the New York Health Act Wednesday, May 31. 

For more on why access to healthcare is a feminist issue, go to for the Women's Liberation & National Health Care:Confronting the Myth of America
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Florida NWL chapters support Felon Voter Rights Restoration

Florida has the highest voter disenfranchisement rate in the country. Florida citizens are gathering signatures for a ballot initiative that would amend Florida’s constitution and restore voting rights to most people who have completed their sentences. They need 700,000 signature to add the initiative to the ballot. If you're in Florida, add your name and consider collecting signatures.

Solidarity Highlight

Black and people of color-led groups are continuing the fight against white supremacy in our country. In May, they created a campaign, Mama's Bail Out Day, to spotlight how this racist and anti-worker system traps people in jail who can't afford to bond out and ruins lives.

This campaign raised money to bail out 100 mamas for Mother's Day. They then called for National Bail Out Days for Father's Day, Juneteenth and Pride. You can donate toward bail money and to support those who have bonded out.
Tell us if you want to host a Consciousness Raising
Our chapters are hosting community Consciousness Raising (CR) groups. If you're interested in hosting a CR, let us know.

You can read more about NWL's use of CR here.

Photo at right: Redstockings meet for a "consciousness-raising session. Photo from Life, 12/12/69 (c) 1969 by Time, Inc  (Photo: Mary Ellen Mark) 
About NWL

National Women's Liberation  is a feminist group for women who want to fight back against male supremacy and win more freedom for women.  Our priorities  are abortion/birth control, overthrowing the double day, and feminist consciousness raising. Our  Women of Color Caucus (WOCC)  meets separately from white women to better understand how racism intersects with sexism to oppress women of color.