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We are happy to present you with the New York State Emergency Nurses Association's latest electronic newsletter. It's packed full of information and many opportunities for our members.  As always, we welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions!




I wanted to review the current resolutions which are up for discussion at National in October. We have gone from none to about nine encompassing clinical and educational areas. When reviewed at delegate orientation, several caused some lively discussion. 


Update definitions to assure consistent ED metrics:   

Since many entities are looking at ED throughput and times, this resolution recommends that ED metrics be consistent. Is the admit decision time when the patient arrives and the doc says "he's not going home, let's work him up"? Or when the admit order is actually written? What's the timeline for a boarded admitted patient? Three hours after admission? Four hours? Every facility seems to look at these times differently and as reimbursement frequently depends on how well you handle throughput, making sure everyone's times are consistent becomes important.





I am looking forward to General Assembly; it is always interesting to watch our board and peers make the system work. If you are coming to the conference but not as a delegate, take a few minutes to observe the process, all are welcome to watch and learn how our association works. See you there?  



NYSENA Election Results 





Congratulations to Jacquie Glendinning (President Elect), Mary Ellen Jennison (Treasurer) and Dawn Mac Mullen (Board Member at large) who were elected to office for 2015.  


They will join Sandi Tetler (President), Dan Dennis (Secretary), Ivy Henry (Board Member at Large) and Ginny Hebda (Immediate Past President) as the 2015 NYSENA Officers and Board.


State Bytes - What's Happening in Your Chapter?

The blurb about this section lets you see what is happening with other New York chapters around the state. We ask each chapter to write a little something of what they are working on, any questions they may have for other chapters, and can post any events.


Trip to Ireland by Sue Chalupa Breese
Genesee Valley Chapter 


What a fantastic Ireland trip! Ginny and I were able to meet with Gerard White, an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. I had met Gerard at Leadership conference when it was in Hawaii.


We continued our international friendship.

The group which included Ginny-RN, NYS ENA President, Mr. Breese- Paramedic(ground and air), Mr. and Mrs. Scott Griswald-EMT(ground) and myself, Sue-RN/Paramedic.

We started the day early at Mercy Hospital which is where Gerard works in the Emergency Department as an Advanced Nurse Practitioner. Mercy Hospital was founded in 1857 on the river side. The hospital is still in use today.



Chatt Chapter
Jacquie Glenndinning


Olean General Hospital's emergency department recently held a "Buddy's first visit" to the emergency department.  Approx 100 kindergarten children attended over the 4 day event.  All "buddy's" care were well cared for in the stations i.e. getting started, breathing treatment, boo-boo station and tour of ambulance followed by a snack.  Pictured above are front row: Tina G. Jacquie G. , Sue S. (CHATT members. Francesca P. and Rhonda C.  Back row: Mickey F, Tom S and Cindy W.  (CHATT members)  This event was coordinated by the emergency depts. Unit Practice Council, based on feedback from the teachers we will hold another first visit in Sept. for another area school.



CNS of the year award from Central Chapter

Jamla Bergman 



Job performance means more than simply performing elements of a position. It involves connecting and inspiring the people with whom you work. Michael Allain, MSN CCRN CEN deserves this award for his continuous dedication to the following: improving the Emergency Department processes; enhancing the professionalism of the registered nurses and emergency department technicians; and seamlessly connecting three service lines to provide award winning care to the community.

The Crouse Hospital Emergency Department boasts the best door to provider and door to balloon times in the city. Michael developed and implemented the strategies that made these times possible. His work resulted in gold plus accreditation for both stroke and ST segment myocardial infractions.


Genesee Valley ENA by Mary Mahler


On April 24th Rochester General Hospital hosted a community wide Forum on Workplace Violence.  This was our first Safety Forum, which was initiated by the ED Unit Council, and was attended by 83 people, who had some safety concerns in our department.  Sandi Tetler  RN,  2014 President Elect for NYS ENA and Co-author of "Zero Tolerance, a Resource Tool for ER Nurse" inspired the audience to be  advocates by reporting any violence issue that occurs. Sandi currently works in Westchester Medical Adult and Pediatric Emergency Department a level one trauma center.   She very actively works towards creating positive solutions to decrease workplace violence incidents.  Topics of discussion included: assault and battery, mental health, court situations/scenarios, and employee rights. She believes that violence against any staff member is not acceptable and that we need to collaborate with our district attorneys/legislative/medical & nursing administration to gain support. The staff at RGH often encounter situations that can be dangerous and have recently developed an active Workplace Violence Team with the goal to decrease incidences of violent behaviors by creating positive strategies/solutions.  One way we can all help is to report an incident to your incident reporting structure as well as to the police.  It can then go to legislation to gather statistics.  National ENA Facts reported statistics via surveys (2009-2011) that over 50% nurses experiences physical violence. 64% didn't report & 94% reports were not prosecuted.  






General Assembly Dress Code

2014 Annual Conference 



Oct 7th & 11th
ENA Annual Meeting/Conference

 Indianapolis, IN 

Indiana Convention Center


Oct 5th - 11th

Oct 8th 

Oct 24th & 25th
NYSENA Council Meeting - Election of Officers
Middletown, NY

Oct 24th
CPEN Review Course



Sept 28th - Oct 3rd

ENA Annual Meeting/Conference

Orlando, FL 



Oct 11th - 17th

Oct 14th

Tentative: NYSENA 2015 Meetings/Dates 

January 30 & 31, 2015
Binghamton, NY April with Conference Saratoga Springs, NY


July 31/August 1, 2015
Newburgh, NY

September 28-Oct 3
National Conference Orlando

October 10, 2015
Setting the Pace 5K, Rochester, NY

October 23/24, 2015?
Middletown/Newburgh NY 

State Council meetings are open to all members. 
For council meeting info, contact our President at: 585-775-9088


CPEN Review Course 


 CPEN Review Course

 Sponsored by the New York State Council of ENA

Friday, October 24, 2014 8:00 am - 4:30 pm





Board Liaison Assignments for 2014

Any questions you wish to ask the Board, these are your liaisons:


President - Virginia Hebda: Western, Nassau/Queens, Mark Twain


President-Elect - Sandi Tetler: Manhattan Bronx, Lower Hudson  


Immediate Past President - Kathy Conboy:  Chatt, Central


Treasurer - Mary Ellen Jennison:  all chapter treasurer liaison


Secretary - Dan Dennison: Adirondack, Mohawk, Central


Director at Large - Jacquie Glendinning: Mid Hudson, Suffolk


Director at Large - Ivy Budai-Henry: Genesee, Brooklyn


October 2014                Manhattan/Bronx                   Mark Twain

2014 New York State Officers


President - Ginny Hebda, Genesee Valley President@nysena.org 


President Elect - Sandi Tetler Lower Hudson PresidentElect@nysena.org 


Secretary - Dan Dennison, Central Secretary@nysena.org 


Treasurer - Mary Ellen Jennison, Southern Tier Treasurer@nysena.org 


Immediate Past President - Kathleen Conboy, Southern Tier ImmediatePastPresident@nysena.org 


Director at Large - Ivy Budai-Henry Board1@nysena.org 


Director at Large - Jacquie Glendinning, Chatt Board2@nysena.org  



Please submit any suggestions or articles to: 

Dawn MacMullen at  enadawn@gmail.com 

Or NYSCENA.Newsletter@gmail.com

Thank you for spending some time with us today.