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We are happy to present you with the New York State Emergency Nurses Association's latest electronic newsletter. It's packed full of information and many opportunities for our members.  As always, we welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions!





"I can't change the world alone, but I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples" was said by Mother Theresa.


It is true that one person may not be able to make changes by themselves but with support from other people with the same ideas and consistency toward mutual goals, a group together can certainly make a difference. Change is inevitable, and our association must change with every tide.


Each of you, are members of the NYS ENA for different reasons but as a group we are involved to make a difference in the future of emergency nursing. As ED nurses we truly have mutual goals; "Safe Practice, Safe Patient Care". We, the NYS ENA, are here to make a difference in the development of ED nurses and to continue positive outcomes for our patients. We see this with our TNCC and ENPC classes, CEN and CPEN, our annual conference, our 9/11 Scholarship Endowment Fund for nursing educational, and our advocacy initiatives in workplace violence and safe staffing issues.


There are a few new changes for the year 2015 to do just that.

The new Strategic Implementation Committee will develop the process by which our strategic plan will be implemented. It will look to concentrate on making changes to address the issues that concern today's nursing, healthcare and also society. The strategic plan has been developed to provide a plan for stability of the association and continued success to meet our member's needs. Areas of concentration are: communication, education, and financial structure of the association.





Sandi Tetler RN, BSN

2015 NYS ENA President.



State Bytes - What's Happening in Your Chapter?

  The blurb about this section lets you see what is happening with other New York chapters around the state. We ask each chapter to write a little something of what they are working on, any questions they may have for other chapters, and can post any events.


Chapters re-organize: Adirondack and Mid Hudson


2015 will be an exciting year for two chapters of the NYS ENA. Adirondack and Mid Hudson chapters look to reorganize this year instead of having the chapters dissolve.  

Adirondack Chapter is centrally located in the Albany area. The counties that belong to Adirondack Chapter are Albany, Clinton, Columbia, Essex, Franklin, Fulton, Greene, Hamilton, Montgomery, Rensselaer, Saratoga, Schenectady, Schoharie, St. Lawrence, Warren, and Washington. In January an email was sent out notifying all chapter members of the first meeting that was held at Albany Medical Center. The meeting was attended by Ginny Hebda, Immediate-past President, and Sandi Tetler 2015 President, along with about 12 members from the chapter. At this meeting a new board of directors was voted on, key chapter issues were discussed and setting up a meeting schedule for the year. Initial chapter meetings will be held monthly to facilitate the reorganization of the chapter with concentration on establishing member attendance, involvements and activities for the chapter.


The new officers of Adirondack Chapter are:

President                  DianaGraziano           spyglass6d@aol.com   

President-Elect          Mary Zellner              msz612@yahoo.com

Treasurer                  Scott L. Wies             Treasurer@adirondackena.org

Treasurer-elect          Martha Kowalik


This is a time of great opportunity to get involved in local chapter activities, to help strengthen the chapter and have a voice in its direction for the future. For more information, contact any of the chapter's board members or look to their website: www.adirondackena.org 


Mid Hudson Chapter is located in the eastern part of New York. The counties that belong to Mid Hudson Chapter are Dutchess, Orange, Sullivan, and Ulster. In the fall of 2014, an email was sent out to all chapter members to rally together to keep Mid Hudson Chapter going. A few members attended that meeting along with Ginny Hebda, who was the 2014 President, Dawn MacMullen, now a Director-at -Large, and Sandi Tetler, who was President -elect at the time of the meeting. Discussion of reorganization the chapter took place. So far, Mid Hudson has a new Board of Directors, has reviewed bylaws and procedures for the chapter and has established a calendar of monthly meetings at various hospitals within the chapter's region.


The new officers of Mid Hudson Chapter are:

President        Colleen Bouyea-Essency        cbrnbsn@gmail.com

Secretary       Jessica Macchiarola                princessjess575@hotmail.com

Treasurer       Deb Napoli                              debbienapoli@yahoo.com


As 2015 begins so does an exciting time for you to get involved in your local chapter. As stated before, this is an exciting opportunity to be involved and make a difference in the reorganization of these local chapters of NYS ENA. Each chapter consists of volunteer emergency nurses looking to advocate for emergency nurses with in each local region. What better way to feel a sense of accomplishment, to be a catalyst in the future of these chapters and the profession of Emergency Nursing then to be at the beginning.  


Our mission is "SAFE PRACTICE, SAFE CARE". It is never too late to join in the movement. For more information on how you can bring your talents to these chapters, you may contact any board member for chapter meetings and activities. You will not regret it.


Sandi Tetler RN, BSN

2015 NYS ENA President.





Doesn't matter if you are Republican, Democrat, Independent or whatever other parties are out there! You are ENA!! It's time to begin thinking about fall elections and looking at your peers for support and ideas. On the ballet this year are one director at large, president-elect and secretary. We realize all these posts are voluntary but your support and effort is what keeps our state ahead of the rest.


The President-elect is a one year term, succeeding to the office of president at the expiration of their term. In the event the position of president becomes vacant, the president-elect will serve for the unexpired term and the term for which s/he was elected. The president-elect will liaison with assigned chapters and committees, s/he will help select committee chairs for the following year and work with the treasurer and chairs to develop a budget for the following year. S/he will work with the president to assure that all web inquiries are answered within 7 days. The president-elect must attend 75% of all council meetings.


The secretary position is for a two year term. The secretary maintains the membership and attendance rosters of the state council representatives, officers and committees. The secretary produces the council business minutes 30 days after the quarterly meeting and posts on the website. This position maintains a copy of the bylaws and procedures, works closely with the registration chair for Setting the Pace, and keeps an accurate record of council meetings and correspondence.   The secretary must also attend 75% of all council meetings. (being computer literate is not a must, but certainly a help)


Director at large assists with the management of the council. S/he will liaison with assigned chapters and committees and perform duties as requested by the president. These may include: managing the raffles for 9/11 fund, reviewing bylaws and procedures for updating, and helping with conference issues.

All these positions require an RN license, ENA membership and active participation at the state and/or chapter level. If you are interested in running for an office, or you know someone who would be a good candidate and may be talked into running, contact Ginnie Hebda (585-346-5804 vhebda@rochester.rr.com) Be a part of the decision making in our state. Work with peers to make the changes we want/need to practice safely. Step up, speak up, run for an office. Anita Dorr wants YOU!!!


Join Us at Setting the Pace 2015





When we began to plan for our return to beautiful Saratoga Springs for the New York State conference, we also realized that it was our 35th conference. What an achievement!!!! What a legacy!!! And how much we have learned over the years!!! If you look closely at the front page of our brochure, you will see clips of our past conferences. In 1980 we were educated on nuclear accidents, this year we are Ebola triaging experts!!   If you want to remember where you were for any of the past conferences, look at the various brochures on the nysena.org website. I am hoping to fill in the holes for the few conference brochures that we did not have on file. So please check your attics and scrap books.


Join us at the conference and meet many former NYSENA leaders. Reminisce over some wine while buying basket tickets to benefit the ENA Foundation NYSENA 9/11 Scholarship. We are hoping some of our recipients will join us and let us know how their nursing careers are going. We also encourage our future nurses to join us and learn about the very exciting and challenging profession of emergency nursing.


Most importantly, join us to learn and be challenged by our very talented, qualified, and oftentimes funny opening speakers- Dr. Stephen Gomez and Dr. Laura Criddle. -to be challenged to provide even better stroke and trauma care, to teach trauma prevention, to review the templates we use during our practice and the research behind it, and explore the medical screening challenges we encounter. Join us for some new educational opportunities. What do you know about the NYS Board of Nursing? Do you visit the web site often? Do you realize that emergency nurses are at the greatest risk for addiction problems? Do you have a palliative care nurse practitioner to aid your patients, families and you with palliative care decisions and other treatment options?   


Join us for a day or day and half to reenergize, to relax, and to help enhance SAFE PRACTICE and SAFE CARE for emergency patients in New York State.




Hi Everyone

It is that time of year when NYSENA is looking for nominations for the state awards. The awards include:

  • Education Award
  • Special recognition award
  • Anita Dorr Award
  • Ginny Hens EMS award
  • Rising Star
  • Certificates of appreciation.

Submissions should be sent to the NYSENA President-elect, presidentelect@nysena.org.


The application can be downloaded at www.nysena.org.


We all know someone in their chapter or state that is deserving of one of these awards. We work with many colleagues throughout the state and throughout the year, it is time to show our appreciation for all they do for NYSENA and to promote ENA.  



Be well, warm and safe

Jacquie Glendinning, RN
NYSENA President-elect
CHATT chapter president



SETTING THE PACE - Call for Poster Presentations  



And Best Evidence Practice Papers  

2015 Annual Setting the Pace Conference

April 16 & 17, 2015 in Saratoga, NY

Click here to Download Guidelines

The deadline for submission is April 3, 2015.  


SETTING THE PACE - Basket Raffle


It's that exciting time of the year again for NYS ENA. Setting the Pace Conference is just around the corner and many special events are being prepared. One of the most exciting events is the basket raffle. Our "Basket Bunnies"' who made their appearance last year, will again be there for the event. To make this project a success, all chapters and any individual is encouraged to donate a raffle item. We already have a quilt donated by an anonymous individual. Some of the items from the past raffles include, Coach bags, jewelry, flat screen TV, handmade items, and a host of other delightful baskets. Looking forward to seeing you at the fun filled event


SETTING THE PACE - Picture Request 

Hello Everyone!!!


We are trying to put together a slide show for the conference. If you have any pictures you would like included, please email them to Andrew Wong. Thanks Dawn





New Committees for 2015 


By Sandi Tetler


Committees are a part of the structure of any association that are formed to share and divide the necessary work that needs to be done to accomplish the association's goals. Several new committees have been formed to address other practice issues that had not really been addressed before. They are:


Behavioral Health:  Behavioral Health Issues continue to be address and treatment sought with in the Emergency Department. The Behavioral Health Committee looks to address relevant issues that currently face todays ED nurses. It also looks to create public awareness of escalating health problem facing NYS ED and looks for positive solutions to address the problems. Marina Grennan and Maureen Chernosky are the committee co=chairs.


Advance Practice Nurse: The Advance Practice Nurse Committee is in its developing stages. The APN Committee includes all advance practice nurses involved and working with in the Emergency Department. Mary Lou Killian and L Helmsorig are the committee co-chairs.


Research, Evidence Based Practice: The Research Committee has been charged with furthering the practice of emergency nursing by investigating best practices and promoting evidenced-based practice through research. It is also responsible for being a resource to those nurses interested in developing new nursing research and evidence based practice and encouraging their presentation at our annual conference, "Setting the Pace". Jessica Castner and A. Sealey are the new committee co-chairs.


Strategic Implementation Committee: Change is inevitable, and our association must change with every tide. The Strategic Implementation Committee will develop the process by which our strategic plan will be implemented. It will look to concentrate on making changes to address the issues that concern today's nursing, healthcare and also society. The strategic plan has been developed to provide a plan for stability of the association and continued success to meet our member's needs. Jacquie Glendinning our 2015 President-elect will be the committee chair.


If you are interested in getting involved in any of the committees the association has to offer, please contact any co-chair by email to get involved.





April 16th - 17th
Setting the Pace
Holiday Inn
232 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
CODE NYS rate $129
April 18th
State Council Meeting 
Holiday Inn
232 Broadway
Saratoga Springs, NY 12866
April 28th -29th
Day on the Hill Washington DC
Click here to learn more
Sept 28th - Oct 3rd
Emergency Nursing Conference 2015 in Orlando, FL
Oct 11th - 17th

Oct 14th

 September 28th - October 3rd, 2015 Orlando, Florida

Orange County Convention Center

 NYSENA 2015 Meetings/Dates 

July 31/August 1, 2015
Newburgh, NY

September 28-Oct 3
National Conference Orlando

October 23/24, 2015?
Middletown/Newburgh NY 

State Council meetings are open to all members. 
For council meeting info, contact our President at: 585-775-9088




Board Liaison Assignments for 2015

Any questions you wish to ask the Board, these are your liaisons:


Sandi Tetler:  Brooklyn, Adirondack


Jacque Glendenning:  Western, Mark Twain, Genesse Valley


Ginny Hebda:  Chatt, Mid Hudson


Mary Ellen Jenninson:  All chapter Treasurers


Dan Dennis:  Mohawk, Lower Hudson, Southern Tier


Ivy Budhai-Henry:  Nassau/Queens, Suffolks


Dawn MacMullen:  Central, Manhattan-Bronx



APRIL 2015                      NASSAU/QUEENS          SO. TIER

JULY 2015                       SUFFOLK                        WESTERN

OCTOBER 2015               ADIRONDACK                  BROOKLYN/SI

JANUARY 2016               CENTRAL                         CHATT

APRIL 2016                     GENESEE VALLEY          LOWER HUDSON

JULY 2016                       MANHATTAN/BRONX        MARK TWAIN

OCTOBER2016                MID HUDSON                  MOHAWK


2015 New York State Officers



President - Sandi Tetler, Lower Hudson President@nysena.org 


President Elect - Jacquie Glendinning, Chatt Lower Hudson PresidentElect@nysena.org 


Secretary - Dan Dennison, Central Secretary@nysena.org 


Treasurer - Mary Ellen Jennison, Southern Tier Treasurer@nysena.org 


Immediate Past President - Ginny Hebda Genesee Valley ImmediatePastPresident@nysena.org 


Director at Large - Ivy Budai-Henry Board1@nysena.org  


Director at Large - Dawn MacMullen Genesee Valley Board2@nysena.org  




Please submit any suggestions or articles to: 

Dawn MacMullen at  enadawn@gmail.com 

Or NYSCENA.Newsletter@gmail.com

Thank you for spending some time with us today.