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The City began its food and water distribution operation at NYCHA Developments beginning Thursday, Nov. 1.  They remained until Nov. 11.   


On Nov. 12, the City set up prepared/hot food distribution sites and free food trucks at the following locations. One location is located within a NYCHA development - Beach 41st Street Community Center 


Queens (Rockaways)  


Prepared/Hot Food Distribution Sites 

  • Walbaum's (Parking Lot): 112-15 Beach Channel Drive (@ Beach 112 Street) Thriftway Mall (Parking Lot): 20-52 Mott Street between 20th and 21st Streets
  • Key Food (Parking Lot): 87-15 Rockaway Beach Blvd. (between Beach 87th & 88th)
  • Beach 41st Street Community Center: Beach 40th Street and Beach Channel Drive

Free Food Trucks, Sponsored by Mayor's Fund  

  • St. Helen's Roman Catholic Church: 83rd Street and 157th Avenue
  • Redfern Houses Community Center, Hassock Street and Beach Channel Drive
  • Kate's Market: Hillside Ave in Roxbury/Breezy Point  
  • Christ Community Church: Rockaway Point Boulevard and 208st/Breezy Point
  • St. Francis de Sales: Rockaway Beach Boulevard at Beach 129th Street
  • American Legion Hall: 209 Cross Bay Boulevard, Broad Channel
  • Rockaway Beach Blvd & Beach 123 Street



Prepared/Hot Food Distribution Site  

  • MCU Park (Parking Lot): 1904 Surf Avenue (@ West 19th Street)
  • Red Hook--While food distribution has ended for this area, the Red Hook Senior Center program is operating at the Miccio Center and senior participants are receiving meals daily. NYCHA is also providing additional support and outreach for residents affected in this area. Today NYCHA staff and volunteers knocked on the door of the more than 6,000 residents there to assess their needs. We provided access to volunteer medical staff and brought provisions such as water, food and other supplies to those in need. We had FEMA staff present to enroll impacted residents into the disaster relief program.

Free Food Trucks, Sponsored by Mayor's Fund  

  • Gerritsen Beach Fire Department: Seba Avenue between Canton Court and Dare Court
  • Coffey Park, 85 Richards Street
  • 2828 Neptune Ave.

Staten Island   


Prepared/Hot Food Distribution Site

  • Miller Field: Corner of Mill Road and New Dorp Lane

Door-to-door operations servicing NYCHA's homebound population has been on-going.


The NYPD has provided security and volunteers have increased the capacity to see more residents each day.  


Each canvasser is equipped with a resident questionnaire to ensure the most important information is gathered and services are made available to them 


All residents with pressing medical needs are addressed by NYCHA staff.  


Every homebound resident who requested food is accommodated that same day.  






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November 13, 2012


The New York City Housing Authority continues to restore power, heat and hot water to developments currently without service due to the storm. During the past week NYCHA has returned heat and hot water to many buildings across the city and is working with the utility companies and other government agencies to restore these essential services to every NYCHA resident as quickly as possible.   

  • On Monday, November 12, 2012, because of actions we took, the lights came back on for approximately 3,390 residents of 16 buildings in 5 NYCHA developments.  That means that today, power has been restored to around 99 percent of all buildings where it went out after Sandy.
  • In addition, yesterday, we were able to get heat and hot water restored to 121 residents of 2 buildings.  That means today that these services have been restored to 75.6 percent of all buildings that lost heat and hot water during the hurricane.

Below is the list of developments where we restored power or heat and hot water yesterday:

  • Red Hook East - 3 buildings housing 703 residents - power
  • Red Hook West - 2 buildings housing 907 residents - power
  • O'Dwyer Gardens - 3 buildings housing 500 residents - power
  • Surfside Gardnes - 3 buildings housing 500 residents - power
  • Surfside Gardens - 4 buildings housing 790 residents - power is now fully restored
  • Redfern - 2 buildings housing 492 residents - power is now fully restored
  • Lower East Side Rehab (Group 5) - 2 buildings housing 121 residents - heat

Current Status:



  • After Sandy hit, there were 402 buildings without electricity housing approximately 79,000 people.
  • 396 buildings housing 78,338 residents have had their electricity restored.
  • Currently there are 6 buildings within 3 developments in Brooklyn (Coney Island and Red Hook) housing approximately 990 residents where electricity is still out.

Developments Without Electricity  



  • O'Dwyer Gardens- 6 buildings housing 974 residents
  • Red Hook East- 10 out of 18 buildings housing 1,393 residents.
  • Red Hook West- 9 out of 14 buildings housing 2,242 residents.
  • Gowanus-1 out of 15 buildings housing 320 residents.

NYCHA staff is working hard to make repairs or provide temporary alternatives so that most or perhaps all of these buildings can have their power up today or tomorrow.



  • After Sandy hit, there were 386 buildings housing approximately 77,000 people without heat and hot water.
  • We have restored heat and hot water to 292 buildings housing approximately 58,798 people.
  • Currently there are 94 buildings throughout 13 developments affecting around 18,019 residents without heat.

Developments Without Heat and Hot Water



  • Carey Gardens- 4 buildings housing 1,642 residents
  • Coney Island- 5 buildings housing 1,203 residents
  • Coney Island I (Site 8) - 1 building housing 361 residents
  • Coney Island I (Sites 4 and 5)- 2 buildings housing 1,075 residents
  • Gravesend- 15 buildings housing 1,500 residents
  • O'Dwyer Gardens- 6 buildings housing 974 residents
  • Surfside Gardens- 5 buildings housing 1,167 residents
  • Red Hook East- 8 out of 18 buildings housing 809 residents
  • Red Hook West- 14 buildings housing 3,206 residents


  • Carleton Manor- 1 building housing 379 residents
  • Hammel- 14 buildings housing 1,816 residents
  • Ocean Bay Apartments (Bayside)- 24 buildings housing 3,734 residents
  • Redfern- 9 buildings housing 1,653 residents

We are in the process of connecting and testing temporary boilers to bring heat and hot water back to the remaining buildings.


Over the last three days, and continuing until all buildings are complete, we dispatched over 100 crews from third-party janitorial companies (and 60 NYCHA crews from non-impacted areas ) to all 26 impacted developments to remove garbage, clean stairwells and halls, and generally sanitize the buildings in an effort to return sanitary conditions back to normal.  This will continue until our caretaker crews are able to manage the buildings as before Hurricane Sandy.