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Wishing Jack DeLeon a refuah shlemah


Deanne & Don Etsekson


Wishing Maureen O'Hara a refuah shlemah 

Debra, Peter & Zelle Rettman

Deanne & Don Etsekson

Jack DeLeon

Bayla & Louis Treiger


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Susan, Michael, Jessica and Joey Becker

Bayla and Louis Treiger

Debra & Peter Rettman

Deanne & Don Etsekson


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Rabbi Bernie & Shirley Fox  

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Life Cycle 


To the Buttnick and Francis Family on the loss of Meta Buttnick Z"L 

Mazal tov to:

Mazal Tov to Gail and Amir Ben-Meir, on the engagement of their daughter Esther to Julian Alhadeff


Roger & Renee Hirsch on the birth of a granddaughter born to Karen & Gabe



Rabbi Berry and Nachama Farkash on the birth of a son. 

Tova and Rafi Kurlansik on the birth of a son 



Liana Mardakhayev 2005 and Isaac Granillo 2003 on their engagement

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Larissa and Igor Yagolnitzer on the birth of a daughter 


Kaden and David Oppenheimer on the birth of a grandson 


Rabbi Joey and Daniela Oppenheimer on the birth of their son, Aryeh 


Anita and Larry Altose on the birth of a grandson 


Daniela Aaron 2007 and Jeremy Lehmann on their engagement 

Renate Hirsch 2006 and Justin Zimmer on their engagement. 


Ben Maslan 1997 and Melanie Maslan on the birth of a baby girl. 


Malka Adatto 2001 and Danny Popper on the birth of a baby boy. 


Larry and Sharon Adatto on the birth of a grandson  


Gavriela Golden 2007 and Daniel Nomanim on their  marriage. 



We wish a refuah shlemah to:


Jack DeLeon

Maureen O'Hara

Albert Behar

Nina Garkavi 2006  

Ruth Sassoon

Ann Weinberg


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April 20, 2012
28 Nisan, 5772
 Shabbat Shalom   
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4/23 Career Day at NYHS, 9-12   


4/24 Israel Issues at NYHS, 9 am


4/25 Yom HaZikaron Commemoration at NYHS, 9 am


4/26 Yom Haatzmaut Commemoration, 9 am and Walk for Israel to Island Crust Cafe, 10 am 


4/29 Cancelled - Annual Meeting at NYHS - New Date Coming Soon!  


5/6-5/10  Sophomore Leadership Mission to Washington DC 


5/7 - 5/9 Junior Trip to Sequim 


5/20 - Gourmet Food & Dessert Auction, 7 pm (New date) at the home of Dr. Menachem and Judy Maimon



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Study the Book of Ruth with Rabbi Fox

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All classes at 2:30 pm at NYHS
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Thursday, 4/26
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Art Class with NYHS Art Instructor, Yulia Chubotin


Let your inner artist shine.  We are offering an art class at NYHS open to the public starting in May.  This class will focus on drawing and painting.  No experience necessary.    


Wednesdays, May 2, 9,16,23,30, June 6  
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6 weeks @$120  


Please email Yulia Chubotin at directly if you would like to join. 

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Rabbi Shalom Hammer at NYHS Today

This morning, Rabbi Shalom Hammer met with NYHS students and reinforced the message of Jewish optimism and pride in Israel.

Rabbi Shalom Hammer has had the unique experience of having served as a Rabbi in the United States, as educator in Israeli institutions and as a chaplain for the Israeli Defense Forces. He was sent numerous times to deliver classes to the Jews in the former Soviet Union and he has also led groups of American students through the fallen Jewish communities of Eastern Europe. These experiences provide Rabbi Hammer with distinct and profound insight on pertinent issues confronting the Jewish world both in Israel and the Diaspora.

We are thrilled to have had the opportunity to have Rabbi Hammer on campus.

Irena Sendler Cast
Life in the Jar cast

to read the article in the JT News. 
for the MI Patch piece.

Thank you to all who joined us right before Pesach for the Life in a Jar performance. Here is a note to the NYHS community from the director/producer, Norm Conrad.

"Seventy year's ago this month, Irena Sendler and her network, were in the midst of an extraordinary rescue effort from the Warsaw Ghetto. During the next two months, many children and some adults were smuggled out, as the Germans began the liquidation of the Ghetto.

Life in a Jar/the Irena Sendler Project was at #4 on's Holocaust books list (more than 6,000 books are on the list) during the 3rd week in March.

We have received many beautiful emails after our performance in Seattle, a large number are from students. We thank Northwest Yeshiva for arranging the presentations at the JCC on Mercer Island.

This was presentation number 305!!!! We appreciated meeting survivors of the Holocaust."

Life in a Jar -  
 Thank yous - Volunteers "Volunteers are the only human beings on the face of the earth who reflect this nation's compassion, unselfish caring, patience, and just plain love for one another."  Erma Bombeck

NYHS thrives because of the generous support
of many volunteers who donate their time and talent to help our school. 

Our apologies if we left you off this list.  Please let us know so we can remedy it for next week.


Host Families Needed for the 2012-13 School Year

Would you like to share your home and beautiful city with a high school student looking for a Jewish high school experience?


If you answered 'yes', consider hosting a student for the 2012-13 school year.  



We thank the community for responding so generously and opening up their homes to our out-of- town and foreign students this year.   


 We are now seeking host families for one or two semesters for the 2012-13 school year.

Contact Ian Weiner at iweiner@nyhs.netif you are interested and if you'd like more information.  
 Alumni Updates

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 Alumni in the News - Alumni Making News

Rabbi Ben Aaronson
wrote a piece for the JT News for Pesach.  Click here to read The Universe in Four Glasses of Wine

Tanya Friedland 2010
is the Media Relations Officer for Huskies For Israel.  She is quoted in this Daily article, Defending the Israeli Image.
Ron Bar Yoshafat, an Israeli with Stand with Us who recently spoke at NYHS, visited with UW students recently. Click here for his story. Scroll down to read Tanya's update.

Zelle Rettman 2010 was just selected as one of two David Project Video Advocacy Interns.   Click here to read about her selection in the Israel Campus Beat.

Chelsea Garbell 2008 is getting national attention for her role in Bridges, an organization bridging the divide between Jews and Muslims.  Click here to read about Jewish and Muslim students uniting to help victims of the deadly tornadoes this spring in the Midwest.

 Gilah Kletenik 2005 had a recent article in the Huffington Post.  Click here to read Gender Disparity in the Clergy:Breaking the Stained Glass Ceiling.

Aaron Katsman writes a weekly finance column for the Jerusalem Post.  Click here for his most recent article:  Plan on what you Have, Not on What you May inherit. 
Nina Garkavi 2006

Nina Garkavi 

Nina Garkavi 2006 sent us this alumni update.


"I interned at Versace Corporate in New York in wholesale and merchandising and at Yves Saint Laurent Corporate in New York in e-commerce. I graduated Sy Syms School of Business (Stern College) in Marketing with a minor in Management Information Systems in 2010.


While at Stern, I was a peer mentor and president of the Cosmetic Marketing Club. Then I began working for a direct response full service advertising agency called Integrated Media Solutions in New York as well, most recently as an assistant account executive. Now I am obviously not working and was going through treatment."      

Tanya Friedland 2010

Tanya Friedland 2010 is a sophomore at the UW.  This past summer she participated in an archeology dig at Tel Dor in Israel with the UW Classics Department led by Professor Sarah Stroup.

  The UW students along with students from the University of Haifa and Hebrew University worked at the Tel Dor site daily in August.  Tel Dor is actually named for the type of archeological dig site.  Tanya told us it is stratified which means that there are multiple layers of buildings and cities that have gone through periods of growth and destruction so that there are layers in this building cycle.   This site is a large mound located on the Mediterranean coast about 30 km from Haifa  The documented history of the site began in the Late Bronze age although the town itself was founded in the Middle Bronze age.  It ends in the Crusader period. Tanya told us that over the 3000 year history, Dor was ruled by Canaanites, Israelites, Phoenicians, Persians, Greeks, Romans and more.

Tanya describes daily life at the site .  " We dug in locus system and began with a sketch of the dig site for the day.  We put up tarps and staked out an area to dig.  In reality, you are not so much digging as sifting and brushing."  This was in August so it was incredibly hot and the students needed to take precautions to avoid sunburn and heat stroke. That said, Tanya loved every minute of the tedious archeological work.   
The students found lots of pottery and the marking or ridging could help identify the era.  Coins were a key find as they made it very easy to identify the era.  At this site, they did find copper coins.  
Tanya described how at the beginning of the expedition, she and her fellow students would save every piece of pottery found but they soon realized that the smaller shards were not helpful and they concentrated on looking for larger pieces that had more identifying factors on them. 
 Rena Genauer 2011

Rena Genauer and Josh Voss in Israel
Rena Genauer 2011 and Josh Voss 2011

"This year I am learning in a seminary in Jerusalem called MMY. One of the most amazing aspects of the year in Israel is being, "on location", so to speak. Every time we learn something we can take a trip to exactly where it happened. However, none of this would be possible without the IDF. Knowing that the IDF is out defending our borders and the precious lives inside of them makes me feel safer and appreciative of their courageous and brave actions. They are the unsung heroes that make me feel protected on an every second basis."

Click here to read more about her mission on the team.

Josh Voss 2011

Josh Voss & Army Buddy in IDF Mag 

We were very happy to get the following update from Josh Voss last week. Josh is serving in the IDF.

"I drafted in November, volunteered and passed the test to get into the paratroopers, צנחנים brigade.  We're the unit that conquered the kotel in the six-day war, among a lot of other things.  I've gotten to see Adam Polack around base a lot.  He is in the same brigade as me, albeit in the special recon unit, a little higher up than me.  I, along with 4 other guys from my apartment are in the 101st battalion which used to be led by Ariel Sharon.

We're finishing basic training in a few days.  Four months of advanced training lie ahead of us before we receive our red berets and go on to take real combat positions throughout the country.  I'm a sharpshooter, just went through the training for it this last week. 

Some nice highlights have been getting tear gassed, finishing the 3-day tryout for Special Forces, going on a 23k ridiculously fast-paced hike with all of our equipment, guarding the Jews in Hevron going to Maarat Hamachpela on Shabbat.

When I was in a base called Michveh Alon, a little 3 week training program before we got to our units, I ran into some kid who claimed he was from Seattle.  I'm like, "no you're not, I know everyone from Seattle, no one's joined the army."  He's replied that he was from  Bellevue.  I assumed he had gone to Bellevue or Newport High and was surprised when he told me that he  went to a small school called Northwest Yeshiva High  School. 

Turns out it was Daniel Robsman from the Class of 2005.  He drafted the same time as me."

 Josh and his unit scored the front page of the IDF magazine in February.  Click here to view. 


Zelle Rettman 2010 produced the short video about Israel below as part of the David Project at Brandeis.  Please watch and share it.

Inspired to Change the World 
Inspired to Change the World

"When most people think of Israel they think of two things: Jews and the Middle East Conflict. This video is to show that not only is it possible for Israel to exist in a conversation without mentioning those two things, but it happens all the time. Israel has many fantastic attributes and contributions to the world that often get over looked. The examples in this video are only a few of the many." 
 Chelsea Garbell 2008  

Chelsea Garbell 2008 is a Junior year at New York University, majoring in Media, Culture, & Communication and minoring in Public Health & Policy.   Over the summer, she traveled with the American Jewish World Service to Ghana, and then on her own to Nepal and Germany to stay with family friends.  


Chelsea continues to be very active in Jewish life at NYU, and is president of a club called Bridges: Muslim-Jewish Interfaith Dialogue.  They spent the last week of winter break rebuilding houses in Birmingham with Habitat for Humanity, and interacting with the local Muslim and Jewish communities.  They have gained a great deal of recognition on campus and Chelsea was named one of the 15 Most Influential Students at NYU 2011 for her work in Bridges. President Clinton recently recognized Bridges on "The View".  Their next goal is to expand into other campuses across the nation.


In addition to Bridges, Chelsea is an usher at the Skirball Center for the Performing Arts. She is also an NYU nominee for the national Truman Scholarship. This semester she is taking classes in art history, gender, health, and religion.   After college, Chelsea hopes to continue to travel the world, and plans to pursue a Masters of Public Administration before moving on to work in women's health policy.

Elisheva Goldberg 2006  


Elisheva graduated from the University of Pennsylvania magna cum laude with a B.A. in Near Eastern Languages and Civilizations with concentrations in Arabic and Hebrew. At Penn she served a two-year term as Editor-in-Chief of Kedma, Penn's journal on Jewish thought, culture and Israel.


Currently Elisheva is the assistant editor of the forthcoming blog, Zion Square, to be launched this spring. Zion Square will be an online group blog that seeks to facilitate a new respectfully unafraid conversation for American Jews about Israel, the Palestinians and the Jewish future. The blog is to be edited and overseen by journalist and professor, Peter Beinart. Elisheva also completed the final stages of research for Peter Beinart's newest book, The Crisis in Zionism, which will come out in March.


We spoke with Elisheva right before a working trip to Israel. She enjoys her job very much and especially appreciates the many opportunities to meet interesting people.

Chelsea Garbell 2008 in the JT News!  Click here.

She was voted one of the top 15 most influential students at New York University! 

15 Most Influential Students of 2011 
15 Most Influential Students of 2011


Aaron Katsman's  Smart Money Looks at US Housing 




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