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4-H Grows True Leaders Across New York State,
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Bronfenbrenner Center for Translational research
BCTR formed a partnership with Cornell Cooperative Extension when it located its youth component, 4-H Youth Development, within BCTR. Together CCE and BCTR are demonstrating commitment to grounding 4-H in contemporary societal challenges and embracing the opportunity to apply the emerging discipline of translational research to a large, diverse, and vibrant community based program that can be found in all corners of New York State.

Cornell Cooperative Extension 
4-H is the Youth Development component of Cornell Cooperative Extension's Land Grant Mission.

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April 1, 2016
From the NYS 4-H Office

Update on the National 4-H GROWS Campaign!

The 4-H program remains strong and vibrant in New York State.  We reached approximately 200,000 youth in 2015 with the support of highly energized and dynamic educators and volunteers. Our progress in New York is occurring at a time of significant change and opportunity at the national level. National 4-H Council has initiated a multi-year campaign, 4-H GROWS, designed to increase support and participation by energizing and updating the 4-H brand. We will be focusing on the first phase of the 4-H GROWS campaign, 4-H GROWS True Leaders at the upcoming 4-H Spring In-service, in the Marketing and Communications conference track.

To read the full update on the National 4-H GROWS Campaign, click here!

4-H Program Director

Grow True Leaders NYS 4-H Pep Rally - Join Us & Shout!
April 7 - Cornell Campus - 1 pm

Please join us in Beebe Hall for a 20-minute huddle for 4-H professionals, parents, volunteers, and club leaders, to hear exciting late-breaking updates on the 4-H Grows Campaign including media/PR news from Council, a sneak peek of our new television PSA, and a reminder of how everyone can Shout Out youth making a difference.

We ask you to wear your 4-H or NYS 4-H hats and shirts, and take 60-seconds to share with our nationwide 4-H family on how New York is excited for the campaign.

If you will already be on campus or can plan to join us on campus, we'll meet on April 7, 2016, at 1 pm in the Beebe Hall Conference Room as we kick off the Grow True Leaders campaign. Bring along an old Career Ex, STARR, or other 4-H shirts, hats, or jackets, and let's show the nation how fantastic it is to be in 4-H in the great state of New York!

Can't join us at Cornell?  You can also register below with National 4-H Council to be part of the excitement right from your Cooperative Extension office!  

Launch Pep Rally!  
From Your Cooperative Extension Office

Join the Grow True Leaders Campaign Launch Pep Rally! 
Get late breaking updates on the campaign, plus the premier of our new television PSA.
April 7, 2016

1:00 PM ET
(20 minute update)

4-H Capital Days - May 15-17
Deadline to Register Today!

The NYSACCE4-HE sponsors 4-H Capital Days, held in Albany, NY, on May 15-17.  Online registration closes today.  Please click here for more information and registration!

Register for the NYS 4-H 
Spring In-Service Conference  
April 13-15, 2016

The NYS 4-H Spring In-Service Conference will be held at the ILR Conference Center on the Cornell Campus on Wednesday, April 13 through Friday, April 15, 2016. 

There is still time to register for this action-packed 3-day event. At the conclusion of the   4-H GROWS Volunteer Training offered by the 4-H Club Management Committee,  our State 4-H Office will offer three separate tracks for the remainder of the Conference:  
  1. 4-H Professionals
  2. Campus-County Connections
  3. Communications
Check out our website for more information and to register today!  

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4-H Foundation Golf Tournament - SAVE THE DATE 
June 3, 2016; Country Club of Ithaca

Join the fun at the 2016 NYS 4-H Foundation Golf Tournament!

The New York State 4-H Foundation is an independent nonprofit foundation that is working hard to bring in resources to support 4-H programming across the State! The J. David Ferris Memorial Golf Tournament is the largest single annual fundraising event that supports the Foundation. The tournament will be held on Friday, June 3, 2016, at the Ithaca Country Club and there are many ways your County 4-H program can support this tournament!  

Visit the Foundation website today and learn how you can put together a team of golfers from your county, or sign your Association up to be tee/green sponsor. Do you have any suggestions for local businesses that might be willing to support this event? If so please send them our way. We also need volunteers who can help out on the day of the tournament with registering golfers and supporting the tournament throughout the day. For more information on all of this please visit the 4-H Foundation website by clicking on the image or contacting Foundation Operations Manager Jennifer Trice. Registration closes May 13.

Thank you for considering this opportunity to have some fun and help us raise money that will support the mission of 4-H in New York State!

NYS 4-H Program Leader

Civic Engagement
NYS 4-H State Civic Engagement Specialist
States' 4-H International Exchange 
We Need Two More Families to Host

It's official!  We have placed ten of our 12 youth delegates from Japan with 4-H families and 4-H volunteers.  We have two delegates remaining to be placed, if you'd like to host and you will be home from July 25-August 23.  Consider working with us to help a Japanese delegate practice their English and learn about American culture!  Contact Jamila Simon if you can host!

STARRy Ways to Prepare

We have officially closed out STARR registration and have 240 registered participants
Each participant will need to work with the educators in order to upload their NYS 4-H permission and code of conduct forms. If they are attending Career Ex for example, they won't have to complete the forms again as they will be in our 4-H Online database.

Please insert all statewide events on the activity date and location line and various on the act ivity director line.

Last, we have a webinar coming out next week to cover all things STARRy and beautiful so that you will be fully prepared to attend and have a great time. Stay tuned; we will send an announcement for the date and time of the webinar.  


Career Explorations!

Career Explorations Online Registration!

Career Explorations online registration is now open! You can register by clicking the image!

The link is also posted on the event page. If you have questions about the registration database, please email Adam Davis. You can also send other Career Explorations questions to Alexa Maille.

STEM and STEM Partner News
NYS 4-H State STEM Specialist
Be a Citizen Science Champion!

Interested in exploring the possibilities of citizen science with youth? Learn how citizen science can be used to support STEM learning and inquiry goals while helping kids connect to their local habitats and scaffolding local habitat improvement projects. At this training, hosted by Cornell Lab of Ornithology and NYS 4-H, attendees will receive training and BirdSleuth's Habitat Connections curriculum kit with over nine hours of activities in seven lessons.

Participation in a workshop will make also you eligible for a mini-grant for Action Map projects. This will be a competitive process in late summer. Typical Action Map projects include creating  a native plant garden, removing invasive species, and creating bird feeding stations. This workshop is open to anyone in Extension that is interested in doing citizen science projects with youth - including 4-H Educators and Volunteers, Horticulture Educators and Master Gardener Volunteers, and more.

Apply for one or both NYS Extension BirdSleuth workshop opportunities! Multiple people from the same program are encouraged to attend; however, space is limited.
  • Saturday, April 16 from 9:30am-3:30pm in Essex County at Noblewood Park, 158 Lakeshore Dr, Willsboro, NY 12996
  • Saturday, April 23 from 9:30am-3:30pm at CCE Ontario County, 480 N Main St, Canandaigua, NY 14424
If you have questions, please contact Alexa Maille. You can also explore the Lab's resources for engaging youth in citizen science through 4-H.
To register click here!

Project Fibonacci STEAM Youth Conference Nominations
Nominations Due April 15  - Rome NY

The Project Fibonacci STEAM Youth Conference Steering Committee invites 4-H Educators to nominate up to 10 qualified candidates (2-3 per grade level) from our 4-H youth rosters, to their premiere first-of-its kind event this summer!  

Eligible nominees must:
  • Be entering their junior year of high school for the 2016-17 school year (4-H alum who are freshmen through senior year of college are also eligible)
  • Have demonstrated (or show the potential for) leadership skills and an aptitude or interest in STEAM fields (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math)
Each day of the conference is dedicated to a different STEAM topic, with impressive keynote speakers highlighting these topics:
  • Astrophysicist Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (Cosmos series fame)
  • Neuroscientist Dr. David Eagleman (PBS The Brain fame)
  • Astronaut Alan Bean (scientist, artist, 4th person to walk on the moon fame) 
  • Dr. Brian Greene (PBS host, author, lecturer on nature and the cosmos fame)
  • Bill Nye (The Science Guy fame)
These speakers will present on the following topics:
  • Mon-Aug 1-Fibonacci in the Cosmos and Other Universes (Tyson)
  • Tue-Aug 2-Fibonacci in Medicine: The Brain & Human Physiology (Eagleman)
  • Wed-Aug 3-Fibonacci in Art, Graphics, Photography, and Nature (Bean)
  • Thu-Aug 4-Fibonacci Through Music and the Science of Sound (TBD)
  • Fri-Aug 5-Fibonacci in Science, Engineering, Math, & Our World (Nye, Greene)
The deadline for nominations has been extended to April 15!  Send your nomination to:   Amy Singletary of ANDRO or call 315-334-1163.  

Project WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide
Wednesday - May 4, 2016 from 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 pm
Amboy 4-H Environmental Education Center in Oswego County

The Project WILD K-12 Curriculum and Activity Guide focuses on wildlife and habitat. It is organized into topic units and is based on the Project WILD conceptual framework. Because these activities are designed for integration into existing courses of study, instructors may use
one or many Project WILD activities, or the entire set of activities may serve quite effectively as the basis for a course of study.

Each Project WILD activity contains all the information needed to conduct that activity including objectives, method, background information, a list of materials needed, procedures, evaluation suggestions, recommended grade levels, subject areas, duration, group size, setting, and key terms. A glossary is provided as well as an index cross-referenced by topics and skills. 

Overnight accommodations are available. Cost for the overnight lodging and breakfast is $10. Click to  register for this training and enter:
  • 4-H Program as the Host. 
  • Warren as the Location. 
  • YNOE Retreat as the Event. 
  • Select "Attending only Project Wild training" under Dates to sign up for just the Project Wild Training. 

YNOE PWT Members: This training is part of the annual retreat. 
You will be billed after the retreat.

Summer College Equine Practice Program
Open to Junior and Senior High School

Equine Practice: a Veterinary Perspective, running July 17 to August 6, 2016, is a three-week summer course offered by Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine in conjunction with Cornell University Summer College. This hands-on, three-credit program is open to high school juniors and seniors.

The course teaches students the basic principles of horse husbandry, emphasizing anatomy, nutrition, preventive medicine, first aid, common infectious and metabolic diseases, lameness, breeding and foal care, and farrier care.
Through morning lectures and afternoon visits to the Cornell Equine Park, students will learn about a broad range of topics related to horse wellbeing. They will meet and work with more than a dozen Cornell faculty experts in nutrition, breeding, medicine, surgery, and more, and learn what is happening at the cutting edge of equine research and medicine.

Cornell University Summer College is one of the country's most highly regarded pre-college academic programs, giving talented high school students the chance to experience the excitement of college life at a world-class Ivy League university. Students study with world-renowned faculty, earn college credit, explore academic majors, and make new friends. Summer College is offering several additional veterinary medicine and animal science courses this summer, including Captive Raptor Management, Sustainable Animal Husbandry, and Conservation Medicine.
To learn more or to apply, click the image or call (607) 255-6203. Applications for most programs are due April 29!

Animal Science News! 
If you have new staff who should be added to be able to access the NYS 4-H Livestock Advisory SharePoint site, contact Dana Palmer.

April Calendar
April 1- Deadline for NYS 4-H Horse Judging Contest (April 16 at Morrisville) 
April 4- Cobleskill Livestock Judging (Reasons) Clinic for Youth (April 23)
April 9- Cornell Vet School Open House
April 9 - NYS 4-H Horse Quiz Bowl
April 16- Cornell S
tudent Block & Bridle Club Livestock Show and Barnyard Fun Day
April 23- NYS 4-H
Dairy Bowl
April 25 -Deadline for May 14 NYS 4-H Horse Communications Contest 
April 29- Deadline for Animal Crackers
April 30- Cobleskill Livestock Commencement Sale (Potential 4-H project animals will be sold) For sale info, contact Cindi Shelley by e-mail or phone (518-255-58
NYS 4-H Animal Science

Rice Award Recipients Announced! 
The following lead educators will receive $500 Rice Awards for collaborative regional 4-H Poultry Programming planned in 2016:

1 Amanda Dackowsky (Cattaraugus)
2 Melanie Forstrom (Ulster)
3 Jennifer Collins (Herkimer)
4 Jennifer Jensen (Ontario)
5 Tara Defendorf-Kuba (Monroe)
6 Theresa Spain (Onondaga)
7 Susan Coyle (Seneca)
April 16- Cornell S

NYS 4-H Animal Science

Willman Award Recipients Announced! 
The following lead educators will receive $500 Willman Awards for collaborative regional 4-H Animal Science Programming planned in 2016:

1 Jennifer Collins (Herkimer)
2 Tara Defendorf-Kuba (Monroe)
3 Kim Nowakowski (Madison)
4 Jen Clancey (Yates)
5 Melanie Forstrom (Ulster)
6 Dorothy Slegle (Cayuga)
7 Sarah Hardy (Oneida)

NYS 4-H Animal Science

2016 NYS 4-H Horse Communications Event

A writable pdf on the Registration Forms can be found here! PLEASE NOTE - Any special time requests must be made when entries are submitted.  Every effort will be made to grant these requests, but are not guaranteed. Special requests will be considered on a first come, first served basis. 

Individual schedules will be sent to the participants once they are established. Try to arrive at least one-half hour prior to your scheduled time. Park in the upper Morrison Hall parking lot.  If you are unfamiliar with the Cornell campus, contact your Cooperative Extension Office for more details. Please enter Morrison Hall by the East Morrison Hall parking lot entrance, which is easily accessible by the upper Morrison parking lot. Please look for signs. Put your things in Rm. 101 - holding room. Then register on the third floor - PLEASE be quiet as the contest will be in progress on the 3rd floor. Schedules will be posted on the appropriate contest room on the 3rd floor.

  • Please be familiar with the state rules that are published in the current NYS 4-H Horse Educational Events Rule Book dated Oct. 2015 - Sept. 2016. The rule book are posted to the 4-H Horse web site at:  Educational Events Rulebook
  • Contestants may introduce themselves. Room monitors will not be making introductions.  Refer to rules.
  • The top presenters will be invited to participate at the 4-H Horse Communications Invitational at State Fair.
    • For juniors and seniors:
      • top five Individual Presenters
      • top two Public Speakers
      • top Team Presenters
  • Bring your own lunch, drinks and refreshments - also the Dairy Store will not be open.
  • Bring your own equipment and props (easels, slide projectors, TV, VCR, computers, Power Point projectors, etc.), these will not be supplied for you.
LODGING:  A limited number of rooms were blocked at the Ramada Ithaca, 2310 North Triphammer Road, for the night of May 13, 2016 under 4-H Horse Communication 2016. The rooms will only be available until April 14, 2016. After that the date, they will be released to the general public. Here is the link for the hotel.

DIRECTIONS: Corner of Judd Falls and Tower Roads, Cornell Campus.  Ask your Cooperative Extension Office for more details if you need them.  If you are using GPS, the physical address of Morrison Hall is 507 Tower Road, Ithaca, NY.  Entrance to the parking lot is off Judd Falls Road.

Welcome to New Staff

Meet Ethan Cramton!

Ethan joined the 4-H Rural Youth Services Program at Cornell Cooperative Extension Tompkins County in August, 2015. He is providing youth development programming for Trumansburg/ Ulysses Youth, which also includes a first time youth employment component for teens. He is a native Ithacan and graduated from Cornell in 2012 with a Bachelor of Science in Development Sociology. 

He has worked in youth education for the entirety of his professional life: as a sailing instructor on Cape Cod for five years, a tennis instructor at Cornell Sports Camps, and in Ithaca as an afterschool counselor at Fall Creek Elementary School throughout his time as a student at TC3 and Cornell. 

In his free time he enjoys hiking, camping, reading, playing piano and banjo, and sailing. He loves all of the seasons (truly!) and exploring the human experience through activity and spirited conversation. He is very much looking forward to continuing his work as Trumansburg/Ulysses Youth Services' program manager and is so happy to have found a home with 4-H.  Welcome Ethan!

Meet Travis Judd

Travis is from Highland Falls, New York and came to Ithaca to pursue his education at Ithaca College, where he received his undergraduate degree in Physical Education and Outdoor Recreation.  He continues to foster his love of the outdoors and education through meaningful experiences in nature with whoever cares to join him. 

Travis shares his love of nature with many youth of Tompkins County in his role as a 4-H Youth Development Program Manager for the Rural Youth Services program in Tompkins County. Throughout the past 8 years working with youth here in Ithaca, the local community has been nothing but inspiring and exciting to Travis.  He feels that he is being integrated and welcomed with open arms as an Ithacan and is eager to deepen his connections throughout Tompkins County. 

He is an avid outdoor enthusiast, participating in every, and any sport or activity that takes place outdoors.  Winter activities, such as snowboarding, winter camping, ice climbing and sledding are where you will find him from November to May. Travis also loves the lifelong learning process about the natural world we all live in and how we can embrace and extend that connection to others.  Welcome Travis!

4-H Curriculum Update- PYD Learning Products

2016 E-academy: The Role of Learning in Positive Youth Development
Tuesday, April 5:
  • Session 3 (12:00pm): Creating a learning environment 
  • Session 4 (2:00pm): Meeting learners where they are

For more information and to register, click the image!  

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