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This Issue:
  • Healthix Announces New Senior Vice President, Joan Carney Clark 
  • NYU Langone Health, the First to Exchange Images through Healthix
  • New Patient-Focused and HIE Educational Materials Now Available
  • Participants in Healthix Continue to Expand
    - A Very Special Welcome to All Our New Participants
  • New Research Study Investigates HIE Clinical Alerts
  • Healthix Chief Security Officer Presents at Annual Cybersecurity Conference
Joan Carney Clark,
Senior Vice President
Solutions and Member Engagement
Healthix Welcomes New
Senior Vice President of Solutions and Member Engagement -- Joan Carney Clark
Joan Carney Clark joins Healthix, bringing substantial and relevant healthcare experience to her new role. Joan has p reviously held leadership roles at The Brooklyn Hospital Center, St. Vincent's Catholic Medical Centers, Maimonides Medical Center and Beth Israel Medical Center. She began her healthcare career at Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield.
At Healthix, Joan's responsibilities will include overseeing the recruitment of new Participants, while supporting and maximizing the benefits for existing Participants, including  training, auditing, communications and outreach. In addition, Joan will apply her extensive experience in strategic planning to develop and execute future Healthix operational and strategic plans.  To contact Joan Clark, call ( 646) 432-3676 or email 

NYU Langone Health, the First to Exchange Images
through Healthix

Image as seen within the Healthix Portal
In July, NYU Langone Health became the first healthcare provider to make their radiology images available 
through Healthix. Now within the Healthix Portal, a single click allows providers to view tens of thousands of studies monthly, and compare full diagnostic quality images from the NYU PACs system, including historical images. This means, providers outside NYU Langone Health will be able to access patient images -- speeding information to physicians who refer to NYU Radiology and eliminating the need for transferring images manually. Radiology images from  Northwell Health and Maimonides Medical Center  will be available through Healthix later this year. 

This effort was made possible with technical support from partners at eHealth Technologies and J2 Interactive. The initiative was part of a statewide incentive program funded by NYS DOH. 

New Patient-Focused and HIE Educational Materials Now Available
We have created print collateral, posters, videos and PowerPoint presentations that you can use to help educate staff, community partners and patients as to the vital role of health information exchange. The materials address the importance of giving consent, outlines who is exchanging data, what and how it is being exchanged and most importantly, highlights the success stories. If you would like to use any of these materials for outreach, we are happy to co-brand the information for your use.   

Healthix Welcomes 117 New Participants Since January 1st
42 - Ambulatory Practices
32 - Skilled Nursing Facilities
20 - Long Term Care Facilities
  5 - Behavioral Health Organizations 
  5 - Community Based Organizations
  3 - Home Care Agencies

2 - Health Plans
1 - EMS
1 - Federally Qualified Health Center
1 - Hospital
5 - Other

New Research Study Investigates Health Information Exchange Alerts to Determine Effectiveness and Utilization
The use of alert notifications, where health providers are electronically informed of their patients' hospitalizations and encounters at other institutions, is growing nationwide.  While alert notifications are promising, t he impact on health care utilization and costs are still under evaluation. The study, funded by NYS DOH, will examine all de-identified data from Healthix, HEALTHeLINK and the Rochester RHIO -- 3 of the 8 public HIEs in the SHIN-NY.   

Healthix Chief Security Officer, Presents at 8th Annual Cybersecurity Conference
Sep. 28th, 9am-6pm, New York City
Healthix CISO, Matthew Webster will present a session on Securing Private Health and Financial Data at the Annual Cybersecurity Conference of NYIT  School of Engineering and Computing Sciences. The Conference  brings together cyber experts from academia, business, and government and will address Securing Private Health and Financial Data among other topics

In Case You Missed Our Summer Issue 
HIV/AIDS Ending the Epidemic
This video looks at the AIDS crisis from the start through to the current dramatic drop in new cases. It highlights how Healthix is assisting the AIDS Institute of NYS DOH and clinical providers by providing data to support detection and long term care.

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