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April 2016 / Nissan 5776

April 10-16, 2016 is National Volunteer Week, a time to celebrate and thank Canada's 12.7 million volunteers.

Na'amat Canada is grateful for its many amazing volunteers! Na'amat volunteers, you make it all possible - sharing your amazing talents and creativity, bringing your energy and enthusiasm to all of our projects and events, and giving so generously of your expertise and your time.
Thank you to all our volunteers across Canada! Read on to get to know some of our brightest stars.

Thank you to the dedicated members of Na'amat Ottawa who work on all the annual events, year after year.  Thank you to our dedicated Co-Presidents, Andrea Malek and Danielle Schneiderman. Danielle has also been working hard leading the "Ottawa School Supply Project" for many years.  Our Na'amat Ottawa Jewish Telephone Directory, in its 66th year, would not succeed without the tireless devotion of Judy Field

Many of the annual activities that we carry out, such as Mother's Day Tribute cards and the spring fundraising event, are helped along each year by Ilana Albert-Novick, Marian Lederman, Marilyn Schwartz, and Rosalie Schwartz. We are grateful for our Treasurer, Jackie Sitwell, and our other devoted Council members Sandra Bitton, Sharon Clark and the many others who continue to be part of Council's many activities. 

Thank you to all our volunteers in Ottawa! We feel lucky to have you .  

Sharon Reichstein has been an active member of Na'amat Ottawa for the past 15 years. Her dedication and loyalty has led to her involvement in many projects and roles within the organization. Sharon led the "Ottawa School Supply Project" for eight years. This project helps purchase and pack close to 200 backpacks for underprivileged children living in shelters across the city each year. She also co-chaired our annual Winter Fundraiser for several years and initiated our Na'amat Mother's Day Tea. Together, these two events have helped raise tens of thousands of dollars toward the Glickman Centre and other projects in Israel.

During her role as Otzma Chapter President, Sharon made it a priority to ensure that members were well educated each month about the many other projects Na'amat is involved with in Israel. She has visited the Na'amat installations on her own family trips to Israel. Sharon, a Life Member, remains an active and involved member of the Otzma Chapter where she continues to help organize monthly meetings and is an avid fundraiser.

Sharon, Na'amat Ottawa is proud to be able to call you our own!

Kol Ha'kavod!

Na'amat Canada Edmonton would like to recognize Darlene Bushewsky for her passion and dedication to the women, children and families in Israel and Canada. When she's not working as a Respiratory Therapist in NICU, she's volunteering in the community. She has spearheaded several Na'amat fundraisers and is currently involved in chairing a fundraiser in support of Na'amat extended day cares and Edmonton's Kids Kottage to be held May 31. We wish to recognize Darlene for her hard work and dedication.

We also wish to thank all of our volunteers and members. They are special and without them we would be unable to carry out the important work of Na'amat. The passion, support and sisterhood of the members make Na'amat Canada Edmonton a special organization to belong to.


Na'amat Galim Vancouver members were very busy selling Hamentashen to the community, family, and friends over the three weeks leading up to Purim. Sunday, March 20 was the pick-up and delivery day - the culmination of hours of preparation. It was the most successful one we have had in all 20 years our club has been doing this.

Without the amazing dedication of two very special ladies this year, this event would not have happened. Leora Steif and Dani Mate work countless hours preparing for the big day. Leora spends hours entering all the orders onto our database as members direct them to her. Dani organizes the production of the Hamentashen. We all work together as a team to make it happen but rely on the expertise and commitment of these two wonderful women. Thank you!

Leora Steif

Dani Mate


In honour of National Volunteer week, we would like to recognize two volunteers that have been working tirelessly thus far on our upcoming Red Hot Mama fundraiser. Stephanie Sacks and Dorit Moise have spent hours and hours designing, revising, editing, and preparing our promotional materials and tickets for the event. The letters, posters, flyers, postcards and tickets they have created are beautiful, and the enormous time and effort that they put into producing all of it is certainly appreciated. While other volunteers have or will be giving of their time and efforts to this fundraiser, Stephanie and Dorit are standouts at this point! Kol HaKavod to them both.

Dorit Moise

Stephanie Sacks


Na'amat Canada Montreal would like to thank the members of the Council for their devotion and support. The Council members are chairing events and projects, giving generously to all of our projects, and donating many hours to help in the office with telephone reception, bookkeeping, and general office tasks. The leadership of the Council is shared by seven members who are working as a very effective team. Thank you to Co-Presidents: Anita Blanshay, Brenda Noodelman, Anna Klein Lerner, Bryna Gartenberg, Erika Bloom and Gillian Ubfal. Thank you to our treasurer, Heather Gordon.

Anita Blanshay is a Past National President of Na'amat Canada, and a fundraising powerhouse! We are grateful for her tireless efforts to raise funds for Na'amat. Her latest success is the Florida Luncheon, which she conceived and has worked tirelessly to develop into an amazing success. This year's event (the 13th luncheon) featured a keynote address by Stephen Flatow, and was attended by over 180 people, many of them new to Na'amat. Over $6,000 was raised at this year's event in support of the Rhodie Blanshay Benaroch Children's wing at the Na'amat Canada Glickman Centre for Family Violence Prevention in Tel Aviv. The children's wing is named in honour of Anita's daughter Rhodie (z'l). We are so proud of Anita and are very grateful for all her efforts on behalf of Na'amat.

Toronto couldn't do it without our volunteers. So where do we start thanking and recognizing those who make our many successes?

Our clubs' executives keep the clubs meeting regularly and fundraising relentlessly. Simply, they make the clubs work and have been doing this for years and years. Kudos to all of them.

Today, I'd like to acknowledge the amazing work that the Toronto Council Executive and Portfolio Holders do. I truly believe that they are the reason that we are as successful as we are. They run amazing programs and fundraisers, bringing in new people and new money. They are available when called to solve problems, help out at events and fill in at a moment's notice.

Standing (left to right): Sheri Goldberg (Leadership), Roni Maderer (Vice-President), Terry Dykopf (Treasurer), Orit Tobe (Israel Day Festival), Celina Fenster (Fundraising), Heather Freed Technology

Sitting (left to right): Gerry Anklewicz (President), Laurel Wiseman (Past President)

The executive includes Roni Maderer (vice-president), Laurel Wiseman (immediate past president) and Terry Dykopf (Financial Secretary). Along with Heather Freed (Communications and Technology chair), this group meets bi-weekly to discuss a multitude of facets of running our organization. On top of that, they support all of our events, both programming and fundraising. Each has her own area of expertise which makes us a strong force.

In addition to the executive, our portfolio holders each have an area of responsibility for running programs and fundraisers. Their creativity and diligence makes coming to a Na'amat event a pleasure. Celina Fenster holds the fundraising chair and she has been responsible for our successful Spring Into Beauty as well as co-chairing our Cabaret for Caring. Esther Rodzynek and Reesa Karsh have co-chaired our Membership Committee. Janis Spinner and Joanna Shore, our Dollars for David co-chairs, have worked relentlessly making the annual project the most successful Toronto project. Sheri Goldberg piloted our Na'amat Air Flight in her role as Leadership chair. Janet Marmur, our Education chair, has brought us interesting speakers and two exceptional International Women's Day programs. We annually pay Tribute to our members for the work they do during the year. Helen Erlich has undertaken to make our Tribute Evening which we combine with our Chanukah Party a joyful evening. A huge event in the spring is our Israel Day Festival spearheaded by Orit Tobe.

Thank you to all. We couldn't do it without you. 

Gerry Anklewicz
Toronto President


Chapter Nitsan wants to highlight the amazing contributions of Helen Metz. Helen has been an active member of our chapter for more than 20 years. She has held many different roles in the chapter, participating in the program committee, active on the Author's luncheon committee and also functioning as a past president of the chapter. 

For several years now, Helen has been our communications person. Regardless of the time of the day or night, she will make sure that any message, happy or sad, gets relayed in a timely fashion. If need be she will correct the grammar and add some wonderful comments. She has actually made it her habit after each of our general meetings to write a positive reflection; for Helen the glass is always half full.

When Helen is not thinking and breathing Na'amat, she is a passionate social worker, supporting mainly children and adolescents, working for many years at "Big Brothers and Big Sisters" and now with the Hamilton Family Health Team. 

Helen, thank you for you continuous contributions for our chapter. Your wisdom and shared experiences are invaluable. 

Chapter Nitsan wants to also thank our many volunteers who help with our fundraisers and keep the group vibrant and active. It is really difficult to pick only a few, as we are blessed with many enthusiastic members, who all have special skills to bring to the table. The committee members of our amazing Author's luncheon include Deena Sacks, Shelley Sanders, Laura Ludwin, Jan Hastie, Ronit Gafni, Barbara Szechtman, Susan Roth, Wendy Schneider, Gloria Mostyn and Adele Wolpert Zur. But there is no doubt that the success of the Author's luncheon is relying on many more shoulders and helping hands as can be seen in the picture below. Thank you to all our volunteers who are helping before, during and after the event.

A big thank you also to our volunteers who throughout the year worked on different committees to run our chapter including Dora Fischer (even so she moved to Toronto managing our books), Michele Ronen, Helen Metz, Susan Joanis, Tiki Lev-Goren, Judy Mendelson, Julia Kollek, Lori Dessau, and our national board delegates Sandi Seigel and Deena Sacks. And there is a long list of additional volunteers who are contributing by hosting meetings, bringing snacks, attending meetings and donating to Na'amat.

Nitsan members preparing the Author's luncheon

Happy faces after a successful Author's luncheon with Kim Thuy (the one lying on the table). What an amazing lady. We were all ready to adopt her.