Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham (SYVP) Newsletter #5 January, 2012
founded by Swami Govindananda Saraswati

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Swami Govindananda Saraswati
" Be righteous and selfless in principle. Then your actions will automatically be moral"

- Swami Sivananda

This e-mail comes to you from Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham.

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Om Namo Narayanaya
Blessed friends/well wishers

Om Namah Sivaya - Namaste

Hope all of you are in best of health.

Hope you had a meaningful life full of events of self discovery and self mastery in the previous year.

All goes well with the activities of Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham (SYVP).

Herein you will find an update of our activities over recent months & information on our future plans & courses.

Thank you all for your strong support to the cause of yogic way of life.

In SERVICE Swami Govindananda

web: www.sivanandapeetham.org mailto:sivanandapeetham@gmail.com

Light of wisdom
Questioner: Is the thought `I am God' or `I am the supreme being' helpful?

Ramana Maharshi: `I am that I am.' `I am' is God, not thinking `I am God.' Realize `I am' and do not think `I am.' `Know I am God,' it is said, and not `Think I am God.` All talk of surrender is like pinching brown sugar from a brown sugar image of Lord Ganesa and offering it as naivedya [food offering] to the same Lord Ganesa. You say you offer your body, soul and all possessions to God. Were they yours that you could offer them? At best, you can only say, `I falsely imagined till now that all these which are yours were mine. Now I realize they are yours. I shall no more act as if they are mine.' This knowledge that there is nothing but God or Self, that I and mine don't exist and that only the Self exists, is jnana.

SYVP - upcoming events 2012-2013:
Yoga Teacher Training Course Feb - Mar 2012

After the current YTTC-2 finishes on February 12th we will be moving from the Amboli Hills to Varkala beaches!

Our 4th Yoga Teacher Training Course will be held in Kerala, India from 22 Feb to 21 Mar 2012.

If you are interested in joining us for a month of Yoga immersion in a very beautiful setting contact us.



Nov 4 - Dec 2, 2012 - Varkala, Kerala, India

Dec 6 - Jan 3, 2013 - Varkala, Kerala, India

Feb 14 - Mar 14, 2013 - Varkala, Kerala, India


Jan 13 - Feb 10, 2013 - Varkala, Kerala, India

The Swamis' Tour Dates
Swami Govindananda:

Swami Govindananda is currently teaching in the YTTC-2 (Yoga Teacher Training Course level 2) in Amboli, Maharashtra. During Feb - Mar 2012, he will be in Varkala, Kerala, India for a month to teach the YTTC-1. For more information, please see www.sivanandapeetham.org

Swami Govindananda's May - September 2012 tour details are currently being finalised. At present he is planned to visit Australia and Europe. Updates will be published in his blog - http://swamigovindananda.wordpress.com.

Swami Tattvarupananda:

Swami Tattvarupananda is part of the teaching team in the current YTTC-2 course. Swamiji will be teaching at SYVP's YTTC (Yoga Teacher Training Course) Level I In Varkala, near Trivandrum from 22nd February to 21st March 2012 For more information, please see www.sivanandapeetham.org

After the YTTC1 ends Swami Tattvarupananda will be returning to his Gurukulum until departing for Germany & Denmark in April/May 2012.

For more information on Swamiji's tour, please visit the web site of Swami Tattvarupananda's JJK Gurukulum - http://www.jjkgurukulam.org/

In future to arrange any programme with Swamiji in Europe please contact: speyer@yoga-vidya.de or visit www.yoga-vidya.de/center/speyer

Swami Nivedanananda:

Swami Nivedanananda will also make his first tour to Europe in the coming months of May - July. The details are currently being planned.

Swamiji passing on the teachings
SYVP news June 2011 to January 2012
2nd YTTC-1 in Almora, Himalayas:

The 2nd Yoga Teacher Training course - level 1, of SYVP went well with a group of 30 students in the Shree Kalyanika Himalaya Devsthanam Ashram in Almora in the Himalayas from Jun - Jul 2011.

Swami Govindananda, Swami Tattvarupananda, Swami Nivedanananda, Arun Pandala and Dr Reshmi Mehrotra were the main teachers.

Swami Tatvarupananda - tour to Germany:

Swamiji made his annual lecture tour of Germany during May and Jun 2011, visiting many places to take the students into the depths of Vedantic wisdom.

He returned to his Gurukulam to continue his service to the young members guiding them in all aspects of life. (http://www.jjkgurukulam.org/)

Swami Govindananda visited Germany in Jul - Aug 2011:

Swamiji made his first tour abroad after founding Sivananda Yoga Vidya Peetham in July & August 2011. He visited many yoga centres in Germany giving yoga classes, satsangs, talks on Yoga and Vedanta

After returning from Germany, Swamiji visited Sydney, Brisbane, Canberra in Sept 2011 as part of his Australian tour.

More info on Swamiji's Australian tour can be found on his blog - http://swamigovindananda.wordpress.com/2011/10/25/swamijis-australian-adventure/

More Yoga Teacher Training Courses, Hatha Yoga Intensives & Yoga Sadhana Camps in 2011:

SYVP conducted its 3rd Yoga Teacher Training course, level 1 at the Holistic Centre for Yoga & Vedanta, Amboli, Maharashtra. All the 14 yogis of the course graduated successfully. Swami Govindananda, Swami Tattvarupananda, Swami Nivedanananda, Dr Reshmi Mehrotra and Sita - Yumiko Teresaki were the main teachers.

The 2nd HYI of SYVP was held during Dec 2011 in Amboli. Swami Govindananda was the main teacher for the course.

SYVP conducted two YSCs in Amboli with a 2 week duration during the period Oct - Jan 2012.

The Jan 2012 camp had a deep study of Tatvabodha, a vedanta text by Adi Sankaracharya, helping the students to understand the basic ideas of Vedanta in a very thorough manner.

Yoga Teacher Teacher Training level 2
SYVP's first Advanced Yoga Teacher Training Course (YTTC-2) commenced in the 15th January with a Ganesha Hoven; a fire ritual for auspiciousness as we embark on the next 4 week's training and Sadhana of the advanced yogis.

We are very blessed to have Maheswara & Shakti Lehner joining us as senior staff members this YTTC-2. Bringing a wealth of yoga experience to our asana classes, anatomy & physiology lectures & satsangs, they are channelling some very modern teacher energy!

We are wishing each of the advanced yogis success in their endeavor as they join together to go deeper in their Sadhana and share the next month together under Gurus' Graces and Swami Govindananda's compassionate guardianship, through the teachings of Swami Vishnudevananda & Swami Sivananda.

Upcoming Courses
Yoga Teachers Training course - level 1 in Varkala 22 Feb to 21 Mar, 2012 For more info on YTTC-1 in Varkala
Yoga Teacher Training Course - Level 1 Nov 4 - Dec 2, 2012 For more info on YTTC-I
YTTC-2 Jan 13 - Feb 10, 2013 For more info on YTTC-2
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