August 2013
Issue No. 6


Spring may be the season most closely related to birth and renewal, but we like to have something new happening all the time.  And with gourmet food, who wouldn't?  So why don't we introduce you to seven new products?  We will also prime you for autumn with Harvest Festivals and gifting.  Ready?  Here we go!
More New Products!

Six New Gluten-Free Choices 
Join Our Pasta Family

A year ago we were still in anticipation mode for our first gluten-free options to our pasta lineup. Fast forward and here we are introducing you to six more - which makes our overall offering a stunning sweet sixteen! Does anyone else in America give you so many gluten-free choices? We don't think so! Here is a short rundown on the 'super new six'. You can find a complete description of each on Nan's Site.


Artichoke Rosemary Linguini - pureed fresh artichoke hearts combined with fragrant minced rosemary - yum!


Chipotle Fettuccine - medium spiced with rich smokey flavors - a classic from 'south-of-the-border'. 


Garlic Chive Fettuccine - perfectly matched fresh savory  ingredients make for a mouth-watering meal.


Hatch Green Chile Fettuccine - a famed & flame-roasted mild green chile, this is the essence of New Mexico.


Lemon Pepper Linguini - zesty fresh squeezed lemon with the perfect zip of spicy cracked black pepper.
Plain Pappardelle - we think this is the best noodle cut ever - thin, wide and silky - holds light sauces perfectly. 



 Grapeseed Oil Is In The House!


If you are not familiar with grapeseed oil - it is oil pressed from the seeds of wine grapes. It's an important oil because it has a high 'smoke point' and many health benefits. A high smoke point allows the cook to safely use the oil at higher temperatures than olive oil, such as stir-frying or saut?ing.  Grapeseed Oil actually increases 'good' cholesterol in your body while decreasing LDL levels.


We infuse ours with freshly roasted garlic, creating a smooth, delicious and not overwhelming flavor for the garlic lover. It has a clean, light taste and is a delicious addition to the culinary kitchen. 

Where In The World Is Nan?

At shows we get asked: where will you be next?  When will you be back in our hometown?

Our savvy fans know this newsletter is a start.  But the most up-to-date place is our website - a page simply named 'Shows'.  We are adding more all the time, so check here.

With that in mind, we want to highlight a group of shows we do each fall.  They are the Harvest Festivals, and there are nine up and down California (plus Las Vegas) from September to early December.

If you have never been, you may want to check one out.  These are huge lavish shows, with hundreds of booths featuring handmade American arts & crafts.  You can find everything from fine fashion jewelry, clothing, blown glass, ceramics - and you can even find gourmet food!

These are big events for us, we love participating.  We have large booths with plentiful amounts of all of our products.  Here is a list of show locations and dates we will attend:

Las Vegas ~ September 6,7,8 
Pleasanton ~ September 20,21,22 
Ventura ~ October 4,5,6 
Anaheim ~ October 11,12,13 
Del Mar ~ October 18,19,20 
San Mateo ~ November 15,16,17 
Sacramento ~  November 22,23,24 
San Jose ~ November 29,30, December 1

Email us at and we will send you a discount coupon on admission of $2.00.  Please let us know how many you need
Gift a Gift Tote!


We recently revamped and extended our line of 'gift totes'. These are durable, reusable, eco-friendly tote bags made from exquisite handmade papers. Best of all they are gorgeous and will really make whatever gourmet gift item you choose to put inside shine. Several have windows to flaunt your thoughtfulness, and there are several sizes.


You can take a peek at all of them here!

That is all we have for now.  We will check back in with you when the leaves start falling in a few months.  Take care! 


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 Upcoming Shows
(unless specifically noted, all events are in California)

August 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10,11

Clark County Fair - Ridgefield, WA 


August 3,4

Fremont Festival of the Arts


August 3,4

Festa Italiana - Sacramento


August 9,10,11

Bite of Oregon - Portland, OR 


August 10

San Rafael Food & Wine Festival



Los Gatos Fiesta de Artes


August 13,14,15,16,17,18

Clackamas County Fair - Canby, OR 


August 17,18

Fairfield Tomato Festival


August 23-31, September 1,2

Oregon State Fair - Salem, OR 


August 24,25

Bodega Seafood, Art & Wine Festival 


August 24,25

San Jose Italian Family Festa 


August 24,25

Treasure Island Flea 

- San Francisco 

August 31, September 1,2
Labor Day Arts & Crafts Show
- Bishop

August 31, September 1,2
Labor Day Festival of the Arts & Music - Mammoth Lakes



September 6,7,8

Las Vegas Harvest Festival  - NV 


September 7 

Napa River Wine & Crafts Fair 

- Napa


September 8

Solano Avenue Stroll 

- Albany & Berkeley


September 12,13,14,15

Portland Fall RV & Van Show - OR 


September 14

Benicia Fine Arts & Craft Fair 


September 14,15

Nevada County Italian Festival 

- Penn Valley


September 15

Almaden Valley Art & Wine Festival - San Jose


September 20,21,22

Pleasanton Harvest Festival 


September 28,29

FogFest - Pacifica




October 3,4,5,6

Portland Fall Home & Garden Show



October 4,5,6

Ventura Harvest Festival 


October 4,5,6

Sonoma County Harvest Fair 

- Santa Rosa


October 5,6

Los Altos Fall Festival


October 11,12,13

Anaheim Harvest Festival


October 18,19,20

Del Mar Harvest Festival



This list is current as of our publication date.  You can find the most current information on our website here

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