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The CanDo Connection                                                                 June 13, 2017
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CanDo's selection committee of Give!Guide volunteers and community members is hard at work. The 2017 group of Napa County nonprofits chosen for this year's
Napa Valley Give!Guide  
will be announced this 
Friday, June 16.

All nonprofit applicants will receive notification via email. The list of selected participants will appear on our websites:   NVGiveGuide.org and NVCanDo.org and in next week's CanDo Connection. 

and  CanDo CanGrow

Produce collected by CanDo volunteers at the Farmers' Market June 10.
It goes straight for the Napa Food Bank for 
neighbors in need.

Carol harvests lettuce and cilantro on June 6. Again, it's all for the Food Bank.

Come help us collect donations from generous vendors at the Farmers' Market and then take them to the Napa Food Bank. 

 FFI:  Click  here  and to select dates that  work for you. Saturday s hifts run from  11:30AM until about 1:15PM. It's easy and fun!


If you don't do dairy, 
it can be hard 
to get enough calcium 
in your diet.

for ten non-dairy foods that are full of calcium.

CanDo seeks volunteers  for these fun, 
time-limited jobs. 
Simply click each description to learn more.

a team of 2 volunteer coordinators

FFI:  Email
or call 707.252.7743


"Everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August."

-Jenny Han, 
The Summer 
 Turned Pretty

This buttery yellow color indicates volunteer opportunities.  


Q. W e hear mixed reports on black plastic. For instance, what do we do with the bottom of the container that holds a roasted chicken or the very reusable containers some high-end restaurants use to send home leftovers. 

Is there a black hole for black plastic?

Also, what about the black mystery substance beneath packaged meats?
                            -- Marilyn

A.  Rigid black plastic trays  and   containers, like those to-go containers and the roast chicken tray, are OK in recycling. Ho wever, the  black pad underneath many packaged meats is not. It needs to go in the trash.
Email questions about Curbside Composting or recycling to the Compost Corner.
We'll get responses
to your questions from  
Tim Dewey-Mattia, 
Napa Recycling  
and Waste Services 



Here's  a fascinating
compendium of words that have  no direct English equivalent, but which represent very precise emotional experiences that are neglected in our language.

Save the Date

IN CanDo's
Come join in the gardening fun every Wednesday morning, 9AM-11AM-ish.
We're located in the 
FFI: Please  Email us before stopping by.  
National Geographic documentary (TV - PG)
Explore the complexities of  gender identity at 
two free showings.

Thurs., June 22 
St. Helena Library
1492 Library Lane
Tues., June 27  7-9PM
Embassy Suites - Napa
1075 Calif. Blvd.
Presented by PFLAG Napa, LGBTQ Connection, and Napa Valley CanDo.
FFI: Email  PFLAG.  

FFI:  Click here.

The Choices We Make

Napa Valley CanDo seeks to inspire and facilitate action  by alerting interested Valley residents about opportunities for service. If you participate as a volunteer in an activity that you learned about through Napa Valley CanDo, whether initiated by CanDo or another organization, please take personal responsibility for your involvement. Use common sense. Only you can determine whether an activity is a good fit, that is to say  compatible with your interests and abilities. 


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CanDo's   Napa  Food  Project
Our "soft" total for June 10:   
8,373 pounds!

June 10 marked the first pick-up in our second Napa Food Project year. In our first year, we brought in over 36,000 pounds of non-perishable food. 

That doesn't even include the thousands of pounds of fresh produce our volunteers have raised in CanDo's community garden or transported to the Food Bank from the Farmers' Market.

Through the generosity of our Neighborhood Coordinators, food donors, and pick-up day volunteers at the Food Bank warehouse, this Saturday brought in our largest total to date. But wait...there's more. This figure will be adjusted upwards in time for next week's blast as a couple of late donations are added in.

You want to help? We make it easy.

New to the project? Watch a brief video here .

Interested in getting even more food to those in need? Become a Neighborhood Coordinator. 
Give us just  90-minutes. We'll give you a way to help change your world. Attend a training  either
Monday, July 10 or  Tuesday, July 11,  6-7:30PM.
FFI:   Email or call 707.252.7743

Napa  Valley  Center  for  Spiritual  Living:  
A  Vibrant  Napa  Food Project  "Neighborhood" 

There are all sorts of neighborhoods taking part in CanDo's Napa Food Project. Many Neighborhood Coordinators literally knock on doors and invite their neighbors to participate. Some sign-up food donors from among their colleagues at work or engage fellow congregants in a faith-based group. Your neighborhood is yours to design.

One neighborhood that's really walked the walk and embraced the Food Project is the Napa Valley Center for Spiritual Living, a center "embracing all faith traditions." They made a commitment to NFP from the very start and celebrated their first year's participation with balloons, delight, and sparkling water this weekend.

Our deep appreciation to President Janice Davis, 
Reverend Jay Lang, Kathleen Lightner (who brought the project to their attention) and the dozens of participating members who put their compassion into generous action with full green bags and even fuller hearts. 


 This documentary follows journalist Katie Couric as she sets out to explore the rapidly evolving complexities of  gender  identity. The film is a nuanced, complex and tender look at the way gender shapes our lives and experiences and the ongoing cultural conversation surrounding the spectrum of gender identity. 

Produced by National Geographic. 
Premiered February 2017.   TV-PG - 95 minutes.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A discussion. 

Thursday, June 22, 6:30-8:30PM
 St. Helena Public Library
1492 Library Lane

Tuesday, June 27, 7-9:00PM
Embassy Suites Hotel - Napa
1075 California Blvd.

Presented by PFLAG Napa, LGBTQ Connection, 
Napa Valley CanDo, and the St. Helena Public Library.
FFI:  Email  or call  707.681.1477.

Flyers to print and post:  St. Helena Napa

Alphabet Soup:  the new 
language of sexual and gender identity

This wasn't your grandmother's book club. There wasn't even a book. What there was was a chance to learn about new ways of thinking and speaking about gender identity, to raise questions, to share stories.

Alphabet Soup sought to open a discussion of our rapidly shifting perceptions about gender identity and the language that is growing to describe that understanding.

Nearly 70 people attended this exciting forum held during Pride Month. Sponsors included Napa Valley CanDo, LGBTQ Connection, PFLAG - Napa, and the Napa County Library. 


Click here for more photos. 
       Our thanks to Richard Bruns for all the images.

Spotlight - Stars
Events and Volunteer Opportunities
from Other Groups Around the Valley
 Tell 'em you heard about it through CanDo!

Note: Posting of events in this "Spotlight" does not constitute an endorsement by Napa Valley CanDo unless expressly stated. We list a variety of opportunities and  programs we feel may be of interest to our readers.  

SPONSOR:  Napa Resource Conservation District
Speaker: Shari Gardner (Executive Director of Friends of the Napa River, FONR.org) Did you know that Napa Valley was once home to a large population of grizzly bears!? Travel back with us to Napa's not so distant past to learn how we have come to know our current landscape, and meet some iconic Napa Valley wildlife. Shari will share stories collected while conducting research for the Napa Valley Historical Ecology Atlas that reveals a very WILD Napa!
DAY/DATE/TIME:  Wednesday , June 14, 7-8PM
LOCATION:  Napa County Library, 580 Coombs Street
FFI:   Email or  call 707.252.4189 or visit their website.
SPONSOR:  Community Action Napa Valley
We need drivers to help deliver Meals on Wheels to clients.
We ask that those interested commit to one day a week for approximately 2 hours, long enough to deliver meals on one route, about 20 meals. 

Think you might be the right person for the job? You're welcome to go on a ride along to see if this is something that interests you.   
DAY/DATE/TIME:  Monday through Friday, 9:30AM-1PM
FFI:  Email, call 707.253.6111 or visit their website. 
SPONSOR:  Operation: With Love from Home
Operation: With Love from Home is an all-volunteer non-profit organization that brings community together to provide care packages for our deployed service members stationed in harms way. Please join in to help fill 600 care packages for our men and women deployed in the Middle East and supporting regions. [Operation: With Love from Home is a non-partisan group. We actively support the efforts of our troops and recognizes their sacrifices on behalf of our country.] 
Wednesday , June 17, 9:30AM-12:30PM
LOCATION:  Napa Valley College gymnasium 
FFI:   Email or  call 707.363.0043 or visit their website.
SPONSOR:  Napa Food Bank
Scrutinize donated, non-perishable  food  that comes into the Food Bank. You'll be trained on "best by" dates and expiration dates and will learn guidelines regarding dented cans.  Thursday afternoons are the best opportunity for this.  Help weekly for a 2-3 hour shift.  
DAY/DATE/TIME:  Thursdays, on-going, 2-3 hours w/ some flexibility re: timing.
FFI:  Email  or call 707.253.6128.

Speaker: Zara McDonald Felidae (President, Conservation Fund FelidaeFund.org) Mountain lions (aka pumas and cougars) are a keystone predator and play an important role in the health of our ecosystem. However, expansion of human populations has caused increased encounters and conflicts between humans and pumas, and tensions are growing in our local communities. Join Felidae for a discussion of mountain lion history, ecology, and the challenges of sharing habitat with mountain lions. Learn essential tips for living and recreating without fear of these magnificent animals.
DAY/DATE/TIME:  Wednesday , June 21, 6:30-7:30PM
LOCATION:  American Canyon Library (300 Crawford Way)
FFI:   Email or  call 707.405.5726 or visit their website.
SPONSOR:  Napa Valley Unitarian Universalists & OmaiGrace
A Napa encore presentation of the award winning documentary film In The Parlor, examining the growing trend of family-led after death-care. Screening will be followed by discussion/Q & A with Heidi Boucher, writer, director and producer of the film. In The Parlor shares an intimate story of three individuals who, with the support and guidance of their families and communities, were cared for at home after their deaths. Through interviews with both funeral industry professionals and DIY advocates, the film opens the possibility of questioning conventional funeral practices and aims to broaden awareness of alternative deathcare options in the US.
DAY/DATE/TIME:  Thursday , July 6, 6-9PM
LOCATION:  1625 Salvador Avenue
FFI:   Email or  call 707.738.6271 or visit their website.
HERE'S  WHAT  YOU   CanDo    
We grow fresh, local produce for the Napa Food Bank. Email Karen or Betty.

Waterways Keepers help maintain our rivers and stream to keep them vibrant and alive. Email Margret.

Raises funds and awareness for local nonprofits in a year-end giving campaign. Email hilary or Nancy.

CanDo has a whole new way to help the Food Bank feed neighbors in need. Email Marilyn/Amy.